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RoA Bazaar
Welcome to the Ruins of Alph Bazaar! This thread serves as a more casual way than the RMT subforum to showcase teams you've built and receive feedback. Here are the guidelines:

1. Identify which metagame your team was built for (This includes both Generation and Tier).
2. Make sure you've playtested your teams before sharing them here and looking for advice.
3. Provide an importable for your team and a brief description.
4. This thread is not for sharing teams of the latest generation.
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:Tyranitar: :Latios: :Ferrothorn: :Rotom-Wash: :Alakazam: :Landorus-Therian:

So.. a lot of variations of these six exist, or the same five except reuniclus > zam. But hey, it was the first team I built post hiatus. To be fair, it takes a lot of brainpower to spam the 4 best mons+ rotom + zam. The basic idea of the team is that double psychic overwhelms ttar, and other steels on random teams. If you want to learn the tier on the ladder, this team is probably a good place to start. It's a pretty intuitive squad, in my opinion. Spikes are op in BW OU, so by using a team that cirmcumvents them due to typing + levitate + magic guard, you inherently do well against spike stack teams (a.k.a. ferro). This team is insulated against standard offense because of sash zam, and *decent* against more balance teams because of specs latios, ferrothorn, and scarf lando. Even dragmag hates zam, so the loss of using ferro is kind of mitigated.

HP ice on zam is really needed to beat gliscor, which is otherwise pretty annoying. HP ice zam actually wrecks most gliscor sand. Twave is for the rare volcarona, it's kinda of a tradeoff because encore is better against 90% of teams or something, but twave basically *covers* volc which is nice. Knock ferro is a necessity in 2020 BW OU. The main change I'd consider on my version is on ttar, fire blast on it for ferro and skarm is nice, ice beam could be cool too. Superpower is good, but if you drop it, drop some speed as outspeeding other ttar is less relevant.

What this team doesn't like is... Jirachi, specifically Jirachi on rain, Jira + Ferro rain is rough, especially if Zam doesn't hit focus blast where it counts. Rain teams have spin too, so spikes is less effective at wearing down Jirachi. Fat breloom can be annoying too, psychics destroy it, but with protect + zam coverage can be annoying. The dumbass poli + keld + loom + jira + tent + lando team ain't shit though. Stuff that puts pressure on scarf lando is problematic too, such as terrakion or mienshao.

This team reflects the general metagame trend of sand offense + spin is hard (because driller or offensive starmie are the only real options, both of which are hard for teambuilding) so a lot of sand teams spam levitiate + a magic guard poke + landorus t / skarm. The prevalence of these teams is largely why Chomp is falling off (spikes) and why stuff that can beat scarf lando is increasingly good.
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