BW OU RMT: Building Jolteon Team!

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So, I'm a long time fan but new to the world of actually battling Pokemon in a simulator. For a few weeks now I've been playing with other people's teams and googling "amazing ou teams" and have had success and failures with them. But I've realized I have more fun when i build teams around some of my favourite Pokemon, and one of my all time favourite's has to be Jolteon. Dont know, something about him has stuck with me for years. So this is what I've got. Ive been playing with this team for a couple days, switching a few things and have had some good success but also some pretty horrible defeats. I don't have a 'purpose' or 'strategy' with this team, so thats where you guys come in. Any insight on how to better use this team, or propose a basic strategy like who i should lead with ect... would be wonderful. Im open to any changes, except for a few things i will specify. Thanks.


Jolteon Choice Specs
Quick Feet | Timid Nature
252 Sp. Atk | 4 Sp. Def | 252 Speed

Baton Pass - I'd like some input on this, any recommendations?
Shadow Ball
Hidden Power Grass

I find I've had better than average success with this set for Jolteon, opinions on maybe an alternative move or a different item would be great. I just love this Pokemon.


Tyranitar Choice Band
Sand Stream | Adamant Nature
180 HP | 252 Atk | 76 Speed

Stone Edge

I find this setup for Tyranitar pretty awesome. He is a tank. Usually have great success with him.


Swampert Leftovers
Torrent | Relaxed Nature
252 HP | 216 Def | 40 Speed

Stealth Rock
Ice Beam


Blissey Leftovers
Natural Cure | Calm Nature
252 Def | 252 Sp. Def. | 4 Attk



Stamie Life Orb
Analytic | Timid Nature
252 Sp. Atk | 4 Sp. Def | 252 Speed

Hydro Pump
Rapid Spin
Ice Beam


Ferrothorn Leftovers
Iron Barbs | Relaxed Nature
252 HP | 48 Def | 208 Sp. Def

Gyro Ball
Power Whip
Leech Seed

There's the team, although I always have trouble with Greninja, some advise to counter him on my team would be unreal. ANy advice to better use this team and make it well rounded would be appreciated! Thanks all!


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Your descriptions are too short to fit the RMT rules requirements.
I encourage you to PM me an updated version of this team with beefed up descriptions, and since you're new, to join the Mentor Program. I'll be unlocking this thread after that.

Have a nice day.
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