Smogon VGC 2022 Winter Seasonal - Round 1

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jonas I am potentially requesting an extension for my match against Coam, depending on whether or not they get back to me today. I wasn't contacted until (practically) yesterday, I was unavailable for a multitude of reasons.


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Contacted new opponent and they aren't answering either. I don't know if I can play on the weekend with such short notice and I think I've waited enough to schedule the round at this point so I'd like to claim activity.
Hi. I messed up here as your opponent is someone who is already playing, but posted in as sub for who knows what reason. Instead, you will be playing vs Haruno . Your deadline will Be Wednesday at 11:59pm EST. Really sorry for the inconvience here.


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Hi, sorry to bother you, but I'm currently having a hard time contacting my opponent. I posted on their Smogon wall and got a reply, so we moved to Discord. I wasn't free to battle the day of so I asked my opponent when they were free and they said 'any day'. Once I finished my school assignment I contacted them and I have yet to get a reply 5 days later. I have also checked Showdown many times and have not seen them around. What should I do in this scenario? (Screenshots available if needed)
Edit: Also calling activity on my opponent
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calling act: opponent hasn't shown up and its been half an hour since I've contacted them.
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