Smogon Champions League II - Finals [Won by Power Plant Dynamos]


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SS OU: ez vs Shafofficiel - sorry don't know
SS OU: MichaelderBeste2 vs Gtcha - clef about to win again
SS OU: Finchinator vs bbeeaa - Finch has improved a lot since the time I beat him with walrein in BW OU, he looks way more confident in his plays for sure, and I wouldn't be surprised if he won this, but gotta give this one to bbeeaa since he's been one of the greatest in this gen consistently.
SS Ubers: Tony vs Kate - Tony likes to run crazy shit and sabotage himself, even in finals. I would have easily bolded the opponent every time, but his opp is Kate, someone who used a Choice Banded Xerneas against a washed man like me, so I don't know whose judgement is worse. Will give this to Tony due to more tournament experience I guess.
SS DOU: Z Strats vs Spurrific - I'm not a doubles connoisseur and I haven't followed the scene this year at all, but last year when I teamed up with Z Strats he never lost so yeah.
SS UU: TDK vs SoulWind - While TDK might know more about the tier and has more experience, he will use some wack Jirachi set against SoulWind's more likely to be a solid team and lose.
SS RU: McMeghan vs Welli0u - Roro is feeling motivated in RU since he can use all the fatsos, and is coming off a hot win against Ajna. This is a good match tho.
SS NU: GXE vs BIHI - Don't know much about their NU prowess but GXE has been a solid player all year so rooting for him.
SS PU: Leru vs jonfilch - neither player really inspires me but leru has lost me many UPLs back in my prime so I ain't bolding him that's for sure.
SS LC: tazz vs Ren-chon - no sé no contesto

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i think yall must have deleted da post bout da bet on accident but just an update : i done locked in 1k w scottie in da stours disc .

he got 1k on ren i got 1k on tazz . just posting dis here as a formality so yall can see who keep their word and who aint

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