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So, after skipping out on Gen 8 OU I found Gen 9 OU to be a bit more interesting at the beginning and wanted to start at least trying to get back into it. Took a bit of ironing out but here's what I got so far that's been keeping me at a decentish 1400 and wondering what I could do to improve upon it. So, without any further ado...


For some reason, they decided to buff Garchomp yet again, as if it needed it, and we now have suicide lead hazard setting Garchomps everywhere. EQ's there because it can actually chunk decently well despite having no attack investment. Spikes and Stealth Rock are self explanatory. Dragon Tail is interesting and I mostly use it on other setup pokemon like Ting-Lu or opposing Garchomps. Though, sometimes it'll just drag out an Iron Valiant or Chien-Pao for free and its negative priority means Garchomp will likely eat a hit from another pokemon before it connects, if it does at all. Rocky Helmet + Rough Skin really adds up and sometimes I just sacrifice Garchomp against a physical attacker just to soften them up for a bit. But anyways, this is a standard entry hazard Garchomp. I played around with other hazard setters like Glimmora but I didn't like how passive they felt at times. Idk would Glimmora would be a better alternative for this particular team?


Because we love entry hazards this gen, let's introduce a pokemon that's immune to basically all forms of hazard removal bar the funny mouse one. Gholdengo really helps keep those hazards on the field but also I find it's my best answer to Iron Valiant as Make it Rain OHKOs it and Moon Blast doesn't do too much damage. Air Balloon's there to keep it alive for an extra turn against ground types like Great Tusk. Shadow Ball I throw out occassionally if I outspeed or on prediction and it can do some decent damage. The last two moves I don't particularly use much, I don't think Gholdengo's fast enough to really abuse Nasty Plot and I barely ever use Recover. I hear the lad gets T-Bolt so maybe replacing one of those might be better for coverage?


I'm in need of a Rapid Spinner and Great Tusk does just that as well as provides some decent damage with Headlong Rush and Close Combat. Ice Spinner's mostly there to help hit Gholdengo on switch in and pop its balloon though I hear Knock Off is also ran. Ice Spinner does hit other ground and dragon types but I'm thinking Knock Off could be a better replacement for its utility? Assault Vest is there to help with its pitiful SpD, though honestly, I still find it getting OHKOd fairly regularly with special attacks so I'm not sure it's *that* useful and wondering if there's a better alternative.


This guy's my get out of jail free card for a lot of situations. In a game with so many formidable setup sweepers like Dragonite or Espathra, having a Focus Sash pokemon with the ability to put the opponent to Sleep AND access to a decent powerful priority move is super useful. I've found I've won games simply because of Breloom's priority and neutralization of key threats. It doesn't always work, like hazards breaks the sash, and sometimes I get bad luck with the sleep and Bullet Seed RNG. But I think this guy's come in clutch way too many times to count. Bulldoze is there to help with some Fire types I might predict on the switch in or just killing Iron Moth outright if Breloom still has Sash intact. Also helps kill Gholdengos with popped balloons or Skeledirge's that I can put to sleep.


As a testament to Gen 9's powercreep we have Weavile but better in every way. This guy's super frail and LO really eats away at his little health so oftentimes he won't be brought out unless it's safe to do so. Vulnerability to Stealth Rock does not help in the slightest. But the speed, ice coverage, and powerful priority really helps in many situations. Ice Spinner's just for typical ice STAB. Sacred Sword for coverage. Swords Dance is only ever used if I'm feeling lucky on a switch in, but overall I don't think it's made much of a difference in my games even after an SD boost. Overall, I think this guy might be the weak link on my team and might be suited better to ones where I can bring it out safely? Any thoughts on this?


Finally, the star of the show. In the previous gen, I wanted to build a team around Blacephalon because he was one of my favorite new pokemon and I really wanted to make a team work. I could never crystalize something that fared super well so I dropped it altogether. Now, however, we get Chi-Yu. In my opinion, one of the best designed Gen 9 pokemon around and easily one of my favorites. Personal opinions aside, this guy's the tactical nuke and anything slower than it is likely to get erased or chunked majorly. He's frail and very susceptible to priority and the weakness to SR means he can get chunked down pretty easy especially with how hard Gholdengo makes it for effective hazard removal. I used to run Fire Blast but its inaccuracy made for some pretty frustrating results. Overheat is a bit more powerful and reliable at the cost of the SpA drop. Flamethrowers there as powerful and consistent fire attack that still obliterates most things. Now, Terastalizing into Dark Pulse is and going ham is some of the most fun I've had in this gen. I used to run Terablast for a Grass tera type, but I honestly don't think it's as useful as having the Dark Tera Type nuke option. Psychic helps with like... Fighting types I guess? Maybe it'd be best replaced with Memento sort of as a sacrificial move when Chi-Yu has no options left? But anyways, I build this team around this little guy and I sorta consider him the star player.

I've been having moderate success with this team but I feel like there's a few holes that could be worked out here. Breloom doesn't come in clutch all the time and I think the team doesn't have many good switch-ins for powerful pokemon like Chien-Pao, Dragapult, Iron Valiant, or Iron Moth. Furthermore, hazards really whittle this team down but I'm not sure if that's the fault of my team makeup or if that's just how the Gen 9 meta is played. I've found I play most of the early game with Garchomp, Gholdengo, and Great Tusk while Chien-Pao and Chi-Yu come in later to sweep.

Closing Thoughts and Potential Changes
While writing this, I've had a few ideas on what could make the team better. I think maybe replacing Chien-Pao with something like Heavy Duty Boots, supportive Dragapult might be best? I think Chien-Pao's role kinda overlaps with that of Breloom and while I do really like the speed, Dragapult is the fastest in the tier and has access to stuff like U-Turn. Also helps as a spin blocker in case Gholdengo's dead. However, the Ice STAB and Sucker Punch are still very useful and gives my team priority that hits Ghost type terastals much better but I still struggle with all the Fairy types. Scizor over Breloom might help with that and the bulk, better typing, access to recovery, U-Turn, and ability to hit Fairy type all would be greatly appreciated but losing out on Spore and a Focus Sash mon would certainly be felt and fighting really hits all the Dark types this gen introduced. Each has their own pros and cons but I'm wondering what'll bring my team the most success in the end. Meowscarada's another pokemon that's been floating around in my head as a great pivot with access to Knock Off, Priority, and an auto-crit move.

Additional changes to movesets like replacing Recover with T-Bolt on Gholdengo, Ice Spinner with Knock Off on Great Tusk, or giving Chien Pao a 4th move instead of SD? Anyways, those are my thoughts and suggestions and I'm interested to see what y'all think. I think Scizor, Dragapult, and Meowscarada are the ones that might be the best replacements but I'm eager to know if someone with more experience has other ideas. Anyways, thank you and I hope you like what I made here!​


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