Smogon Snake Draft IV - Semifinals

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To the people asking: Im ICBB since some weeks ago, the moderation group just kinda sucks and forgot to add the tag. The reason? I told someone to go outside and take back their brain they throwed off their window. Whys it even warnable LOOOOL Im for sure getting chased.

except it was your custom title that overwrote it, so I had it removed + that it's another infraction that adds up to the ICBB - kala
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I'm probably gonna write all the individual shoutouts for my teammates on Discord (loved you all so much, you're amazing players and I hope to see you continue to crush a bunch of team tours going forward) but I wanted to thank all my helpers throughout the season here:

Accelgor Adaam Aliss avarice Chloe Highways hs Indigo Plateau Juno lydian martha Sabella vivalospride
(sorry if I've forgotten anyone ><)

Half of you didn't even know a thing about the tier, but whenever I asked for any help at all you dropped everything for me. You're some of the best friends I could ask for and I'm really proud to call you my unofficial teammates. You made me break even in a pool where I thought I'd be lucky to get a single win. Thank you all so, so much. <3

Ggs to the Rattlers. Shame that the series was very unclean on both sides but hey that's pokemon. You guys make for a super strong team and it wouldn't be inappropriate for any of you to have that green trophy. I want my girl umbry to finally get that trophy she deserves, though, so I'm taking a leaf out of Posho's book and now I'm rooting for the Gondras. Best of luck to whichever teams meet in finals!
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Thanks to my whole team for making my first official tour thingy so enjoyable! Having to prep for different metas almost every week was quite tough but we managed and I'm so proud of everyone on this team.

Will never forget this experience and I cant thank both Prinz and Averardo enough for drafting me and being great manager's (even if it was season over every week:psysly:)

Best of luck to each team in finals!
Not gonna write long shoutouts since im not good at those, but i feel like every member of my team deserves a few words.
Prinz sei nabbo, ma grazie per avermi chiesto di managerare snake a caso quella sera. E' stato divertente in fondo no :blobthumbsup: .
mncmt glad that i got you Round 1, you're a very cool guy and a promising player. Hope we get to team soon again (mncmt Askov draft me in spl thanks).
Sjneider other than my malding in test games and that famous game vs the Mambas, i really like you and im glad you helped in every way you could have.
FMG i can tell you're not happy with you're record, but regardless you have been a fun dude to hang around with. Thanks for remaining active and good luck in future tours.
1 True Lycan hope you enjoyed the gostosas prinz threw at you every day :psysly:.
snaga has been fun to work with you for this tour in RU. Sorry i made you mald a few times :P.
Xiri can anyone still remind me how we got you r6? You're the goat, stop sabotaging yourself with do nothing teams tho :psytear:. Special s/o to Specs for supporting the slot every week, and tlenit for helping even during the first stage of the tour.
Steve Angello you rock fam, i know you're not happy for how the tour went for you but thanks for being always avaible with tests and suggestions.
Lilburr you know alredy what i think, im glad you got to do better than my first tour. You have a bright future upon you.
Qwello Lee ignora Tricking che malda e dice tu faccia schifo, sono sicuro abbia maldato quando ti ho preso...
TPP thanks for all the amazing scouts every week, they helped our run a ton. Glad you got to play some games too, you can do better than you think.
HANTSUKI didnt expect you to be this active honestly, but you really carried our chat daily. have fun l2p
S/o to all the LC gang Shrug KSG babyboyblues Plas LilyAC Laroxyl , and special s/o to Z Strats for also carrying the DOU slot.
Thanks to Hayburner Highways Askov Accelgor for airmchairing around and help whenever possible.
For being my first time ever managing, im fine with this result. Has been a really fun mix of malding and l2ps, but i couldnt have asked for a better team to start with (maybe one that actually won playoffs :blobthinking:). Will probably manage again in the future, but for now i look forward to SPL. See you guys around :blobwizard:.
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