Finals Smogon Snake Draft IV - Finals [Won by Sky Tower Lindworms]

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lost, gg

I know still went positive, but I just want to apologise to my team for my subpar performance in the second half of this tour. A lot of times I wasn't active throughout the whole week and didn't link teams so I know I could have done more for my team regardless of wins/losses.

to keep it short, shoutouts nu community especially jcbc for being cute and wholesome and lindworms for being for the support

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4-7 is unacceptable. Almost as unacceptable as the way i played my last 3 games. Idk anymore honestly; maybe it is the meta, maybe it is just me being awful, maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle. Regardless, i want to apologise to all my teammates for letting them down throughout the season but also when it mattered the most. I wasn’t drafted to get carried and yet that’s the only thing i excelled at during this snake. The series obviously isn’t over and i have absolute faith in my teammates to bring this back, i just don’t have it in me rn to be cheerful and hyped. RATTLERS, do not let my dogshit showing drag you down. I believe in all of you to claim what you all deserve from our season.
start worrying about it
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