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Tyrantrum for S
Oh, Tyrantrum. Where do I even begin with you? Well, its Attack stat is pretty damn high for RU, and it has two good abilities in Strong Jaw (which I don't see that often for some reason) and Rock Head. Strong Jaw is a very underrated ability that makes moves like the elemental fang attacks decent while also powering up Crunch. Meanwhile, Rock Head is the more common of the two, letting you spam Head Smash without any drawbacks. You could argue that its low Speed and even lower Special Defense make it easy to kill, but Scarf Tyrantrum remedies the Speed problem and can let you sweep teams before your opponent can land an attack. And with Venomoth (probably) getting banned, we'll have one less special attacker to worry about. If you ask me, it's time the king got his throne back.

This will be my last post until October, I don't want a third ban.


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Vileplume Unranked > C

Vileplume is outclassed by Amoonguss because of its better overall bulk, Spore, and Regenerator. On the other hand, Vileplume has a pretty cool niche as a cleric, not to mention a solid SpA, and Moonblast. Unlike other clerics, Vileplume's immune to Toxic, so the opponent can't stall out Aromatherapy with Toxic spam. Unlike Granbull, Uxie, and Meloetta, Vileplume has access to instant recovery. It also has pretty decent coverage and is far less predictable than Aromatisse. Vileplume's Moonblast actually hits a bit harder than Toge's Dazzling Gleam. Vileplume resists all of Scrafty's usual attacks and Moonblast OHKOes after rocks. Toxic Spikes absorbing is quite nice too. I think all of this gives it enough of a niche for a C rank.
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Alright, update time

Venomoth removed entirely because it's been banned from RU
Tyrantrum moved up to S rank
Vileplume added to C rank
Poliwrath moved up to B+ rank


Meloetta is a *very* strong contender for S rank imo, but i'm not 100% yet, it will probably be moved up next update if nobody opposes strongly.
Meloetta -> S
I nominated it before and im now nominating it again, Meloetta is a complete diverse power house, it can 2 Hit KO most of the RU meta and has a plethora of sets like, Sub CM, AV, LO, Specs, Pirouette, etc. With such diversity it can't ever be reliably predicted for which set it holds increasing its threat to the opposing team. Meloetta can wall breaker through cores easily with its great (ex: mola + mega steelix, mola and amoon), wide move pool that holds, Hyper voice, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, psychic/psyshock, u-turn, CC and knock off (for pirouette), etc. Yes meloetta can/is "pursuit" bait but it can make up for that for being able to carry Dgleam for pursuit trappers such as spiritomb. Meloetta has a good speed tier letting it naturally outspeed hard hitters like hitmonlee, tyrantrum, and more if in pirouette, meloetta is also extremely hard to check or switch into and with venomoth gone its 1 more check gone to stop meloetta from wrecking house onto a team. Also Smeargle to RU can be an annoyance for meloetta but it can also be a blessing for it because sticky web support can go a long way for meloetta seeing as tho it's speed tier is good its not the "fastest" thing in the tier and this will allow it to break teams down a kot easier with web + SR. In conclusion meloetta is a hard hitting wall breaker that can destroy almost the whole tier with unpredictability and diversity in its sets, moves and adaptability with the new changes to RU (veno Ban + Smeargle) I think it should Rise To S Rank.


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There are two underrated mons that aren't ranked but should be, Rotom and Ferroseed.

Rotom is pretty quirky, but it's one of the neatest offensive support mons I've been using recently. Rotom's best set imo is Substitute / Discharge / Will-O-Wisp / Hex @ Leftovers with max Speed and some bulk. This set's aim is pretty intuitive: to spread status in order to support Pokemon with similar checks. I've paired it with Choice Specs Meloetta as Rotom lures in every single one of its checks and cripples them with a prompt burn. In addition, its ability to click Discharge and fish for a para allows it to even nab certain Pokemon like Houndoom and Meloetta, which it then has a good chance to beat the former when using Substitute mind games in tandem with paralysis odds. Rotom is also very effective against Alomomola + Steelix cores, by using Alomomola as setup bait for a Substitute and crippling Steelix (which it can switch in on thanks to Levitate and resistance to Heavy Slam) with a burn and slicing off a minimum of 50% with Hex + burns. I'd say its very comparable to how Hex Jellicent functions at breaking apart stall, except Rotom obviously has way more offensive presence and that delicious Speed stat. In general, it's a huge nuisance to a lot of defensive teams. In addition to its merits against bulky teams, Rotom's solid typing allows it to check a few threats here and there for offense, such as Scarf Durant and Fletchinder, which is very useful. I'd say it would fit nicely in C+ as a good starting point.

I've talked about Ferroseed in a previous thread and it's unfortunate how it has remained unranked for a while. Ferroseed is an excellent defensive Spiker because it can use its bulk + resists to set up on a ton of annoying Pokemon like Alomomola, Rotom-C, Aromatisse, and Togetic. Speaking of Togetic, Ferroseed is able to outlast every hazard remover thanks to Protect + Leech Seed wearing down all of them with ease, allowing it to maintain its hazards over time. Ferroseed's typing also makes it a great blanket check to most special attackers, which makes it even easier for it to find opportunities to get Spikes down. As a defensive Pokemon, it's also surprisingly versatile when it comes to the amount of options it can employ, including Thunder Wave + Iron Head to limit switch-ins and prevent stalemates with Togetic and Aromatisse, Seed Bomb to limit the amount of times Seismitoad or Rhyperior can set up Stealth Rock in addition to checking offensive Waters such as Samurott more easily, Knock Off to cripple almost everything, or a simple Protect + Leech Seed that can make pivoting out of the likes of Exploud and other threatening wallbreakers a lot easier. I'd say it's at least on par with Roselia and thus deserves C+ too.
Kabutops > B Kabutops is a very interesting pokemon ru because it is the only who has access to rapid spin and in rain teams is able to sweep entire teams, also have access to Swords Dance and priority aqua jet which can defeat pokemon as Camerupt mega and Houndoom, also it has a decent defense that allows it to withstand the most physical blows.


252 Atk Tyrantrum Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Kabutops: 198-234 (75.8 - 89.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
(198, 200, 202, 204, 208, 210, 212, 214, 216, 218, 222, 224, 226, 228, 230, 234)

+1 252+ Atk Escavalier Iron Head vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Kabutops: 211-250 (80.8 - 95.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
(211, 214, 217, 219, 222, 225, 226, 229, 232, 234, 237, 240, 241, 244, 247, 250)

252 Atk Hustle Durant Iron Head vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Kabutops: 166-196 (63.6 - 75%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
(166, 168, 169, 172, 174, 175, 178, 180, 181, 184, 186, 187, 190, 192, 193, 196)

252+ Atk Klinklang Gear Grind (2 hits) vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Kabutops: 144-170 (55.1 - 65.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
(72, 73, 73, 75, 75, 76, 76, 78, 79, 79, 81, 81, 82, 82, 84, 85)

and makes this damage

+1 252 Atk Life Orb Kabutops Stone Edge vs. 174 HP / 0 Def Escavalier: 281-331 (86.7 - 102.1%) -- 18.8% chance to OHKO
(281, 285, 286, 290, 294, 298, 300, 304, 308, 309, 313, 317, 320, 324, 328, 331)

+1 252 Atk Life Orb Kabutops Waterfall vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Exploud: 339-399 (97.1 - 114.3%) -- 81.3% chance to OHKO
(339, 343, 347, 351, 355, 359, 363, 367, 370, 374, 378, 382, 386, 390, 394, 399)

+1 252 Atk Life Orb Kabutops Stone Edge vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Crustle: 484-569 (172.2 - 202.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO
(484, 486, 494, 499, 502, 510, 515, 523, 525, 533, 538, 546, 549, 556, 562, 569)

+1 252 Atk Life Orb Kabutops Stone Edge vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Mega Banette: 370-437 (111.4 - 131.6%) -- guaranteed OHKO
(370, 374, 378, 383, 387, 391, 395, 402, 406, 409, 413, 419, 422, 426, 430, 437)


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Kabutops to B or B+: Yeah, this thing should actually rise. Moltres influence back then made this the go-to spinner to not get destroyed by it, since its ban Kabutops usage has fallen dramatically. In the end in a tier where the amount of spinners is lackluster and where they either just dont fit on offense at all or die too fast for consistent spinning (hitmontop and hitmonlee respectively) Kabutops finds precious relevancy since virtue to its typing it can cover a scary threat for offense that is Kabutops while providing the spin utility. Priority aqua jet is also excellent to catch faster fire types like delphox and emboar, and to finish weakened threats thanks to water being great offensively. Jellicent cant even spinblock it cause it carries knock off. It also let you pull off spike stacking teams without having to run flygon (defog and spikes, meh) and kabutops manage to fit on this kind of teams far better than the hitmons. Yes, it should raise. Well deserved.

Meloetta to S: Yes, this thing is the easiest mon to raise to S rank right now. Thanks to its sheer versatility in sets it can be extremely difficult to deal with it defensively since it just need a single change on its moveset to nullify some of its checks / counters (dazzling gleam for spiritomb, focus blast for mega steelix, rhyperior, registeel as an example) and in the end many of the things that offensively check this thing cant even switch into it due to hyper voice efficient neutral coverage. Sub CM manages to use a terrifying amount of mons as setup bait, pirouette is absolutely hilarious and it can get past some of its checks with close combat alone. This thing is S rank, by far. Meta defining and not easy to deal with at all.

Yeah, I agree with rotom-N and ferroseed getting ranked. Rotom-N is pretty good on offensive builds thanks to its typing, checking fletch in a way rotom-mow cant and Spirit post summarize my thoughts really well. Ferroseed is just really cool, that typing is amazing.


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Gonna update this :)

Meloetta moved up to S rank
Kabutops moved up to B rank
Rotom added to C+ rank
Ferroseed added to C+ rank

I've tested both Rotom and Ferroseed a small amount since Spirit's post and i've seen them in action a decent bit, and i was pretty happy with how they did, definitely worth C+ for now in my opinion. Although if you guys feel they should be higher or lower feel free to say so. I'm still a bit iffy on Kabutops but eh, i guess it couldn't hurt to move it up to B for now. Meloetta was also moved up to S rank this time around thanks to its incredible power and versatility.
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Mismagius Unranked -> C+

How is Mismagius not ranked? It was the most commonly used NU mon last month, haha. With Smeargle around, Mismagius has a pretty cool niche as an offensive spinblocker with a fast taunt to make sure your webs stay up. It's also immune to webs if you're in a mirror match and it has a nice speed (especially with webs up), varied movepool, and a decently strong Special Attack. The Nasty Plot set can also put in a lot of work, particularly against defensive teams. I could see this in B rank, but C+ might be a better starting point.
yeah, i also do kinda like missy, and while its by no means a stellar pokemon, it is usable for sure. i think most folks observe its negatives (not being a real fighting check, frail physically, etc.), w/o acknowledging pluses like ok speed tier, decent special bulk, etc. personally, i've found its best sets to be lefties np @ taunt / wisp and dual status (hex / wisp / twave / taunt @ fatter spread), so if anybody would care to tinker off that, feel free haha.

anywho, i think it'd be rad to have samurott in a, it's gr8; offensive waters as a whole are really good at this time, between being able to soft-check the various good fires / glalie, punish typical defensive batteries, and so forth, and rott is probably the best one at this time. both special and sd are incredibly consistent and threatening pokemon in this particular meta, and it is exceedingly rare for it to end up as dead weight in a game.

in contrast, i think growth could stand to drop to a. there was a time where i'd say a fair amount of people were underprepared for strong grass-types, namely when aboma and cott left and there was no longer some great dearth of them to consider, but now i think folks are wising up to the fact that, yes, you can't /just/ rely on momo-lix and expect everything to be all hunky-dory. it's still a good pokemon, certainly, and if you need something to punish more passive defensive lynchpins or soft-check lixes, phys.attackers, rotom-c, then by all means this is a good 'mon for it, but i would hardly put it on the same level as the other 'mons listed with it at this time.

i'd kinda be down w/amoonguss being b+. the main argument has always been passivity, but idt that is substantial enough a reason tbh, given that it brings a low maintenance sleep inducer, fighter / water / lix (one of the few things both not threatened by stab combination and tox-immune) / growth check and / or counter and tspike absorber to the table. it can still keep 'mons like melo / glalie honest via double power if need be, and with appropriate support, it can very feasibly outlast a lot of 'mons.

lastly, i'd kinda want to see reg.lix in c+, maybe c. it's pretty much exclusive to builds w/m-glalie, but it's a perfectly acceptable option for such teams, and deserves just representation :D use custap / occa, it's cool

Could this thing move back down to C+/C please? Venomoth is gone which means it lost its most valuable niche of being one of the more reliable checks to it, and I'm pretty sure it's established that it is a pretty shitty Fighting check and defogger, so move it down.

I can get behind the noms mentioned above, rott has always been underrated, and is pretty versatile in that it can run special, sd, pure physical, or mixed, and each set can put in decent work. I always thought Tangrowth of a mon of the month sort of thing, and maybe i suck, but it never really seemed like an A+ mon when using it so down to a is good. amoongus is super annoying with double status as well as checking so much shit and recovery, so b+. and normal lix is pretty meh, though as a glalie partner i can see it in c.

Also not to be a natural talent or anything, but could i possibly get reasoning to why miltank wasn't ranked?


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I do agree with mismagius getting ranked. Been wanting to try some sets myself but have been difficult due to lack of time and a cold bothering my existence. A set like taunt / thunder wave, will-o-wisp, hex, dazzling gleam is really neat providing amazing team support and thanks to its solid speed tier it can put tons of work spreading status across every mon around around the 90-104 speed tier. I feel it should be ranked, Ill try to make a case myself with replays and stuff if it doesnt get a rank on this slate.

Samurott to A: I actually back up this nomination 100%. Taunt + 3 attacks specially offensive, the set I use the most, just put so much work against every balanced build being incredibly difficult to switch into thanks to grass knot, ice beam and hydro pump being pretty much perfect coverage. Swords dance and mixed are certainly amazing sets as well cause priority aqua jet is amazing. This thing is fantastic, beating ton of defensive stuff by itself and it looks badass. Best offensive water type in the tier (though that isnt saying much when the competition is clawitzer...). Solid A for me.

Im not so sure about tangrowth myself. Still a solid pain to switch into since while sleep powder is a really important slot the last slot can be a lot of things in order to punish standard switch-ins (hp ice or fire for escavalier and amoonguss and stuff). I could see it dropping but not too sold on this.

With Venomoth gone Golbat is even more ass now. Drop it to C TBH.

49 <]


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Now that Goth has dropped, we can unrank it.

I agree with Amoonguss to B+. Losing a mon to sleep is pretty devastating. A lot of defensive teams have a very difficult time breaking through it. I know I'm not the only person to get in an Amoonguss vs. Amoonguss fight. Offensive and balanced teams have to watch out for Stun Spore spam. Other than Ferroseed, grass types have to watch out for Sludge Bomb, even those that take neutral damage are worn down. Other than Zen Headbutt Virizion, grass types generally don't do much to Amoonguss. It has a couple of safe switch ins, such as the previously mentioned Ferroseed, Escavalier, Xatu, and Flame Orb Sigilyph after its burn has activated, but it's otherwise quite annoying.

Rotom-Fan Unranked -> C+ / B

Rotom-Fan, aka Rotom-S, is pretty cool right now. It checks any fighting type not running Rock or Ice coverage, as well as Durant, Fletchinder, Tangrowth, Jellicent, SD Samurott, and Braviary. It can also switch into Mega Steelix safely, barring Stone Edge, and burn it. Speaking of burning, Rotom-S is great for burning expected switch ins like Tyrantrum, Rhyperior, and Seismitoad. It can Volt Switch out of expected Fire type switch ins, other than Mega Camerupt. It's weak to SR and ice type coverage is far more common than it used to be, but for all the work it puts in, I can see either C+ or even B.
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Flygon is actually pretty good with boom burst choice specs. Boom burst will have 210 Base power along with flygon's 284 attack at max plus most people expect a physical flygon. It may not be the best but it is still better than most. I run it at UU and it performs well anyone else use him/her.
C rank seems pretty crowded right now, so going to make some noms to try and make it a more reasonable size.

massive megalix bait, psychics and grounds are everywhere, crippling speed, checks tangrowth and virizion ok i guess, but loses to scrafty after sr and a bit of prior damage, and there is the question of why i would want to use this over something like weezing, since they check the same shit and weezing has levitate, haze, and tspikes. plus moth is dead so you dont check that anymore. unrank imo

suicide leads are kinda trash right now, with taunt leads being common and hazard removers being easy to fit onto teams(flygon on balance and offense, togetic and hitmontop on stall, hitmonlee on offense), plus there are better mons you could use in that role like smeargle(sw/sr/spore/spikes isnt even that bad) and omastar. also shell smash is rofl. d rank at best

counters megarupt and qwilfish, and wins against bad rain teams without kabu and thats about it. doesnt even have roost. delphox runs psyshock and mantine can only beat np houndoom 1v1. plus is generally outclassed by pelipper who actually has reliable recovery and u-turn(speaking of which pelipper could probably move up to b) d rank at best

Lord Death Man

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Crustle is probably the suicide lead who has the easiest time running mental herb, though. I agree it's kind of meh but it has a unique niche teams might actually look for that little else can perform (sturdy + spikes suicide lead; lets it *always* get rocks up) while also doing it's job decently reliably - it's better than anything in D bar maybe Bouf and more or less fits C.
yeah i was only thinking of custap, mental herb is good, so i guess crustle is fine in c

some more noms for the higher rankings

m-audino should probably move up to B+, thing is near impossible to ohko and also a pain to simply 2hko, while it provides plenty of support for the team with heal bell, can pass wishes, and has the great fairy typing. normal/fairy, while disappointing because no fighting resist, also gives you a ghost immunity allowing you to hard wall spiritomb, letting it become a great partner for mons like medicham and meloetta. it comes with the cost of not being able to use megalix, which sucks, but you can always use norm steelix with it, and there was an argument for steelix before to be on m-glalie teams, so why not m-audino teams? xp

speaking of audino, base audino is trash and i would honestly use lickilicky or miltank(rank when?) over it. no way is it as viable as clawitzer and amoongus, its set-up bait to anything with decent defenses thanks to having no offenses, has bad 4mss, and while regen is neat, just use alo, who can also pass wishes, but has better typing that lets it check fire, steel, and ice types, better physical bulk, same special bulk(iirc), and isnt set-up fodder to anything because of scald, as well as m-audino who basically checks the same shit and more. c+ because there is probably some lord audino set/team i dont know of and everyone will love it


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Sorry if i shouldnt make one liner posts or anything but
"Mola isn't setup fodder for anything because of scalds" kinda bothered me there D:
crustle is best being run as a lum hazards + smash set, given yes, dual hazards is poor at this time. the former has a significant niche in both counterplaying smeargle handily and keeping gonner decently honest at the same time. mantine has more value than you give it as well, particularly for the reason that its special defense is hugely valuable on teams lacking in substantial fire resists, which pelipper does very poorly, which is cemented by the fact that psyshock is atrocious on delphox (makes tyrantrum way better of a pivot than it needs to, gives momo an easier time checking, does nothing but target exactly mantine and nothing else, etc etc). handling special rott and clawitzer to an extent is also something folks do not give it enough credit for. furthermore, immunity to scald is huge, and means that it doesn't have to play into chancy burn fishing cycles w/qwilfish, which is something that pelipper cannot lay claim to on any level. muk i will say has lost some value in this meta, but frankly, i could still see it being d material.

i think you greatly undermine the merits of regenerator on standard audino though. part of what sets it so high above alternative clerical 'mons is, beyond some neat utilities such as knock and encore (which it can slot fairly easily by outsourcing heal bell / aromatherapy to an aromatisse or granbull), is the ability for it not to have to receive its own wishes to function. this can be observed of pokemon like alomomola as well, who would not be nearly on the level it is were it not for regen granting it such self-sufficiency. m-audino is ranked on the same level b.c, while the option presented by it is nice, the struggle to fill a proper stall build and /not/ invest in m-lix is exceedingly high, making it a chore in and of itself.
gonna lay off the other noms since im not as adamant on those as i am with mantine and muk xp
mantine has more value than you give it as well, particularly for the reason that its special defense is hugely valuable on teams lacking in substantial fire resists, which pelipper does very poorly, which is cemented by the fact that psyshock is atrocious on delphox (makes tyrantrum way better of a pivot than it needs to, gives momo an easier time checking, does nothing but target exactly mantine and nothing else, etc etc). handling special rott and clawitzer to an extent is also something folks do not give it enough credit for. furthermore, immunity to scald is huge, and means that it doesn't have to play into chancy burn fishing cycles w/qwilfish, which is something that pelipper cannot lay claim to on any level.
eh, i wouldnt say its super valuable as a fire resist, as it can only beat these fire types 1v1(not keeping them in btw) or on a mispredict, thanks to its weakness to rocks and no reliable recovery, basically making hazard control and wish passing a must for it in order to actually check these things successfully. psyshock is a fine option on life orb delphox, since the things you listed are taken out by grass knot or dazzling gleam for tyrant. yeah mantine can check rott and claw, but they still have coverage to hit mantine and since mantine has no recovery, some prior damage taken or rocks means it is 2hko'd on the next switch in. yeah i overestimated pelipper as a fire check, ill give ya that. and i mentioned mantine countering qwilfish, which is nice and all, but jelli can just taunt bulky qwilfish, preventing spikes and immune to scald. i know mantine has a niche and thats why im nomming it for d rank, not unrank, but its niche is really not worth using 90% of the time because of the support it needs to properly do its job
edit: also wanted to mention it has some slight 4mss, with wanting to run rest, sleep talk, scald, air slash, defog, toxic, protect, and even haze.

muk i will say has lost some value in this meta, but frankly, i could still see it being d material.
i cant see it being d rank really, going off the banded set which was the one that got it ranked iirc(i think you mentioned it in your post explaining why it was there), you are walled by any bulky poison resist(megalix, seismitoad, quagsire, rhyperior), cant switch in on much, and is only a check to the defensive and specs sets for tangrowth as av screws it over with eq.
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Agree on normal Audino, regen is extremely useful on it because unlike its mega, you aren't forced into a situation where you have to a) heal mega audino and lose your momentum or b) not heal mega audino but allow your opponent free momentum. If Mega Audino just had any form of passive recovery, even Leftovers, it wouldn't be that big of an issue b/c of its colossal bulk, but as a result of its lack of passive recovery and need for Wish + Protect to replenish itself, even something simple like a few Stealth Rock switch-ins + a weak Volt Switch would wear away at it pretty quickly.

Regen pretty much makes vanilla Audino as good as it is and why it's the same rank as its mega. Also, implying that it's setup to much of the tier is an exaggeration, especially when paired with an additional cleric, of which, it functions quite well with Granbull, as 49 said earlier, you can drop Heal Bell for encore. In addition, it has a lot of other useful options in its movepool such as Thunder Wave to cripple Tyrantrum, Sigilyph, etc and even Flamethrower to catch unsuspecting Durant, chip away at Tangrowth/Virizion, and prevent Mega Steelix from swapping in on it too often.


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Was messing around on the ladder today using a team of Duggy / MSteel / Melo / ScarfBoar / Flygon / RotomC and I really think that Duggy needs to be moved from B+ to A. There are so many Pokemon that Duggy traps in this tier, and its ability to pick off weakened threats is incredible. And the best part is that it removes not just dangerous offensive mons, but weakened defensive walls as well, completely hindering your opponent's ability to counterplay you later in the match. For example, my opponent switches in Aromatisse into my weakened Melo and gets taken down to ~40%. Melo is ded but now they're also down Aromatisse as well since haha Duggy got you boy, and now my ScarfBoar can click Superpower easier later in the game to sweep. Duggy's revenge killing skills outdo that of anything else in the tier except maybe CBAnt (and that's mostly because the latter is nearly impossible to switch into safely). Plus, Duggy makes a good hazard user trapper, easily getting rid of Qwilfish and dunking Camel, Smeargle, and slightly weakened Rhyp. The only downside is that it has a tough time taking out MSteelix (which would be highly desirable), but I mean, it can still trap a weakened one and I greatly value its ability to get rid of all Houndoom/Jolteon/nonUnburden Lee/Gallade/Drap (and Virizion if you're a boss and run Aerial Ace) all in one slot. I definitely think Duggy is a step above the other Pokemon currently residing in B Rank and should be moved up a slot.

Also jesus christ Alomofish is a fuck, it should probably be S rank just for sheer annoyance factor (and the fact nothing traps it, since even a ~20% Alo with Protect is safe from Duggy) but w/e.
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