Smogon Snake Draft IV - Week 1

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Shoutouts: Ticken for the sheet improvements!
Tournament Rules and General Guidelines


Rumble Hall Rattlers (5) vs (5) Berry Forest Bushmasters

SS OU: Kebab mlml vs Santu
SS OU: Fear vs Lopunny Kicks
SS OU: lax vs Bloody alfa
SS OU: Samqian vs frisoeva
SS DOU: Ezrael vs qsns
SS UU: CBU vs Ramolost
SS RU: Ajna vs roman
SS NU: bugzinator vs CyberOdin✝
SS PU: Roseybear vs soulgazer
SS LC: Serene Grace vs Kingler

Ambrette Astrotias (9) vs (1) Terminus Taipans

SS OU: Tace vs le LLiolae
SS OU: Raiza vs Eeveeto
SS OU: BIHI vs High Impulse
SS OU: Finchinator vs dice
SS DOU: Paraplegic vs Kiichikos
SS UU: Accelgor vs Adaam
SS RU: Feliburn vs Void
SS NU: GW vs aim
SS PU: keppy vs tlenit1
SS LC: LilyAC vs Osh

Shinto Ruin Serpents (3) vs (7) Sky Tower Lindworms

SS OU: Star vs Eo Ut Mortus
SS OU: watashi vs Garay oak
SS OU: Tamahome vs Ewin
SS OU: Malekith vs Jytcampbell
SS DOU: DLT JRL BELL vs umbreon098
SS UU: vivalospride vs Poek
SS RU: Nat vs Pepeduce
SS NU: Jrdn vs Realistic Waters
SS PU: obii vs TJ
SS LC: Mazinger vs dcae

Lake of Rage Leviathans (3) vs (7) Celadon City Cobras

SS OU: ramboss vs FMG
SS OU: the pharoah vs Steve Angello
SS OU: John W vs mncmt
SS OU: BK vs 1 True Lycan
SS DOU: Nails vs Qwello Lee
SS UU: Luigi vs Lilburr
SS RU: odr vs snaga
SS NU: Skipkan vs Sjneider
SS PU: Hamhamhamhamham vs Xiri
SS LC: Xizaaa vs Shrug

Black City Mambas (3) vs (7) Lanakila Nagas

SS OU: Gefährlicher Random vs Storm Zone
SS OU: ZDen vs ima
SS OU: Relous vs Sacri'
SS OU: xray vs robjr
SS DOU: Frania vs Memoric
SS UU: Sabella vs SoulWind
SS RU: Charmflash vs atomicllamas
SS NU: Ho3nConfirm3d vs elodin
SS PU: eifo vs Kink
SS LC: Wail Wailord vs Ninjadog

Deadline will be September 6th, 9:00 PM EST.
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Fuck it, predictions.


SS OU: Tace vs le LLiolae - Tace has been great recently and frankly, I'm a fan. He followed up an excellent showing in WCoP with comfortably qualifying for OLT playoffs in the first cycle. Meanwhile, le LLiolae has had a quiet few months after struggling in SPL, tragically not being able to pick up a KO until his fourth SS game, if I recall correctly. While le LLiolae has had great tournaments in the past, especially his OLT run last year, I'd be surprised if Tace lost this one; should be a.. takes off sunglasses.. breeze.

SS OU: Raiza vs Eeveeto - It feels wrong to predict against Eeveeto after he won so many games for us in WCoP, but I just feel my success ratio predicting these games is going to be a lot better if I always predict the Italian player to win. Eeveeto also specifically posted (twice) that he'd rather not play OU in this tournament, only to be put there anyway. A big managerial no-no in my book. Thankfully your average lower tier team will look similar to what Eeveeto is gonna cook up anyway. Have fun trying to sweep with Togekiss against Eeveeto's Togedemaru, Raiza.

SS OU: BIHI vs High Impulse - This one is tough, as I really like both users. I'm giving the edge to BIHI, because I know he's going to work his ass off to prepare for this game. He's also surrounded by people like Finch that are Willing and Able to test with BIHI about a 100 games a week. You're gonna love his attitude, Finch. Amir has been on point lately, though. Winning UU Open is no easy feat, but whether that translates to wins in a team tournament remains to be seen. Looking forward to this game!

SS OU: Finchinator vs dice - I'm going to assume dice will really want to beat anyone (formerly) affiliated with ng. Both of these guys are accomplished veterans of the game and Finch winning obviously wouldn't shock me. Neither of them have particularly impressed me in SS OU just yet, with average WCoP showings and a current struggle on the OLT ladder, too. Honestly, I just really like the dice smashing ng people narrative so I'm gonna roll with it. For the people!

SS DOU: Paraplegic vs Kiichikos - Yessssss my guy Paraplegic is finally getting his chance to start. I love this guy. I also love Weezing-Galar, which is Paraplegic's trademark Pokemon. Kiichikos is coming off a very rough SPL, but experience in team tournaments is exactly that. Kiichikos has had a tournament to learn from, whereas Paraplegic is going to debut. That said, Paraplegic has been working away at earning this chance through many DOU Seasonal tournaments and the like. I'll trust him to start his sheetery off with a bang.

SS UU: Accelgor vs Adaam - [Round 1] Adaam has been appointed as the Taipans' main man going forward. Adaam has been sensational the past year and a half/two years. A ridiculous combined 14-2 over the past two UUPLs, winning UU Open and subsequently Grand Slam playoffs with a solid UU debut in team tournaments for the Tigers in SPL, too. Adaam hasn't looked as sharp in SS as he did in SM to me, specifically this UU Open, but I definitely can't predict against him. Accelgor is one of the 5 nicest people on the planet and has been a great UU player for as long as I've been around, though I can't bold him here this first week.

SS RU: Feliburn vs Void - I'm sorry Feliburn, by not bolding Void he definitely just got annoyed and might put a bit more effort into his prep this week. However, it had to be done. I admittedly have been a longtime doubter of Feliburn's ability as a player, but let's just say that the Kool-Aid is at the very least within reach at the moment. I believe this is the tournament Feliburn finally establishes himself as one of the great RU players. Void, who went 3-0 the last time he played RU Snake, is without a doubt a very solid player. Feliburn will have a massive edge when it comes to metagame knowledge, though. To be a fly on the wall of the Taipans chat when Void goes "I'm ngl I had no idea [insert lower tier Pokemon] even learned that" after the game. Having said that, being picked round 6 will be good for Void's confidence and I'd be shocked if he didn't win at least a handful of games this Snake.

SS NU: GW vs aim - I like how Joey just went "yo i'm gonna sign up for nu i like nu rn" and here we are. With Expulso on the bench he also has someone very active and very involved in lower tiers to help him prepare and test. Joey has been a bit hit or miss in team tournaments the last few years, but I feel a decent one coming on at the very least. GW is an exciting new lower tiers prospect that's making his debut in this year's Snake. It's probably not ideal to face off against one of the more experienced players in the tournament to start off, but so it goes. GW won the most recent RU Seasonal and has been putting up wins in the lower tier premier leagues, too. He can play. I'm gonna have to see how he does in this tournament before I'll start predicting him to beat players like Joey, though.

SS PU: keppy vs tlenit1 - I'm not gonna lie, this one is extremely biased from my end. I adore tlenit1 as a user. I'm not overly familiar with either player's ability to actually play SS PU, outside of PUPL a short while ago. tlenit1 was the team building mastermind behind Xiri's dominant performance last year for the Leviathans, so there is that. keppy is one of the most hyped 'mainers' and EviGaro is obviously very much in touch with the PU community, being a manager in PUPL herself. tlenit1 has more experience and exposure to big tournaments and the Smogtours lobby, which makes me lean towards him for now. They're both question marks as starters until they start winning games, though. Let's find out how they both do!

SS LC: LilyAC vs Osh - I'm a huge fan of both of these players and I 100% wanted one of these two or Serene Grace as I was preparing for this tournament. They have both been stupidly consistent in this tier between last year's Snake, SPL, LCPL and LC Open they've both been right at the top of all of them. LTL obviously has some timer issues to work on and the Astrotias will without a doubt have a few "TIMER" panic attacks on Smogtours this season. Even then I'd still be SHOCKED if Lily doesn't at least 6-3 this tournament. Extremely solid in the team builder, not afraid to insert timely aggression into her gameplay and hasn't timed out in a team tournament since last year's Snake. She did time out from a winning position in her LC Open set against Osh last week, but won both other games anyway. This is one of the highlights of week 1 for sure.

SS OU: Star vs Eo Ut Mortus - Good lord this is a banger right away. I have to be honest in saying that I don't trust the OU team building of the Serpents quite yet, which is why I'm going with Eo for this game. Eo is very self sufficient, just qualified for OLT and can be very hard to beat once he's settled into a metagame. He had a slow start in SM OU as well, but started winning a LOT once he got going. Star is coming off a great SPL, with a deceptively tough strength of schedule at that, but followed it up with an 0-3 WCoP. On top of that, Star is tasked with hard carrying LC and perhaps even PU every week. All my instincts tell me Eo is winning this game.

SS OU: watashi vs Garay oak - I have no idea why watashi was picked as late as he was, but here we are. [Late Round 2] watashi was a fantastic pick for the Serpents, only backed up further after he got ranked over the Serpents' #1 overall pick for the same tier in year's power rankings. watashi is self sufficient, can't seem to stop winning games this year and looks poised to do great this Snake. Garay is one of my favorite people in the community, but I rate watashi higher in OU right now. I do really like the Garay pick, though. We had him high on our list, too. Massive tie breaker potential or rotational value if a lower tier player doesn't end up working out. You'll get your wins, Garay, I just don't think you will this first week.

SS OU: Tamahome vs Ewin - I'm aware this one is a bit rogue, but I have to go with it anyway. Ewin, currently locked on main for calling someone a r*tard, has been struggling in his efforts to qualify for OLT. That said, he's very, very much in tune with the current metagame. He's a creative team builder that can play some good games to ride home the advantage he often gets at preview. Tama, who is likely to break 100 wins on 'The Sheet' this tournament, is a legend of the game that's especially done very well in old gens the last few years. In SS, however, he's less experienced than his opponent. Obviously, he's the better and more experienced player, but my gut says some nasty German tech is going to win the game for Ewin.

SS OU: Malekith vs Jytcampbell - Daddy... I love Malekith and I think, while certifiably insane, he's a better player than Jyt. Assuming Malekith's scheduling is being monitered, and assuming Cheek Pouch Recycle Diggersby is at the very least properly supported, I can't go against him. I am curious to see how Jyt's tournament will pan out. To me Jyt is one of those decent players that's liked by pretty much everyone, but without a particularly good performance under his belt, yet. There's a jump to make still. I know he can play well. I've seen him win games. There's more to him, though. Maybe it requires the right environment, the right team building support or a little more experience. I'm not sure. For now I don't trust him to take down the bigger and more experienced names yet, but perhaps that'll change as the tournament goes on.

SS DOU: DLT JRL BELL vs umbreon098 - Alright. This is the game I look forward to the most out of any game that's being played this week. JRL is epic and literally everyone I've talked to in preparation of the draft has said he's really good. umbry, in her own right, is also once of most hyped DOU prospects to finally get a chance at starting in a team tournament. The amount of DOU talent that keeps replacing the old established names is so refreshing. I love it. If I were to apply logic and reason following my extensive research in terms of experience, results and games played on Smogtours/team tournament pressure, then I'd predict umbry to win the game. Unfortunately, something inside of me believes JRL might be the best to ever do it for some reason. I'm compelled to bold his name. I just have to.

SS UU: vivalospride vs Poek - Yeesh.. Poek is not an ideal opponent for a debut. viv is a long-time UU player and contributor and will without a doubt have an edge when it comes to metagame knowledge. Poek's been away from tournaments for a while and isn't known for his UU playing at all. That said, I've been Poek's manager twice in UUPL and he absolutely destroyed everyone both seasons. I have no doubt that he'll pick up the tier soon enough and frankly I don't think this one is gonna be close. I'd love to be proven wrong by viv this season, though, as he's going to be easy to root for. Super nice guy.

SS RU: Nat vs Pepeduce - This is without a doubt the most important game of the week for any team. Pepeduce is a new name some of you might not be familiar with. He's been a longtime RU circuit player that's finally getting his chance in a team tournament after an excellent RU Snake performance. Pepeduce is also notoriously creative, and therein lies the danger. Should he beat Nat with some absolute nonsense that isn't even remotely ranked on the VR, then the Serpents' season is over. Unfortunately for Pepeduce, Nat is really, really good at winning RU games. I believe Nat will use a better team and that she'll have the advantage pretty much from the start off of experience alone. These are an exciting first few weeks for the Serpents, as Nat starting off well vs. Nat starting off poorly may very well determine the outcome of their season altogether.

SS NU: Jrdn vs Realistic Waters - Looking forward to this one. This is one of those games that might be underrated by the neutral spectator, but both of these guys are solid NU performers in my book. Jrdn had an excellent debut tour as a late pick that was ranked 10, which meant he got picked up way earlier in the draft this year. Realistic Waters has been around a lot longer, though. A true NU main, RW has been a dedicated contributor and team builder with scorching metagame takes for years. RW builds cool teams, pilots them well and brings infectious optimism in his weekly cheerleading posts. I love those every time and I'm not even on his team. This should be a very closely contested game, so I'm going with experience.

SS PU: obii vs TJ - We're really trying it again, huh. God, I love obii a lot. One of my favorite people to talk to on all of Smogon. I can't, however, bold him yet. I'm not particularly blown away by TJ either, but TJ is extremely familiar with what is his main tier and has been his main tier for years. This is what TJ does and he's finally getting a chance on the big stage. A concerning side note is that TJ has been using the "champaigne papi" moniker on forums, which is an aesthetic Jirachee has always been known for. Jirachee is also one of very few people with a worse sheet record than obii. Am I reading into things too much here? In any case, I'm going with the metagame knowledge until either of them proves they're going to play great in this tournament.

SS LC: Mazinger vs dcae - Good lord, would you guys look at these crusts! I love it. In fact, I have had exclusively positive experiences with both users. I first got to know Mazinger when I joined the TD team in 2017, where I discovered him to be a very friendly and reasonable person with smart and considered suggestions. After some time away from Pokemon he's back and he's honestly looked sharp. I've been watching him play in LC Open and obviously with Star there to help out I think this pick could really work out. dcae is a true LC main and will have support from his friends in the community. I expect both players to have average seasons at the very least, with both of them having the potential to do great. For this first week I'm going with Ginku, because I've seen him play well in LC very recently.

SS OU: ramboss vs FMG - ramboss is back after we haven't seen him since last Snake. I'm a bit hesitant to bold him again right away after FMG's decent year featuring a surprising Classic playoffs appearance. I do rate ramboss, though, and if he plays at a similar level as last year's Snake he will get wins for sure. Being ranked about last seemed very harsh to me. As for FMG, he's turned into one of the mainstay OU2 players that should fit right in with his Cobras/Classiest friends that he's familiar with. The biggest challenge for FMG will be his team building/choices, as his play is usually sound. I don't expect him to go 8-1 or anything like that, but FMG should be good for a 5-4 at least and I expect him to start his campaign with a W.

SS OU: Rexus vs Steve Angello - Italian SS OU player with Tricking support at that. I should say that I do love Steve and his crazy ass teams and ideas might provide us with an upset here. I try to never miss his games live and this one won't be an exception, but the overwhelming thought here remains that Rexus is Italian with Tricking support.

SS OU: John W vs mncmt - Two brand new round 1 picks going at each other and it should be a spectacular game at that. This is extremely hard to predict for me, but I'm leaning towards John W because he's impressed me a bit more in terms of being able to prepare for his opponents specifically. mncmt has been very good between OST and WCoP, obviously, so if he came out on top I'd be all but surprised. It's going to be exciting to see how these guys will lead their teams throughout the season, as both are relatively inexperienced in team tournaments as #1 picks. John seems a bit more introverted than the more socially present mncmt, but John did fulfil a leadership role on US Midwest. Time will tell I suppose!

SS OU: BK vs 1 True Lycan - One of maybe three good decisions I've made last SPL was trading for The Baron. This man really said fuck it I'm giving myself a nickname, btw. You're not Kobe Bryant, dude. :cwl: In any case, 1TL builds his own teams, is very communicative about his needs in terms of tests and support and has quietly been participating in our tournaments for years now. I'm a big fan. I also like BK a LOT, especially in BW. This is his first team tournament in a long time, however, so how BK settles in we can only await. For now, though, he's Italian, playing SS and supported by Tricking, so that's a W for now.

SS DOU: Nails vs Qwello Lee - I think Nails is going 6-3 or 7-2 at the very least this tournament. Nails was my main target for DOU throughout prepping the draft, but then Ezrael was there at pick 20 for some reason, so that plan went out the window. Nails has been around for a long, long time and this has to be one of the tougher draws imagineable for Qwello's debut game. Especially if Nails is going to talk during the game... For those unfamiliar, Qwello Lee is one of the recent products coming off of the never ending factory line of DOU prospects. An excellent seasonal performance after his DPL showing meant Qwello Lee could grab the opportunity to start in the massively devalued DOU pool with both hands. I'm excited to see what he can do, but I'd be very surprised if he started off his tournament with a win.

SS UU: Luigi vs Lilburr - Now, if you've been reading the entire post for some reason, you'll notice I've been very harsh on debuts and new players in my predictions. Lily's account is barely a year old and checks all the zoomer boxes, but she's legit. She's good at UU and knows the tier inside out. I'm a little hesitant to trust Luigi as a UU starter, even though I do believe he's a better player than Lily. Team support being the main factor here. Lily builds her own stuff, will test her ass off and is going to show up for her debut game 1000% prepared. If she can control her nerves and play a solid game, I think she'll start her life on the sheet with a win.

SS RU: odr vs snaga - Another very, very interesting game. Honestly, this is kind of a debut for both. We have odr vs. snaga 2.0. We know snaga as more of a manager than a player in recent years, but snaga has had a real breakthrough year as a player. Even his closest friends couldn't see this development coming. snaga is apparently good now. I love to see it, because snaga is a great guy and will without a doubt be an excellent team mate on the very familiar environment on the Cobras. It's also worth noting that snaga has team building and testing support from his manager Averardo, a great ru player in his own right that started in last year's Snake himself. On the other side we have odr, who is extremely hyped up for someone that hasn't played a team tournament yet. I bet you're tired of reading that, odr. Don't worry, your debut will be out of the way soon and your consistency in RU should take most of your concerns away. Looking forward to this one and going with the more established RU player for now.

SS NU: Kushalos vs Sjneider - I can't believe this is a controversial pick now. 2020 stays hitting different. I love both of these users and have teamed up with both of them a lot already. Both of them had excellent tournaments playing NU in last year's Snake, too. I think the chef being an underdog for the first time in years must be a nice feeling for him, though. Do we know if he's joined his team chat yet, btw? The differentiating factor for me here is Tricking, who has a good mind for nasty ass NU teams and should work well with Kush. I tend to avoid predicting against Kush as a rule anyway, for he has mastered dominating into choking into getting bailed/winning anyway. Exciting game!

SS PU: Hamhamhamhamham vs Xiri - I'm glad Ham is finally getting a chance in one of these tournaments. To give you an idea of Ham's grinding away playing unofficials and circuits, consider the following. Ham has well over a 1000 posts on Smogon right now. Have you ever seen a Ham post? Nope, you have not. That's because they're ALL "in" and "won, gg" as he wins games in tiers ranging from Balanced Hackmons to DPP Ubers to SS ZU. Ham also has Skipkan on the bench to provide him with all the support he could need for PU. Having said all that, Ham's opponent is last year's best PU player. That's a tough game to start with. Xiri notably does not have tlenit1 by his side this time, but that isn't enough to stop me from bolding his name. It's still the player that won a boatload of games last year.

SS LC: Xizaaa vs Shrug - I must almost be over holding a Snake 1 sized grudge against Shrug, since I'm able to bold his name nowadays. Call it character development. In any case, Shrug's been around for a long time and will finally get another shot at starting a full tournament in this year's Snake. Sources I trust have informed me that Shrug was a big part of jake's success in this year's SPL, by supporting him actively from the bench. With jake electing not to play this Snake, Shrug can fill that void himself nicely. Xizaaa is a new name that's making waves in this year's Grand Slam. Frankly, I know too little about them to elaborate much further. Going with experience here.

SS OU: Gefährlicher Random vs Storm Zone - I'm very glad Storm Zone got picked up and quite frankly the anticipation is making me shudder. I went with the dangerous random for this game, because he's won team tournament games before. I honestly have no idea who's going to win. Storm Zone is just such a wild card. This could be a smashing for either player, mostly depending on Storm Zone's team choice I feel. Do not miss this game, people.

SS OU: ZDen vs ima - ima, who went 8-3 in the last Snake, has been a very active and motivated player. After being unable to take over the Taipans as a manager this year he has shifted his focus towards repeating last year's performance. ima did have the patented ABR support in last year's Snake, but he's shown he can win games without said assistance in this year's WCoP. ima does, however, play like a complete crackhead. Every time you bold his name you're taking a risk, but such is life. ZDen, to me, has very much been a very passable or sufficient OU4 type of player throughout the last few years. Solid, but not spectacular. Could definitely win if ima takes his absurdity too far, but I'm going with ima for this one.

SS OU: Relous vs Sacri' - This is a tough one for me, especially because I rate both players highly. Sacri' has struggled a bit with getting the hang of SS OU, highlighted by a WCoP record well below his high standards. However, Sacri' isn't a lazy player at all and has since qualified for OLT playoffs, which should prove his comfort has increased significantly. Relous, after a rough SPL, had a good WCoP to follow up his 2-0 playoffs performance for the Classiest. Relous is one of those players that massively depends on building support to fully perform to the best of his abilities. Here, Relous is surrounded by a lot of his Team Germany brethren, which bodes well. I expect a good tournament from both players, but favor Sacri' to get going early in this tournament after his uncharacteristically bad WCoP.

SS OU: xray vs robjr - What do the Amazon rainforest wildfires, Jeffrey Epstein's suicide death and the start of the COVID-19 pandemic have in common? They've all happened since the last time robjr lost a Pokemon in WCoP. It's crazy to imagine that robjr of all people went 18-0 in round 1 of WCoP this summer, but this year is the year Northeast didn't qualify. Regardless, robjr has clearly been on point in SS OU. I would like to see a larger sample size before I'd take him over xray, though. It took me a while, but I've finally grown into being an xray fan. Attitude wise I think xray has made a big leap compared to a few years ago, and I consider him to be a great leader from what I can tell from a distance. Should be a good game.

SS DOU: Frania vs Memoric - Frania was picked first out of all DOU players, only to be ranked 7th in the power rankings. Yikes. I know the power rankings get proven wrong more often than not, but it does seem telling of the comparative value attached to Frania by the Mambas management vs. the DOU playerbase. Regardless, Frania being a full starter in the DOU field seems long overdue. A longtime member of the DOU and tournaments community, Frania turned his reputation of a rude troublemaker around to that of a great and hard working team mate. Memoric is a widely liked player within the DOU community with solid recent results in the DOU circuit. However, Memoric's SPL was a disaster, so I'm going to give Frania the edge for this one. I'll be rooting for you Frania, I hope you do well this season.

SS UU: Sabella vs SoulWind - Sabella's transition into a UU player has been an interesting one. He's truly put a lot of time into improving both his building and his play, but his opponent this week is from another class. The discrepency in skill and experience is simply too big. I can't even argue a lack of metagame knowledge or familiarity here, as SoulWind is coming off of a UU Open final. Shouldn't be close.

SS RU: Charmflash vs atomicllamas - So here's my strategy for Charmflash's games this season. By predicting him to win I either predict correctly, or Charmflash loses his game; a win-win for me. Apparently he's really taken a liking to the current RU metagame, so there must be enough Ground-types for him to choose from. As dreadful as his SPL might have been, Charmflash has proven he's very capable of winning games when he's in the right headspace for the tournament. Annoyingly, he'll probably do well this Snake. atomicllamas getting the chance to start is nice to see as well. I've always liked him a lot and he's an underrated player for sure. I'm curious to see what kind of match-up we're gonna get here. I bet Charmflash's team will be nasty.

SS NU: Bobby Dagen vs elodin - We are honestly not worthy of this match-up. I for one am delighted elodin is back and I'm obviously a big fan of both of these players. Rodri told me he was going to play the entire tournament from his phone, which made me a bit hesitant to pick him for my own team. On the other hand, the man has won countless games from his phone already, so maybe I'm just being paranoid. elodin has historically done well as an NU player in tournaments like Snake and despite it having been a while due to his tournament ban, I trust him to get back into the rhythm of things quickly. Aurella in her eagerness may also drive Rodri into a lack of motivation if she tags him too often. Very curious to see how Rodri fits on this roster.

SS PU: Ktütverde vs Kink - This is honestly a great timeline we live in. Not even that long ago Kink was the only one that was truly confident in Kink to put up a great record in a tournament like Snake. These days Kink is an early pick and a lower tier starting lock. Good for you, Kink. After impressing in UU and RU already, Kink is now going to take the PU playerbase by storm. Kink's first opponent, however, is the #1 ranked PU player himself. King Tutankhamun is coming fresh off leading his team to a PUPL championship and should have himself another solid season in Snake. I believe both players can put up a good record in PU this season, though I'm sure Ktut WILL put up a good record in PU this season. Kink proving doubters wrong is his bread and butter, so time will tell. My favorite PU game of the week for sure.

SS LC: Wail Wailord vs Ninjadog - Jesus Christ I didn't think the list of match-ups would come to an end, but finally here we are. I was on Wail Wailord's LCPL team this year and frankly he won pretty much every week, which is how he earned his chance in this year's Snake. Again, however, I'm a sucker for experience and Ninjadog has been creeping his way up on the LC ladder towards a locked in starter this season. Wail Wailord has a lot of potential, but until he wins a few games on Smogtours with a matches tag and team tournament pressure, I'll go with Ninjadog for now. Excited to see what Wail Wailord can bring this season, though!

I don't know how you do this every week of every tournament, Finch. This took me like two hours and I'm for sure not doing it this like this again..

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