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With the advent of SM Monotype being selected one of the RoA ladder spotlights, we'll be holding a mini ladder tour to best take advantage of this rare occurrence! Generation 7 was, for many, the most balanced generation to play and Monotype has a big community of players who know it very well. We always encourage people to learn this generation as we're constantly looking for players to expand in it.

If you're a novice to the tier and want to participate in the tournament, check out the SM Monotype resources.

This tournament will consist of two stages:

1. The first is the actual laddering portion of the tournament, which will last for 4 weeks. The 8 participants with the highest ELO at the end of each cycle will be entered into the playoffs. Once you qualify for playoffs you cannot ladder again in the second cycle to aim for a higher seed.

Tiebreak Ruling: If two players were to have the same ELO for 8th and 9th place, the player that progresses will be the user with the highest GXE for example:
#8: SMLT79 ken - 1356 - 79%
#9: SMLT79 azick - 1356 - 80%

Tiebreak rules will declare SMLT15 azick as the 8th place user of the cycle.

2. At the end of the laddering stage, the playoffs will start with the 16 qualified ladder players. Pairings will be based on overall seeded rankings. If two participants have the same ELO and GXE, we will default to week qualified followed by placement on the ladder. The playoff phase of the tournament will be Best of 3 & Single Elimination.

Cycle 2 Tag: SMLT79

Example nick: SMLT79 ken
  • This will allow us to track who is actually entered into the tournament, and more importantly, that everyone starts on fresh alts.
  • Please feel free to talk about anything SM Monotype in this thread!
  • You can sign up at any point during any cycle, but you must use new alts with the correct tag for each cycle.
Your rank on the ladder "resets" at the end of each cycle. You must ladder with a new alt each cycle and post it in the corresponding thread before you start laddering. You can have up to 3 alts per cycle for qualifications!

Before participating in the tournament, take a moment to read the tournament rules.

To sign up, use the format below.
Forum name: ken
Cycle 1 Alt(s): SMLT79 ken, SMLT79 a1012, SMLT79 not azick
Did you read this whole post?: Yes!
Alts must be registered on the day of the sign-up post or afterwards to prevent players from gaining an unfair advantage. I will be checking registration dates for all qualifying participants. Do not forget to register your alt! Alt names which are not registered or that break PS rules will not be allowed to qualify and any person found cheating will be subject to punishment.

The winner of the seeded playoffs will receive one month of Discord Nitro, courtesy of mushamu, & the ☆ rank in the Monotype room for the same duration!

Cycle 2 starts now and ends on Sunday May 28th at 12 PM GMT-4 to avoid overlap with SV MLT ongoing concurrently.

Good luck & happy laddering!


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