Tournament Rands Slam II - Playoffs - WINNER: CLEMENTINE

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Well, it was really fun while it lasted i should say. I really enjoyed playing in it, being part of randslam, not going down round 1 and being proud of what i did and accomplished.
It was pretty difficult for me to play here going into the match with mental health issues but i still think i did good, it could have been better but i did the best i could, and that doesn't take away the fact that Crunch played really well as well, so Grats to him, he deserved that win (even tho i would've loved to have that dubs showdown on a "normal" day)
Now it's time for me to step down and take care of that mental health as i should have done for some days now.

So anyway, the true purpose of this message was first to congratulate Crunch and wish gl to all of you remaining, and also to say thank you. Thank you all for being here, cheering for me or against me, and making me feel like i deserved to be in here ^^ (and obviousely shoutout to nemo who got me training pretty hard for this)
I will be back in a couple week, so gl y'all, may the best win, and cya down the road ^^


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Rands Slam Winner

Typhlosion48 vs El químico del pueblucho - Typh is the better player here; even with Captcha's experience and luck with randomized formats, especially Classic, I don't see Typhlosion losing in formats like Battle Factory or more recent gens. Typh also has the edge with Dubs, which is key in this kind of tour.

tob vs teresbahji - While teres is more versatile and can do hot stuff in classic gens, tob is favored in formats like Dubs, BDSP and Fairy gens. The formats they play will determine who takes the win here, and I really think tob can do very well.

LoSconosciuto vs MultiAmmiratore - Rands Staff squabble here, I feel bad bolding against Multi twice in a row, especially when they did so well last round, but LoSco is top2 players in this tour and bolding against him doesn't feel right


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Clementine vs Crunchman - Losco vs Clem for finals? Crunchman definitely not a bad player, it will definitely be interesting to watch. Crunch still has the upper hand in dubs but for the rest I believe the french person to be more experienced, especially in older gens.
Typhlosion48 vs El químico del pueblucho - Typh unstoppable? damm probably can take Classic but even there Typh's fundamentals are not to be underestimated
teresbahji vs tob - if one player would be able to go past teres schenanigans and play with enough precision, that one player may very well be tob. Teres don't have an edge in dubs here either imho, but tob is also a masterful recent gens rands player. Older classic formats may be in favour of Teres as well as hc, but not to the point of giving Teres a significant edge.
LoSconosciuto vs MultiAmmiratore - At this point of the competition every player is great, but Losco may be even greater. Still having no weaknesses in a format like Slam Playoffs, being able to play singles of all gens, dubs, bf and hc at the top level is definitely the most useful skill. Chiori is still extremely good but on a smaller pool of formats. Formats have not been decided yet but Classic and hc may be expected. I would say Chiori have an edge in hc if that's even possible over the course of a single game of this format. I'm expecting gen2 rands as well where both are of equal strength imo; for the rest Losco has an edge for sure.


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My my, is it that time already? That's right - the QUARTERFINALS are upon us! Without further ado:

Round 3

Clementine vs Crunchman
Gen 8, Gen 7, Classic, Doubles, Multi-Factory


Typhlosion48 vs El químico del pueblucho
Gen 8, Gen 7, Gen 6, Classic, Multi-Factory


tob vs teresbahji
Gen 8, Gen 6, BDSP, Classic, Hackmons


LoSconosciuto vs MultiAmmiratore
Gen 8, Classic, Doubles, Hackmons, Multi-Factory

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Clementine vs Crunchman
A month ago i would bolded crunch i must say buy clem was really impressive the whole tour. 65/35
Typhlosion48 vs El químico del pueblucho
I think typh is one of the best here. 80/20
teresbahji vs tob
tob is better imo but teres is good, plays a lot a somehow gets consistent luck so he might know something we dont 45/55
LoSconosciuto vs MultiAmmiratore
Multi is good and versatile but im bolding loscon against anyone here bc he is an hc main 65/35
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