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Time to get the ball rolling! This is the manager signup thread for VGCPL II. Manager signups will be open from today, April 1, to Sunday, April 10.

VGCPL Overview:​
  • There will be 8 teams in VGCPL II. Teams will field 8 starters and a minimum of 4 substitutes. The max team size is 15.​
  • Preference will be given to previous VGCPL managers, but everyone is encouraged to apply. There is no guarantee that previous managers will be given a team​
  • We will draft using an auction of 120K credits.​
  • You may choose to sign up with up to 2 assistant managers. Signing up with at least one assistant manager will greatly improve your chances of being selected to manage.
  • You as the main manager are allowed to purchase yourself for 15K credits or your price in VGCPL I + 3K credits. This can also apply to up to 1 of your assistant managers. You are not allowed to purchase both of your assistant managers. Of course, this is not required.​
  • Format Overview is as follows:
    • 6x VGC 2022 Series 12​
    • 1x VGC Gen 7 Rotational Slot​
    • 1x Old VGC Rotational Slot (all formats TBD)​
  • After yesterday's discussion, we have chosen to not offer retains for VGCPL II.
As a manager team, your responsibilities will be:
  • attending the draft and fielding an eligible team of players
  • sending rosters to the commissioner on time weekly
  • resolving any conflicts that arise
  • motivating your team to have a great season!
The managers will be picked by the commissioner (aka me!) and any VGC forum moderators who are not participating in VGCPL II.

Signup Format:
Team Name:
Relevant Social Media:
Why should you be selected to manage?:

Example Signup 1:
Team Name: Mt. Pyre Magmas
Relevant Social Media:, zee#5449 on discord
Timezone: GMT-4
Comanager(s): tagmouse27
Why should you be selected to manage?: I run the place, managed in VGCPL I as well as NPA and WWT. I have top cut several regionals and am knowledgeable about all formats in the tournament. tagmouse27 smells but he'll do a good job too.

Example Signup 2:
Jonathan Melendez
Team Name: Marine Biology Marills
Relevant Social Media: none
Timezone: GMT+5.5
Comanager(s): James Evans, Joe Biden
Why should you be selected to manage?: Wacka from Wacka World Tour.
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Huh? Me? Not this time...
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Name: yuki
Team Name: Mistralton Aerial Aces
Relevant Social Media: @ps_yuki, @1_falling_leaf, @Clipperz1235
Timezone: GMT+1
Comanager(s): trace, Clipperz
Why should you be selected to manage?: I also run the place, 3rd place in Winter League. trace and I have played in several different leagues at this point, and we'd like to hope we're fairly competent at this point. Clipperz has been an all around great player in basically every league he's touched, and brings us great competitive spirit as well as an experienced league player to guide the rest of the team
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Name: Zelda
Team Name: Seven Island Stoutlands
Relevant Social Media: @mihoskies, @dawgpkmn, @heliosvgc
Timezone: GMT+10
Comanager(s): Dawg, Helios of Sun
Why should you be selected to manage?: We are the defending VGCPL champions, and we went undefeated in the first league. We're hoping to go back to back to defend our title, and we have a great plan to do so.
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Banana eater
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Name: Borghi
Team Name: Lumiose Luxray
Relevant Social Media:
Comanager(s): Grandmas Cookin
Why should you be selected to manage?: We want to redeem ourselves from last year, hopefully with a smarter budget and no Mr.34.5k's, we're confident that we can make a big splash this season!

Aldrich wishes to play this season, so GrandmasCookin will be stepping in from player for the team last year to manager this year!
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some call me papa neth
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Name: papa neth
Team Name: The Postwick Pranksters
Relevant Social Media: papaneth#0357 @papa_neth (twitter)
Timezone: GMT-7
Comanager(s): ChongjunVGC & Eshi
Why should you be selected to manage?:
co-hosted the VGCPL1, former CL of Smogon VGC and experience overseeing a team and making sound decisions with long term goals. Experience drafting a team all the while being the spirit of a team and uniting players under one goal. I feel I've got a life-long natural understanding of the game and what to look for in a team of players and minds alike.

Both Chongjun and Eshi were teammates in the USPA draft league for SoCal (4-2, 2nd place in our Division) and we all had a great dynamic with each other, and are very excited to have a chance to work together once more. None of us intend to play for this league this season as we want to set our sights on drafting a team based on our experience and knowledge of the diverse player field. We intend to work from a committee-style of management where no one voice supersedes another and we collaboratively manage and create a winning team.

We are the Pranksters; coming to land T-waves, foil your plans, and shake up the field.
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Name: Coco4dayz

Team Name: Krazy Komala's

Relevant Social Media: Coco4dayz (Twitter) Coco4dayz#9466 (Discord)

Timezone: AEST

Comanager(s): Infamous Chris, xPenguinVGC

Why should you be selected to manage?: I am all about trying to show the world what the Aussies are made of and how we can help shape the VGC community a little more than we currently do.
I am a moderator for the Aus VGC Discord while hosting the OPL and my own tours as well.
In the team that I would bring, it would feature a few veteran players and also some new and fresh blood to keep everyone on their toes!
Australia has a lot of great VGC players who need their time to shine as well, so let's make it happen through this fantastic league!

Team Logo is in development.
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Name: Izzy
Team: Rayquaza Ascension
Relevant Social Media: Izzy22x1 on Twitter, JoeUX9, IsAStarter (NJ)
Timezone: GMT-7
Co-managers: NJ11, JoeUX9 (Will be playing)

Why should you be selected to manage?
Top 4 Re-dacted league
AML Champions
Winter League Finalist
Cruisers manager in NPA
Name: Megamite
Team Name: Hau'oli City Ohana
Relevant Social Media: My Twitter, Co's Twitter
Timezone: GMT -5 (EST) for both managers
Comanager(s): baaaaat
Why should you be selected to manage?:
I played through all of the old gen formats in discussion (and gen 6 excluding 2014), have experience playing and assisting in team tours since 2017, and managing since 2020. While Fumito will not be returning to manage with me, he is being replaced by someone who has much experience both playing and managing for team tours since 2021, and who I have already had the pleasure of managing with for EGL 2. We are both looking forward to giving new players the opportunity to play with and against great players, as well as make new friends in the wake of events returning. Relevant experience for myself and baaaaat (in that order) includes the following:

Managing Experience - Assistant Manager for Canada's World Cup of VGC team in 2020 and 2021, Manager for Hau'oli City Ohana in 2021's VGCPL, Manager for Giratina Origin in 2021's EGL 2, Assistant Manager brought onto PGL 2's Swill Bois (rebranded from Slim Bois) halfway through the season in 2021.
Playing / Participation Experience - Player for Canada's World Cup of VGC team 2017-2020, Player for the APL Champion team Tiete River Shell Warriors in 2019, Player for various LATAM league teams managed by Avatar Fede in 2018, Helper for NPA 9's Aether Symbionts in 2020.

Managing Experience - Co-Manager of Giratina Origin in 2021's EGL 1 (1st) and unofficial Assistant Manager in EGL 2 (Top 4) the same year, Manager of Hammerlocke Hydreigons (1st) in 2021's PGL 2, Manager of Kentucky & Tennessee's 2022 USPA 1 team (2-4 record).
Playing Experience - Player for the EGL 1 Champion team Giratina Origin and League MVP in 2021, Player for Giratina Origin in EGL 2 the same year, Player for NPA 11's Postwick United in 2022, Player for USPA 1's Kentucky and Tennessee team in 2022, Player for an unspecified TPL 1 team in 2021.

All in all, we hope you will allow the Ohana to return for another season and defend our title of most ties in one season. And if you are wondering why only baaaaat's managing experiences list the results of her teams; she would probably beat me up if I didn't let her flex that resume.
Name: Shaman
Team Name: Pacifidlog Politoeds
Relevant Social Media: Discord #Shaman0612, mattadome#5720
Timezone: GMT+8
Comanager(s): Mattadome02
Why should you be selected to manage?: We plan to build on our 2nd place finish for the last VGCPL. Want to try and win it this time.
Name: tyo
Team Name: Zui Zoruas
Relevant Social Media: tyo Willy Abhay
Timezone: GMT-5 for Willy and I, GMT-4 for Abhay
Comanager(s): abhayfive Wille
Why should you be selected to manage?: We won VGCWL and we'd love to have a shot at winning VGCPL as well! In terms of managerial experience, Willy has solo managed Team Canada to top 4 in USPA as well as managed a team in PGL. Abhay and I are also currently 3rd place in our first season of managing in NPA with the Asukana Samurais. We know what it takes to win and we believe we can create the best possible team environment all the while helping our players play to their maximum potential.



There's no way
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Name: duckpond
Team Name: Jubilife Reporters
Relevant Social Media: @duckpoind on twitter
Timezone: GMT+2
Comanager(s): ceree
Why should you be selected to manage?: We both have a lot of experience in draft tournaments. both as players and managers: we probably played in 15 different tours combining the two of us, and I've managed 3 years and commissioned 4 in API, this years I'm also an NPA commissioner. The reason overall is that we feel like trying having a team here, and we think we can do a pretty good job at it.


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