BW OU Please rate my Rain Team

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So, the play is leading with Gastrodon to get the Rain Dance (8 turns) set. I can Scald to try the Burn and switch out or I can directly switch out depending on their lead. I would go for a wall that counters the lead with the intention to disable him with Taunt or something (Thinking of Venusaur with Sleep Powder or Mandibuzz with Taunt).
Thundurus Thunder with Life Orb can deal tons of damage and can sweep lots of threats away. Kingdra can outspeed enemy threats and do lot of damage with its nature and still stabing with Surf/Dragon Pulse. Toxicroak with Leftovers or Shed Shell can heal a good amount of HP combined its Dry Skin and is a physical attacker with 2 Stab moves and a Sucker Punch that deals good damage to its physchic weak-spot enemies. Needing a S.Def pokemon (Thinking of Togekiss, but someone with physical damage) and someone to throw Sticky Web (Thinking of a Composed Eyes Galvantula with Focus Sash and Thunder).

Storm Drain | @Damp Rock
252 HP | 252 Def | 4 S.Atk
Ice Beam
Rain Dance

Swift Swim | @(Don't know wich item goes here)
4 HP | 252 S.Atk | 4 Spe

Dragon Pulse
Flash Cannon

Prankster | @Life Orb
4 HP | 252 S.Atk | 252 Spe
Nasty Plot
Hidden Power (Ice type)
Focus Blast

Dry Skin | @(Don't know wich item goes here)
4 HP | 252 Attack | 252 Spe
Swords Dance
Sucker Punch
Drain Punch

Guys, I need your oppinion about my team and what to complete with. I really think that it is going great but I have no idea about team typing and composition. Thanks for supporting!
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For your Venusaur or Mandibuzz question, I'd reccomend Venusaur because it pairs well with the rest of your team (Synergy!). It also got the recent addition of mega evolutions. :)
Your team is also weak to grass making Venusaur an even better option. Also it has a water resistance for any foes who try to set up with there own water type.
Please add descriptions to this team. PM them an RMT-Moderator, and your thread will be unlocked.
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