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Programming Pokémon EV Optimiser web application

Hi folks,

I've created a Pokémon EV Calculator web app that does the following things:
  • Finds the optimal defensive spread for a certain amount of EVs that you have for a Pokémon.
  • Finds the minimum amount of speed EVs needed to outspeed a certain target.
I'm going to expand on the app so that it can calculate the best EVs for surviving certain attacks in future. Would love your feedback on the app as it is currently!

Here's a link to the app: terresquall.com/apps/pokemon-ev-optimiser/

UPDATE 14 July 2020: Added a new feature where you can now tell the calculator to optimise for specific attacks.
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Very cool idea! I have tried this on my PC, I definitely like how it help in these Pokemon, where you simply can't run a 252 ev/252ev because it is suboptimal.
Some suggestions so far :
* Adding a kind of TAB for Pokemon (After maybe type 3 letter, we have something like on PS!) for help to write Pokemon name. When I have test, I have sometimes forced to copy/colle Pokemon name from PS.
* "grow" the botton "How to use this?" , maybe put this on the center and change a bit the content. Indeed I feel that atm, it is more a "Why it is usfuel" botton, and it doesn't explain well how use this. I see something like work well :
"Put your Pokemon on left column (if you have activated the option "Speed Calculator"), determine if your Pokemon is Level 50 or 100, determine how many EVs can be allowed for the calculator, eventually put a nature... ect" (English isn't my first language so there are provably some grammar mistake)
*Another suggestions but this is more for the future: implement tiers, speed tiers somehow (example : current Ubers Speed Tiers ) I feel, it could be useful to help determine what Pokemon it worth to outspeed.
Last thing, I have notice that the effect of Jolly and Timid Nature are inverted, it is the Jolly Nature who drop the SpA not the Timid and vice-verca.

(and yeah, best place for this is the technical projects subforum I guess)
Overall very interesting tool, hope that you will keep update this!
LaBalladeDesCieux Thank you for the suggestions! I'm working on an update now, and I will be putting some of your suggestions onto the app.

Last thing, I have notice that the effect of Jolly and Timid Nature are inverted, it is the Jolly Nature who drop the SpA not the Timid and vice-verca.
I'm going to be fixing this. Will drop you a credit on the Contributors section :blobthumbsup:
Fixed a couple of inconsistencies with the optimisation formula that was giving some very whack defensive spreads.

Version 3.0.2 BETA, 16 July 2020
  • Update @ 14:39 (+0800): Fixed an inconsistency in the damage formula that was causing the app to give unoptimised defensive EV spreads for the survival calculator.
  • Fixed an issue with attack survival calculation formulas that caused it to give the wrong EV distributions when dealing with Dynamax or boosted stats.
  • Improved the clarity of the tooltip over the Move Multiplier field on the survival calculator.

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