Tournaments RBYWC I - Round One (tiebreakers at post #140)

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Round Structure & Pairings
Each player will play 3 best-of-three sets against their group opponents.
They can be seen in the Groups tab under 'Individual Matchups', and they are the three opponents that share a row or column with you.

At the end of Round One, the top 2 teams will advance to the Semifinals, with seeds 3-6 advancing to a Quarterfinal round.

All games must be completed by Sunday, April 2nd, 11PM GMT+0.
Playing one game per week is encouraged but not required.
Delaying all your games until the last few days may count against you in activity decisions should they be necessary.

The spreadsheet also has a 'Scheduling' tab where you can indicate the scheduled times of your matches.
This will help interested spectators follow the tournament. Try to use it if possible.

Once a player is subbed out, they may not be subbed back in. Their replacement must complete all their series.

Good luck to all teams!
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