Smogon Champions League I - Week 4

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Participation dropped a bit from 73 to 58 predictors this week, but good work everyone regardless! Remember, you can win $50 + Discord Nitro just from bolding names in our SCL Discussion Thread! Here are my favorite prediction posts: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Nails (93%) vs. Spurrific (7%)
Frania (21%) vs. Mishimono (79%)
zeefable (31%) vs. stax (69%)
YoBuddy (12%) vs. Qwello Lee (88%)
Paraplegic (12%) vs. Z Strats (88%)
YoBuddy751Qwello Lee
Paraplegic751Z Strats


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won in a gg with some luck on both sides :)
ggs terrors and lets get this bread spartan army :psysly:
it's honestly astonishing that a person that plays as much as you do has such little understanding of this game we play. no1 is gonna say it publicly to your face, but god damn you somehow appear even dumber as a person after each win

good luck in future weeks, you really really need it
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