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Programming PokePaste: a Pokemon Pastebin

What feature would you want most in PokePaste?

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PokePaste is like pastebin, but with:
  • Pokemon set syntax recognition
  • Image preview of mons and items
  • Type highlighting of mons (by type), items (Z-crystals, type-enhancing items, type-resist berries, etc.), and moves
  • Fields for title, author and miscellaneous notes, no registration required.
  • Randomized URLs
  • NO ads
  • A relatively smooth and attractive interface (at least I think so)
The best way to see what it does is to see it in action - here's an OU team and a VGC team (both of which I use, neither of which I made).

I have received an amazing amount of feedback from the smogonvgc discord and /r/stunfisk on Reddit, and I can say with some confidence that PokePaste is much better than it was a few weeks ago when it launched, but there is always more to be done!

If you like it, tell your friends. If not, let me know what I could do to improve it - I'm not hard to find (felixphew on twitter, /u/felixphew on reddit, felixphew on most of the Smogon discords, etc.)

I hope you enjoy it!
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This is a good job but is this private ?

I will don't use that if u can steal my teams
Very nice tool ! Although I noticed some sprites were missing for Solosis, Wynaut, Flabebe and Mime Jr. : http://pokepast.es/5cb1b1cee8065fb2
Thanks, I'll fix that this afternoon.

I really like Pokepaste, as it is a nice visual representation of importable teams. Something I would like to see is the artwork for CAPs added to the site.
Can you link me to somewhere that has names (in PS format including formes), images (I don't know what's available for CAP but if there's something not pixel-art then that's preferable), and typings (including which is the primary typing), and I'll see what I can do.

This is a good job but is this private ?

I will don't use that if u can steal my teams
I can't make any 100% guarantees, but the ID for each paste is encrypted which should make it non-trivial to find individual pastes by randomly guessing. (Caveat: I, personally, can dump pastes out of the database whenever I like. But I wouldn't steal, let alone publish, anyone's team.)
I get that some people just want a safe place to dump their projects, but is there a way to see others' teams? Just like a burst of information or whatever.
I get that some people just want a safe place to dump their projects, but is there a way to see others' teams? Just like a burst of information or whatever.
Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been actively monitoring this thread.
The anonymity of PokePaste submissions is very intentional, to the extent that URL mappings are determined cryptographically. I've been considering two things: one being a way for people to voluntarily choose to make their paste "public", and the other being publishing some bulk statistics (for a database of 300,000+ pastes this shouldn't betray anyone's individual "secret tech" or whatever). Either or both of these may come in the future, but for now pastes are only as public as people choose to make their links.
Can you locate (for example, by author or content) a paste and read it?
Seems very useful anyway, good job


And now for something completely different
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For about a week now I've been completely unable to load pokepastes on my computer. I've attempted to clear cookies, use different browsers, restart, basically all normal means I can think of, but nothing works. Nobody else I know of has this issue, but you might have a bug here felixphew
These ones are missing with a dream world sprite...




Frillish-Female & Jellicent-Female

Furfrou-Dandy, Furfrou-Debutante, Furfrou-Diamond, Furfrou-Heart, Furfrou-Kabuki, Furfrou-La-Reine, Furfrou-Matron & Furfrou-Pharaoh, Furfrou-Star

Genesect-Burn, Genesect-Chill, Genesect-Douse & Genesect-Shock



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hey, found a bug. it's pretty insignificant and low priority, but i just thought i'd let you know. anyway, emojis in nicknames can cause errors.

i tried to import this team into pokepaste, and it gave me the following message:

"Error 1366: Incorrect string value: '\xF0\x9F\x91\xAA\xF0\x9F...' for column 'paste' at row 1"

(the pokepaste with 5 mons worked fine, so it's probably safe to assume that the meloetta was the one causing the problem)

btw thanks for making this, its really good
Am I the only one experiencing problems with PokePaste? Because every time I try to use it, it will say the same thing: No (or Invalid) Paste. And then I thought that it might have been a formatting error made on my part, so I click the blue hyperlink that's supposed to tell me how to format everything correctly but even that doesn't work. After clicking "format" it leads me to this page: 404 page not found. Am I doing something wrong? Because PokePaste seems to work for everybody else..


So the Gen 8 mons don't have PGL-style art at the moment (except for the starters and their final evolutions, of course). Do you think you could use the Pokemon HOME renders for Pokepaste instead?
Hyped for an update with gen 8 mons, but more importantly, for already missing mons, like zygarde-10%. Glad this tool exists.
Other than an update for Gen 8 pokemon, could there be the ability to add a source link, that is separate from the current notes box. At the current moment in time, it is impossible to select URLs in the notes box, without using inspect element. This would also allow links back to rate my team pages or the original source of the team.

Take the following paste: https://pokepast.es/52c958ae3270eeaa. This is one paste that is used by the vgc room when it pops up example teams. It would be cool to follow teams back to their original sources, as they may have a more in-depth analysis on the EVs or move choices or team flow...

Can still click+follow links, even if they are blocked from being selected, as everything on the right hand side is.
Another cool thing even could be the ability to point to a folder and have it use images from that folder. This would at least allow us to manually update/choose what images we like best for each mon too. This shouldn't be too hard as long as you follow a simple naming rule. Pikachu.jpg Pikachu-partner.jpg ect.

I love the site tho, even with missing images this is super nice for sharing a team idea with a friend and I strongly support future development of the site.

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