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Few will truly understand.
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I'm stepping down from my position as AGTL, forum mod and RO. I am not really fit to lead anymore since I have no interest in the current format or contributing to it as you may have noticed. I don't intend to completely quit the format or the room but it wouldn't be right for me to hold onto the position in the place of two far more active and driven users. Taking my place will be cromagnet and Zayele who I believe will do a great job at keeping the format going strong. I'm looking forward to seeing what they will do, congrats both!
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I haven’t been in touch with ag for a good while, but one of the biggest things I remember is how much you were there to be a solid leader, best of luck with whatever you have going on. Congrats to Zayele and Cromagnet as I’m sure they’ll continue leading the tier as well as you have.

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