Tournament Pet Mods Premier League [PLAYER SIGN-UPS]

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Whether to uturn or eq the heatran?
Player Name: Eeveekid10
Tiers Played: Megas for all OU, Hoenn Gaiden OU, Can do Restrictions, Alternatium and Fusion Evolution UU with proper teams and experience
Timezones: CEST(GMT+2) just got applied today

May rely on rebuilding support, wont do any delays, struggles against awkward timezones
Player Name: JosJet
Tiers Played: Megas For All Overused, Hoenn Gaiden Overused, Alternatium
Timezone: GMT -4

I'm signing up more for fun, I am very rusty since I've been very focused on school. This will probably be a good way for me to get more involved in the PM competitive scene again for the summer!

My semester ends on May 27th, so I cannot guarantee that I will be active before then!
Not open for further replies.

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