All Gens Prominent Egg Move Parents & Pokemon from Outside Core Series

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Hey all, long time since I've been around on Smogon but my interest in Pokemon rejuvenated when a friend of mine gave me a copy of Pokemon crystal!!! Since then I've collected every core series game (except Ruby) and have been playing through them all.

Onto my question about breeding and Eggmoves as I am grinding through the older generations of games, are there any Pokemon parents and egg moves that I should be on the lookout for as far as vital competitive moves?

Also are there any special Pokemon from outside the core series games (ones that can be traded to the core series) that I should look out for? Examples Shadow Wheezing and Surfing Pikachu.

List some important Pokemon Eggmove parents for comp
List unique Pokemon that can be traded over from non-core
Please include what game they come from!
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