Tournaments RBY 7U Swiss Tournament #1 - (won by Tree69420)

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activity check on Leru vs Pika95 , as there is no public/visible scheduling. if you scheduled privately that is fine but just lmk, if you havent then this is your reminder to schedule.

all other matchups yet to be played either are already scheduled, or i have commented on the scheduling post following up as appropriate.

also ty to sabelette for putting in substitutes and such the past two days
This was vs me, sorry hosts :(
Reminder for everyone, I guess, since we didn't see it:
"also it would be helpful for losing players to stop posting their replays because it makes collecting replays and stats a lot more annoying later, please just have the winning player post! " - Sabelette

EDIT: Here's the proper link for G2:
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Can I call for an activity win at this point? My opp has responded exactly once so we haven't been able to schedule and I'm doubtful of us being able to find a time before deadline at this point.


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Round 2

Ema Skye has chosen to drop out.
Ice Yazu, SponsoredPost, and Dice20Jockey get activity wins.

1-0 Bracket
The Faz
VS Xurkiyee
Da Pizza Man VS pastrey
5Dots VS royzin
Ice Yazu
VS Pika95
Medeia VS Northdakotan
SponsoredPost VS tylerfitz8
ZeStinky VS BeatsBlack
pac VS Melbelle
I-Deepblue-I VS Tree69420
chub VS Dice20Jockey
nicole7735 VS Acetylaldehyde
VS IcyGas52
TehTayTeh VS BYE

0-1 Bracket
Victory Victreebel
VS Xyncht
missangelic VS Jackal King aka. Jcm
VS sparks bloom
MultiPokemon VS Electric_Steak
Nugget O Silver VS TetsuHere!
VS poison dax
SaDiSTiCNarwhal VS juoean
EarthTraveler413 VS TheWhaleFail
MrSoup VS kenny
Leru VS Gangsta Spongebob
Mr.Bossaru VS Cooljam Junior
Rewer VS Gastlies
iKiQ VS MichaelderBeste2

As a reminder, this tournament counts for reqs if you want to vote on 7U suspect tests and potentially for a small invitational in the future, so consider staying in even if you lose a game or two!

Deadline for Round 2 is Sunday, March 26, at 6:00PM GMT -7. Extension deadline is Wednesday night -7, please contact opponents early! Good luck and have fun!
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