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MK Ultra

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Trainer Name: MK [the name you choose for yourself]
Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Caterpie, Arceus... [list the species of all your pokemon here]
Currency Counters: 17 [the number of CC you currently have

1x Life Orb
4x Zap Plate
[list the items you own]

Cloverleaf Badge
Glyph of Light Screen
Molten Core
Rock Ruby
[anything else relevant to ASB - feel free to further organise as you wish]

In here should be a list of links to approved prize claims (only new ones need to be linked - we don't expect people to trawl through two years of links)

MK Ultra

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In these hide tags will go the profiles for the relevant mon - note that the mega info goes in a hide tag inside the normal mon's hide tag (see Bulbasaur).
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Texas Cloverleaf

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A template for your profile

[B]Trainer Name:[/B] Name. This can be your username, your name in real life, or some fancy name like Trogdor the Burninator.
[B]Pokemon Team:[/B] The species of each of your Pokemon.
[B]W/L/T:[/B] Wins/Losses/Ties. This is optional.

[B]Currency Counters:[/B] Number of CC you currently have. You start with 6 to get your first two or three Pokemon with.
[B]Universal Counters:[/B] Number of UC you currently have. This will always start at 0.

[B]Current Battles:[/B]
A list of all the battles you are currently in, which will obviously be none when you start.
You can only be in up to three friendly matches at a time.

[B]Battle History:[/B]
A list of all the battles you have won, lost and tied in. You may arrange these however you like.

A list of all the items you have. You start with 1 EXP Share, 1 Lucky Egg, and 1 Amulet Coin.
As you battle more and earn more counters, you can obtain even more items.
When this happens, you may want to separate items into categories like Berries, Other Consumables and Training Items.

[B]Key Items:[/B]
A list of special items like gym badges, raid glyphs and artifacts, and any other item that one does not simply purchase whenever they like.

[B]Prize Claims:[/B]
Links to all approved prize claims since the opening of the Registration and Prize Claiming forum.
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