Smogon Snake Draft IV - Semifinals

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OU: Eo Ut Mortus vs Sacri': The sac is pretty known for using sand balance which I think he can use to his advantage here with Eo being someone who really preps for the specific player. Both guys have been amazing this tour so not much to differentiate them playing wise. I just think Sacri has a chance to differentiate here with his team choice so going to give him the edge.

UU: Garay oak vs SoulWind: I believe garay is undefeated in the last two UUPL's there is also a good chance I made that up but I'm going to roll with it. I think tush is gonna chef up something ungodly and garay will pilot it well. Sw has been phenomenal this year so hard predicting against him but gonna roll with the upset here.

DOU: umbry vs Tenzai: Umbry seems to be one of if not the best doubles players this tour and she was picked to tb which shows her team has a ton of confidence and thats where any conviction i have here ends.

2-1 cheatworms


after hours
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Sky Tower Lindworms (0) vs (0) Lanakila Nagas

OU: Eo Ut Mortus vs Sacri' - Ever since last snake I’ve held eo to fairly high standards but he has definitely outdone himself thus far, his building and play have been working out week after week and I expect him to secure a win for the cheatworms here. Sacri has been on an upwards trend in terms of what he brings to the table in ou since the early stages of the tournament when he brought sand balance one week after the other, rather close matchup but I gotta go with eo here
UU: Garay oak vs SoulWind - hot matchup, the Nagas must be feeling confident going with UU here after Poek brought what looked like r1 of uu open cheese and lost convincingly despite sw not realizing necrozma was immune to Poltergeist after eating lum. Garay’s no slouch in any lower tier and the cheatworms are definitely gonna want to make up for that tough loss with a more solid team choice. Should be a fun game to watch, expecting sw to be at his best for the tiebreak and bring a much needed win for the Nagas
DOU: umbry vs Tenzai- umbri flip

vamos los gondras


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Thank you to Gama-sama and el Patron for picking my rusted ass up. I told Tony I’d go 7-2 in whatever tier I was picked up in, but my rusted ass only managed 5-3. Sorry TonyFlygon, for letting you down.

I had a lot of fun building RU with atomicllamas and I didn’t have a lot of fun choking the one RU game I played when I had 100% clear path to victory. Jesus I’m bad.

I’m grateful I got to play with a lot of old teammates, new teammates, and I’m grateful to have made new friends like ima and termi. Speaking of which, ima and I are working on an album together and it’ll be dope.

if I manage to get picked up next year, anticipate a boisterous claim about going 6-3, a respectable average between my two snakes.

Love u all.
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