Smogon Snake Draft IV - Finals [Won by Sky Tower Lindworms]

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After passing down my knowledge and wisdom from Snake II, the Gondras managed to find the enlightenment that propelled them to claim their trophy. Congratulations, amigos :v4:
the very useful knowledge and wisdom bro

grats to the ljndworms! esp my boys garay and eo. proud of you garay for grabbing the green you deserved years ago.

tony youre never winning this tour so just delete it already. wait i forgot ur not td anymore cwl

e: i didn't even know poek and ttree were on the team LOL. congrats on grabbing another green bros ily guys
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We won..! OMG that was stressful, especially for those last weeks with 2 tiebreaks.. but it's finally done. That was for sure my best experience of tournament on Smogon (and maybe overall) and that green trophy is for sure the icing on the cake. I met so much great players and so much great people during this almost 3 months of tournament and it has been a really dope experience... I've been hyped during the whole tournament and I'm kinda surprised because I wouldn’t have thought to enjoy so much a tournament while being a substitute but man that was incredible. I've been able to see some amazing players and plays and witness how far I am from the greatest but it only motivates me to get better and be able to enjoy once again this with amazing people, the mood was so DOPE and we have been so effective by winning almost every week (even tho sometimes we got lucky) but damn I'm so proud of us, so proud of you guys and so proud that we have concretized all those weeks.. and now, it's time to shou-shou-shou-shou-shoutout !

First of all, I'd like to shoutout Gondra and xImRaptor (FREE RAPTOR PLS) for drafting me out of all of this and for trusting me to play some games even tho I lost the first one in week 7. I'm not the best UU player out there for sure but you trusted me to help Poek, Garay oak during the semis tiebreaks and to do my matchs from week 7 to 9 and for this, from the bottom of my heart : thank you ! It's trully a shame for raptor tho..but I'm so glad to have been able to be in your team guys !

Eo Ut Mortus.. man, my man, you have been such an incredible player during this whole tournament and to know that we could trust you to bring some W to the team almost every week was incredible. You played insanely well during the whole tournament and your CB Rillaboom offense has been so successful.. really glad for sharing this trip with you man !

dcae.. another great player and great man who carried his team during the whole tournament, you have been really great, shoutout to you man for playing in this shitty tiny mon tier !!

umbry : dammmmn I know this tournament has been tough for you and you were kind burnt out but it's done, we can now chill and you'll not have to worry about those filthy Veil team, fuck them !

Garay oak : Fuck man, you already perform in OU but you also carried us in both our tiebreaks in semis and final in 2 tiers you didn’t know perfectly.. Both time, that was fucking amazing to watch, you handled those game like a chief !

Ewin + beatiful : Like raptor, free Ewin man..! Thanks man for your great performances during the first 4 weeks, it's trully a shame that you have not been able to stay among us.. you deserve that trophy like all of us, I trully hope you'll get another chance to get it because the whole happening was fucked up. On the other hand, beatiful you are a fucking GOAT. That wasn't an easy position to handle and you did insanely well

TJ : POP SMOKE, before any shoutout I want everyone to witness the fact that TJ owes me a pair of Balanciagas ! I'll send you my address for delivery asap.. I can't wait to wear them !

Now congratulations man for carrying PU and grats on that Green Trophy + scroller, you're such a great man and I'm really glad that I've been able to teammate alongside you and to know you outside of the tutor project thing.

Pepeduce : Putain gros, ça aura été un plaisir de faire ce tournoi à tes côtés, toujours un plaisir de mate avec toi.. cette fois-ci sur la scène des grands sur Smogon. Vraiment content de pouvoir partager cette victoire avec un copain français. Merci d'avoir assuré le RU comme un boss malgré certaines difficultés par moment. J'en profite également pour faire shoutout Hurtadoo puisque tu as aidé Pepe durant tout le tournoi et également garay sur le final donc merci à toi mec et j'espère que tu auras l'occasion de briller un de ces quatre sur Smogon !

(for non French speakers : baguette, baguette, fromage, omelette, baguette)

Realistic Waters : This tournament wasn't easy for you man and I know that you're really busy IRL but grats for dealing with NU and for the help you gave me for my last games in Smogon Grand Slam..

Jytcampbell : Really glad that I've been able to share this tournament with you man, really great person and player even tho you struggled a bit, but we don't care because the result is there : WE WON !

Poek : I don't even tho if you'll see this LMAO but grats on your UU games tho and I trully hope I've been able to help you at least a bit to handle this tier even tho it was kinda trash because stucked to pre-DLC metagame (basically Zarude + Slowbro + Noivern + 3 filler).

Moutemoute : FUCK YOU you noob, you haven’t even been able to win all your matchs, go train yourself dummy.

talkingtree : Thanks man for being able to be there even tho you were so fucking busy IRL, thanks for supporting umbry and for being there to support our mates when the match were done. Cute trophy but puke greyed badges..

Shogarth : Can't really talk too much about you man since we didn't talked together a lot and you weren't able to shine a lot but thanks for accompanying us on this journey.

Bushtush : Damn man you really have been our Shadow Manager, always there to motivate us, to help us build or test.. you're definitively one of the greatest meeting for me in this tournament. I didn't know you before but you're definitively a dope and nice person and I can't wait to do more tournaments with you in the future !

Massive shoutout to all the help, presence and encouraging I/we got : Lopunny Kicks, jcbc, Pearl, Hurtadoo, Bobby Dagen, Posho, tazz and all the ones I forgot (sorry.. ><).. Shoutout to Katy who support me during the whole tournament and even more during the last weeks, also thanks to all the french people who support me and Pepeduce.. I'm struggling a bit right now to order my thoughts so I'm gonna end this here. Once again, thanks for all the support and grats to the LINDWORMS and to all our opponens, that was fucking epic.. I'M OUT !

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God I'm so happy for Eo Ut Mortus . We met up in march earlier this year IRL and he is an amazing person and I am glad to have met a friend like him. Grats on your first trophy, ENJOY IT!
umbry i am so happy for you too. ENJOY IT!
Jytcampbell ok fine im happy for you

the rest of you congrats i guess. *blows on my nails, winks and walks out of the room in a sexy manner


talah lax you are both amazing


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While this may seem awkward and almost cringe coming from someone who was not on the official roster, I just want to give a few words about the season and the amazing group of players I had the pleasure to help manage. What a god damn season. I can say with a full chest this was probably the best group I've ever had the pleasure of shadow managing. Through all the ups and downs, (un)justified bans, and just times where our motivation hit the floor. Lindworms never failed to kick the throttle back up to 100 and really showcase why this trophy is undoubtedly ours. I don't want to s/o every single one of you just because of the sheer fact that I do not want to type that much and I have an exam soon that I will without a doubt fail, but I would like give some recognition to the pieces of any team that often get overlooked or taken for granted. And that's the substitutes/ helpers from the outside that did not get drafted.

talkingtree : Thank you Thank you Thank you. Thank you for being so committed. I know you've been very busy IRL and also had to step down from your staff position, but there is absolutely no way we won this trophy without you. You were a key part in Umbry's success every week, and even got yourself a win too! And while you may not think yourself you did much, I can tell you without a doubt no one thinks similar. I am glad to have called you a Lindworm, a brother, and a friend. Best of luck in what life holds for you in the future, I have no doubt you'll succeed.

tazz : I cannot even begin to describe how much help you've been for dcae all these weeks. From your really dumb ideas, to teams that just sometimes won dcae games from preview, you were an extreme core part of our team. Thank you for all these weeks of selfless help, and I cannot wait for you to dominate whatever tour comes your way next. Your one of the best builders to touch this game bro, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Moutemoute: You dude, have been absolutely amazing. From Day 1, you were helping everyone day in and day out as much as you could. I'm glad you also got a few games in, and you showed exactly why you deserve to be here. You absolutely do not deserve any of the shit you get thrown at you. We all have lapses in judgment at times, but you are genuinely a good dude. I cannot wait for your next tour, Ill be watching to see just how far you go. Love you my friend

trash : Though you weren't that active, you did always drop some gold from now and again. Though that may be from you being a damn weeb 24/7. Who knows :D

jcbc : You joined about halfway through the season, and my oh my what a specular help you have been. Thank you for all those hours of selfless help to RW when he was going through a tough time, and for our other tiers as well. I really hope you get drafted in SPL or whatever tour you plan on participating in next. You are a gem in the rough and truly underappreciated, and for that I can only say thank you.

Bag of Trixx : PU don right here. Thank you for all your help with bumass tjay and teambuilding with him whenever you had a chance. I know you were busy closer to the end of the season but regardless, you were a a key part of our win. And yes, you are better than tjay at among us

Hurtadoo : Not going to lie you didn't speak much English when you talked, so I didn't really get to have much of any conversation with you. But I'm sure pepe and I can agree he owes a big part of his success to you. Your a beast bro and thank you for all the help.

Shogarth : You a lazy mf LOL I don't think you spoke more than 100 lines all season outside of Pokémon Gatcha. But im sure all your luck there translated to our win in some weird twist of fate :D

Posho : You a cute cheerleader. Thank you for being supporting us every week. You are also the luckiest Pokémon Gatcha dude I've ever seen.

I was going to end here but I just cant post this without a huge s/o to our star Eo Ut Mortus . You were an absolute unit all season, and the 10-1 record speaks for itself. Every week Id be hesitant because of the out of this world teams you would bring, but in classic Eo fashion you made it work. A big thing I've always respected about you is you were not afraid to build your teams outside the boundary that is known as "viability". This trophy was a long time coming, and Im glad you finally got it. Thank you my brother for being the most pivotal part of this success story.

And to any new Smogon face reading this, or anyone who was was excited about this tour but didn't get a chance to participate. I promise you'll get your chance soon. Your chance to play and star on a big stage will come soon I promise you. It might take a little bit of time and effort, but don't ever think any hopes you had to play are forever diminished, or the reason you weren't picked was because your so called "worse" at this RNG based game we call Pokémon. And in the times were living in now, I understand this can be a small amount of stress that you very much don't need in your life. If you ever want to vent or just want someone to talk to, Bushtush#5320 is my discord. Feel free to hit me up.
How could anyone ever ban this kind soul?!;(

Grats Lindworms, very deserved!

Eo Ut Mortus

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Gondra, xImRaptor, Bushtush: You guys were the glue that held us together, whether it was through testing at any hour of the day, building teams, saving us with Raptor's god EV spreads, hyping us up, chasing cats out of your backyard during important matches, or spamming the dumbass penguin. I was completely surprised you guys picked me up R1, but I'm glad you did. Thank you for having faith in me week in and week out.

Poek Pepeduce Realistic Waters TJ dcae umbry Moutemoute talkingtree Shogarth: The most individually capable group of people I've had the pleasure of teaming with. I never once had to worry about how any of you were prepping or whether someone would show up for a match or anything. Every single one of you demonstrated that you could clutch for us on any given day, and during these times, it was the highlight of my weekends to just log on and watch everyone play, as well as shoot the shit in call or in game discussion. Y'all are amazing.

Jytcampbell: The Farmer. I know you got busier towards the end of the season, but you still had time to nab some key wins, and I'm glad we could clutch it out this time.

Ewin: Thanks for helping the team out; I know we didn't work together as much, but I recognize all the help you gave other slots with scouts and teams, especially bea.

beatiful: :super clown: Teaming with you was a riot. When we first played, I realized, in that moment, there existed someone who could surpass me when it came to tilting people in tests with unsets and unmons. And throughout the season, it only got worse. Combine this with your silly antics, and it's honestly a miracle that I didn't quit on this team a long time ago. Thank you for trusting me in playoffs, clutching your final games, and being the :clown: we all needed to raise our spirits.

Garay oak: I will always appreciate your incredible work ethic in learning whatever tier you allow yourself to be thrown into. This is our third time teaming together, and you've now played five different tiers across all these tournaments. You never fail to impress me with how intelligently you play, and there is nobody I would trust more than you to pull out a win anywhere, against anyone, whenever we need it. Glad we finally could get a trophy together.

jcbc Posho Pearl Bag of Trixx Hurtadoo tazz trash Bobby Dagen: Thanks for helping us or just chilling in our Discord. Posho, you are a noob.

Thanks to everyone who helped me test throughout the season for both OLT and Snake, namely Finchinator Luthier Tamahome sugarhigh and (lol) crayon pop. Additional thanks to xray Sacri and talah for tests and advice during some weeks. Finally, thanks to everyone else who supported me, whether through a post or a kind PM; know that your words meant a lot to me.

Shoutouts Ciele


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jokes aside congrats to all my friends on the lindworms, Im happy bea got a chance to play and fucking killed it going as far as playing the finals tiebreak, dont think Ive ever seen a r14 sub go all the way before. also very impressed by eo's performance, I think I said in one of my prediction posts throughout the regular season that I didn't see you dropping more than 1 other game in your current form and you went on to sweep the rest of the field. kinda surprised not many people have brought this up either but garay pulling through in 2 lower tiers he's not usually asociated with and clutching the tiebreaks against very tough opposition was sick, I'm sure it's just a matter of time before your tour success fully translates to cg ou, looking forward to seeing you in spl bro. and of course the goat umbri flip performed beyond most people's expectations and demolished the dou field, very happy for u :smogduck:
congratulations to the lindworms, one of the most dominant runs I've seen in a tournament; it's great to see eo with a trophy after a personally phenomenal run as well. nice to see other peeps like garay jyt dcae TJ etc do incredibly well (well I don't really know about jyt), and raptor and gondra winning back to back tournaments lmao

props to the rattlers, including the managerial class, and serene for wrecking this tour, close ass series
gonna be doing a lot of bolding then eh
i should bold you for more reasons than one dude, WHY did you have to suck so much at managing smh
itwas a though sason my friends of lansa a braba, but we managed to win, thank u all

Spl4sh :congratulations bro, i know u since 2014 but u still are bad as fuck. u got the mntal capacity of a rotten peanut but ur a true friend

ggggd :i also know u since 2014 but ur actually good, maybe thats why u nevr kissed anyone, get a life

Askov : finally u didnty run from a finals game. it would be better if u did tho LOOOOOOL. gratz anyway

HANTSUKI : ur like a snorlax, fat and though, always trustowrthy, gratz on finally having a good record after 10 years on this site

Highways : our friends that never won on uupl, now u also never won on snake

Lord da blast: bro ur a true friend, its also good ur always up for a challenge and for ebing ghosted by nintendi

Ren-chon : my bro, ur like bad wine, everyone thinks ull get better with time but u just get completly useless and a waste of space instead. ur the only one that plays nu tho, so thanks for being our sacrifice on this slot

hs : my bro hs, u better go back to ur mango plantations cuz ur not very good on uu, thanks for commiting tho. unfortunately this wasnt a competition to find th most stupidy guy on earth, if it was ud be the mvp.

Tatsumaa : bro, ur deader than a fish out of water, but we still love u

Ahmad Alfatih : u are our number 1 politician and ghost slot, hope u have a good future stealing lunch from poor children

didi : another of our always reliable nintendi ghostslots, we hope u recover from ur drug problem bro

Lusa : on this snake we hoped u could come back from ur 0-3 cpl score. u didnt, but ur still a nice guy.

mncmt : ur like a lutra tournament, u nver win unless u have no clue what ur doing. thank god ur a complete idiot and never know

Perry : inimigo

@skipman : up fat adventures, ur our number 1 sub-12 fat player, ud be a goat if u didnt jerk off ur brain.

we fought, we conquered, gratz for us

rip slurmz and draxler

I didn't even follow this tour but it was the one I wanted to win from the start because of the managing combo.

Eo, you were my RoAPL manager, and even though we fucking sucked, you're a chill dude and it was awesome seeing you heat up this year and you managed to go on an absolute tear, especially in Snake.

Umbry, I played you one time in a Brazilian discord tour and for some reason after that you thought I was cool, idk why, but I will respect those who respect me and I hope you continue to put on magnificent showings in the future my friend.

beatiful despues de FDL me di cuenta que eres una persona muy amable pero un competidor serio. Te dije que ibas a hacer grandes cosas y mostraste a nosotros que eres mas que pensamos. Grande mi amigo, vas a tener mi apoyo sin duda. :blobthumbsup:

Gondra que pena que perdemos OPL pero ese torneo fue la experiencia mas divertida de mons que tuve y me hizo muy contento verte ganar un torneo que significa mucho mas.
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GANHAMOS!!! It's been a great season, I really did manage to form a group of incredible people that I could rely on, because on it's majority, the team was formed by people I trust and know they have the skill to do really well, though not everyone was friends, I also decided to go for people that I thought would also have a good run and that I was eager to meet.

First of all, I'd like to thank a lot xImRaptor for letting me manage a team after the SPL. Truth to be told, I actually wanted to play UU on this Snake, but I still had that little spine there telling me to manage and draft a team once more.

Thank you so much as well Bushtush, who was actually supposed to get in the team chat only to help UU but ended up helping every single member LOL. Thanks a lot again for being with us!

Now speaking a bit more for myself, I'm really sorry for not being that useful xd. SS meta we were playing was really rough for me, and was only wanting to do something on UU instead of OU, causing me not being as helpful as I would've liked, though it didn't matter lmao the OU core was just running on its own with yourselves and you were just doing everything.
Thanks Rewer for helping us at the start, you were also part of our team in spirit, I hope things improve soon.

Now, individual s/o's:

Eo Ut Mortus I've picked you only out of curiosity, I won't deny it. I'd heard of you on every single tour I've played before and looking at your past records I decided you'd be the #1 pick on draft. You're really good, and really quiet as well hahaha, I hope no tornado ever flies you away like that day on the draft. Congratulations and thank you so much for carrying us hard, Eo Tornados Locos. I hope I can play against you on any tournament in the future!

Poek De nada men, solo quiero aprovechar estas mariconadas para agradecerte por ser mi amigo y animarte a jugar este torneo porque te lo pedi, ya sabia que el plot armor era real si estabas tu con nosotros.

Realistic Waters OMG You seriously helped the team a lot with your weekly posts. You're also a really cute person, It's such a shame that you had to attend irl problems along the tournament, but I really appreciate what you did for all of us. Enjoy the trophy!

Garay oak Gracias por no confiar en el proceso, alli te mueras gari oc

Fuera bromas yo sabia lo que hacia, asi que confia en el proceso hijo de puta, espero que compartamos un torneo por equipo de nuevo pero esta ves conmigo de jugador y en una tier que sepa medianamente jugar.

umbry I knew you had so much potential since SPL, so when I had the chance to get you, I just couldn't let it slip my hands. You did it great umbry! To end the sentence, :clownpepe:

TJ I got such good vibes from you, also I had to investigate a bit about PU because it was the tier that I barely knew any player from. After watching some PUPL replays I decided I wanted you and give you the opportunity to play with us, and I don't regret it. You're also a really great person which one can freely talk with. Just, please, learn how to play Among Us.

Pepeduce EL PEPE. I leaned towards you on RU after that game we had on the RU Snake where you just stomped me. I kept watching the tournament and you did it amazing there as well, so I decided it was your time to go to an official tournament. Congratulations man, I hope a lot of amazing stuff from you!

Ewin Things didn't really end well for you, but even so thank you so much for staying and support everyone, I really appreciate it, I hope we share team again in any other tournament.

talkingtree You were really busy with irl stuff, but when you had to play because umbry was tired you did amazing and brought a very important win, so thank you so much! Enjoy the trophy!

dcae 100% Bush's pick. And what a pick. This was YOUR tournament and you slaughtered all the LC pool LOL, clutching every single week. Congratulations for the record, and enjoy the trophy dcgoat!

beatiful Azares del destino te trajeron a jugar como titular y no lo lamento no, realmente lo hiciste muy bien y les demostraste a todos de lo que eres capaz, siempre ve por mas y llegaras tan lejos como tu quieras jugando.

Jytcampbell You had a really good start, but since you were busy you started to slow down a bit. In the end, though, it doesn't matter! You brought so much to the team and that's what we have to admire! Your win on finals was also really important to win the entire thing. Enjoy the trophy!

Moutemoute You supported us so muuch in UU (get it?), without a doubt you were a very important part of the team. Don't worry about results, those will eventually rise for you.

Shogarth Carreado de mierda, te quiero bro.

We also had a lot of outside help like Hurtadoo , Lopunny Kicks , Bag of Trixx , jcbc , trash , tazz . This would've not been possible without you guys. Thank you so much!

It'll be next time Bobby Dagen sorry bro :´vvv and lastly thanks to all the people who wanted us to win, it really means a lot

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