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The Flying Dragonite
This is a Dragonite+Magnezone team, it's main objective is to lure Steel Types like Skarmory early game and Magnet Pull it with Magne.
M Venu provides good bulk support, as it can take both Physical, as well as Special hits. The Dragonite Moveset is rather unique and can catch people off guard. Sub DD Roost+Fly allows it the opportunity to setup on mons such as Slowbro and Landorus. With that HP invest, it can stall out Stone Edges.
Clefable is a Stealth Rocker cum Physical Tank. Flamethrower/Knock Off>T Wave could be used as well.
Starmie provides support via Rapid Spin and Thunder Wave.
Weavile, the more I say about this mon, the less. This thing is an absolute beast and helps take care of Zapdos, Amoongus, Landorus, Thundurus offensively as well as pursuit the Psychic's and Ghosts. Ice Shard over Low Kick is an option since the team lacks Priority.

This team, is by no means perfect but hopefully y'all can enjoy using it.

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Tyrannizing with hazards!
This team features a classic idea in ORAS where you try to stack as many hazards as possible and block any attempt of removing them.

First of all lets look at M. Lati: Here I decided to use a CM Set with Stored Power which is extremely powerful once u start boosting. Anyways the big issue with that set is that its hard to hit Dark-types or bulky Psychic-types so this team needs some measures against that. M. Lati in general fits the theme of the team since its really tanky and can take care of Keldeo, Serp, M. Lop, M. Zard Y and more, while also providing a solid wincon.

Now the team needed Spikes and a good resistance for Dragon and Fairy, so Ferro fits in perfectly. Given EV spread lets it live Specs Latios HP Fire,
M. Diancie HP Fire, avoids the 2HKO from Kyurem-B Ice Beam and CB Weavile Icicle Crash, while also surviving Psychic + Focus Blast from M. Zam. T-Wave over Leech is for sure an option if you are scared of fast threats, otherwise Leech allows Ferro to stay longer on the field and also supports its teammates.

Jellis role is to block Exca and Starmie from spinning and also checking M. Scizor, Keldeo and also M. Meta or M. Medi depending on their sets. Thanks to Colbur Berry its excellent at baiting Dark-Types because it can tank the first hit and then use WoW to put them on a timer. The combination of Taunt + Night Shade allows Jelli to 1v1 CM Clef as long as u are faster with 24 speed EVs.

Glisor is always nice to have for these defensive archetypes since it absorbs status and is able to break defensive teams itself. The set is pretty standard in general but uses Knock Off over Facade to remove items, not be walled by Gengar and also to hit Skarm a bit harder.

Finally we get to the star of this team, Ttar. Scarf Ttar is able to trap the most common defoger Latias and more Psychic-types along with it (and Gengar aswell). Also dont forget that Ttar hits 364 speed with Scarf and therefore also outspeeds mons up to 115 base speed like Thundy, Starmie and Serp. 196 Sp. Def makes sure that Ttar lives +1 Bug Buzz from Volc after rocks. EQ over Superpower because it hits M. Diancie harder which is a big threat for this team.

Lastly Clef sets up rocks and also acts as a solid answer to common threats like Weavile, Rotom, M. Medi or M. Lop. T-Wave also supports the entire team and can help neutralizing threats like M. Zam. On top of that Clef doesnt bother that the team is lacking hazard removel itself thanks to Magic Guard.

Threat list: HP Fire M. Diancie looks very tough to deal with for this team so be aware and look for windows of opportunity to take it down, M. Meta has access to many coverage moves so u need to scout for them and depending on its coverage someone can deal with it. M. Zam can deal a lot of DMG but there are many outs vs it (M. Lati can set up on it, Ferro lives F-Blast and takes it down with Gyro, Clef T-Wave, Gliscor can 1v1 it)

252 SpA Choice Specs Latios Hidden Power Fire vs. 248 HP / 160+ SpD Ferrothorn: 276-328 (78.6 - 93.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock and Leftovers recovery
252 SpA Diancie-Mega Hidden Power Fire vs. 248 HP / 160+ SpD Ferrothorn: 216-256 (61.5 - 72.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock and Leftovers recovery
252+ SpA Life Orb Teravolt Kyurem-Black Ice Beam vs. 248 HP / 160+ SpD Ferrothorn: 140-165 (39.8 - 47%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Stealth Rock and Leftovers recovery
252 Atk Choice Band Weavile Icicle Crash vs. 248 HP / 100 Def Ferrothorn: 144-171 (41 - 48.7%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Stealth Rock and Leftovers recovery
252 SpA Alakazam-Mega Psychic vs. 248 HP / 160+ SpD Ferrothorn: 64-76 (18.2 - 21.6%) -- possible 6HKO after Stealth Rock and Leftovers recovery
252 SpA Alakazam-Mega Focus Blast vs. 248 HP / 160+ SpD Ferrothorn: 228-270 (64.9 - 76.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock and Leftovers recovery
+1 252 SpA Volcarona Bug Buzz vs. 0 HP / 196 SpD Tyranitar in Sand: 252-296 (73.9 - 86.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock

:sm/magnezone: :sm/diancie-mega: :sm/dragonite: :sm/tornadus-therian: :sm/slowbro: :sm/excadrill:

team :

hello, im submitting magnezone + mega diancie + dragonite team for this week. Magnezone helps mega diancie by trapping skarmory and ferrothorn and it also helps dragonite by trapping skarmory. Im using substitute dragon dragonite set because i think it can be deadly to unprepared team and it also able to check volcarona that lacking hidden power ice. Slowbro + Tornadus is just classic regen core and it suit this team pace. Excadrill as last member because it provide utility such as rapin spin, stealth rock and volt blocker
Diancie Magnezone Double Trap wowza


I wanted to try out Mega Diancie and Magnezone quite a while ago. The Idea is simple trap those Ferrothorns and Scizors and finish of the Mega Metagross or Heatrans. The next best Mon to take advantage of this core was Weaville since it also appreciates the removal of those bullet punch user and in general more freedom to go for crashes. Those bulky Waters are still a little pain so I decided to add Serperior especially w/ the Chesto Rest Set so it can handle as a "Fake" Status Absorb.For Rocks I choose Landorus T since it gives me a real EQ Switch in since both Magnezone and Mega Diancie dont synergize well defensively and I needed Mometum for that Offensive Team anyway. Last Slot should be like a solid Speed Tier since I kinda struggle w/ only Weaville as my fast Mon and the Team being e.g. slower than Mazam wasnt it. So I decided to add Latios as an emergency Fog Mon, while also providing utility w/ Trick.



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Mixed Hydreigon + Gengar Trapping Bulky Offense

Since I am currently on holiday in the UK I couldn't find time to build but thankfully I managed to quickly build this team for y'all.
One thing I like about ORAS is how we can trap Pokemon and remove them from the field such as using Pursuit, and I miss this in current generations which makes ORAS somewhat special.
Anyhow onto the team, I chose Magnezone as the main trapping Pokemon, I wanted to make this a DragMag team with Magnezone, Dnite, etc. But I have already got too many teams like this and took this route instead. This type of team reminds me of a more modern kind of Storm Zone (hi) playstyle he would use back in 2016. Head Smash Hydreigon has a unique role of catching Tornadus-T thinking the AV set could pivot in safely on a Draco and U-turn out safely. I paired it with Choice Specs Gengar which slaps everything in the tier, you could change this to Life Orb or Choice Scarf if you prefer for better speed control. Mega Lopunny was added to keep the pressure vs Weavile and faster teams while also helping check Volcarona to an extent, it also likes how Gengar, and Hydrei weaken Clefable and Slowbro for it. Serperior was added as a secondary abuser to remove Tornadus-T alongside the Gengar. Excadrill was added for rocks and spinning.
I hope you enjoy the team and the creative Hydreigon set I brought you.​
:xy/latias-mega: :xy/clefable: :xy/probopass: :xy/gastrodon: :xy/ferrothorn: :xy/tornadus-therian:

Probopass @ Choice Band
Ability: Magnet Pull
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
Adamant Nature
- Iron Head
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake
- Fire Punch

Everyone but Gastrodon paras for Probopass on this team (Wave x3, Light Ball Fling x1) and everyone wants Heatran and Ferrothorn removed. A true Win/Win Scenario for everyone involved except the Opponent who will begrudgingly clench his fists as he admits who the superior trapper is after seeing his Weavile get eaten alive by the one true traplord, Probopass. (click on sprites for paste)


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Tried the challenge this week with this team!
Block Gastro and MegaGross Pursuit.
Gastro blocks mainly Rotom-Wash which lways come to burn Gastro and is a pain in the ass for Lando Band. Gross does the same for Lati@s to help keldeo spread burns.
Zap and clef are blank check, twave users and Defog.
Basically, remove levitating mon, Para the others, click EQ for the rest!

Hope you'll enjoy it!


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CM Cobalion+Band Ttar+Mega Slowbro Hazard Stacking
:sm/gliscor: :sm/ferrothorn: :sm/cobalion: :sm/slowbro-mega: :sm/Tyranitar: :sm/Latios:
Team Details:
I really wanted to build a CM Coballion team for this one. CM Coballion makes an excellent pair for mega slowbro as it is able to deal with its primary threats such as bisharp, weavile, and soft check tyranitar. Band Tyranitar on the other hand traps offensive threats such as latios and wears down the opposing team for cm coballion or mega slowbro to clean lategame. Sd gliscor also improves matchups againt amoongus and threatens non ice beam LO clefs. Flamethrower over psyshock on mega slowbro to improve scizor matchups and scarf latios as a speed control to improve matchups against faster offensive threats such as mega alakazam, mega manectric and thundurus-therian.


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Thanks a lot for the submissions everyone! Really appreciate it! Lets vote shall we

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5

Team 6

Team 7

Team 8

Voting will last until Sunday at 11:59 PM GMT -5. May the best one win!


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Team 1, interesting choice with mega Venu and dd fly dnite, I like the concept but I feel you need some things such as priority as the meta is quite fast and having this option would help in a lot of situations, would probably go ice shard > low kick since you got Clefable for tar and zone for steels.
Team 2, very interesting team and looks nice on paper here, only change I would make is running knock-off Clefable to remove lefties on Excadrill when opting for a hazard stack team, as it's very unlikely you'll be able to knock off Drill with Gliscor. Another option worth considering is Taunt, facade or ice fang on Gliscor this help be more offensive to bulkier teams with taunt, or vs offense being able to hit them with SE coverage.
Team 3, I feel like something is missing such as toxic spikes, a sub dd fly nite would be so much more scarier that way. I think the Weavile weakness is noticeable, as it spams its stabs and claims one, I would try with some weakness policy or lum set on this team instead as a late game sweeper or run colbur berry slowbro to twave weavile.
Team 4, similar to team 3, very good offensive pressure with Weavile + Magnezone trapping core to help the Diancie, the only concern is Volcarona really but you can fix that with SpD Landorus-T, I have a set somewhere here showcasing how it can revenge a +1 Volc, I see you have hp rock to lure it which works and you can check with Diancie also if you keep it in regular form which isn't always optimal.
Team 6, I used this team in a tournament this week to see how it feels and noticed it piloted quite well as planned, but there were some things I were a bit worried about such as the lack of Stealth Rocks since the team is quite passive you would love the rocks to be available, but fun meme team.
Team 7, Block Gastrodon was really fire, if only there was a scarf or specs Magnezone partnered with it to help. Banded Landorus over earth plate is interesting, I much prefer the ability to switch moves when I am trying to break teams. a lot of teams try to opt for Specs or sub cm Keldeo when partnering with Pursuit Metagross, another thing worth trying is helmet Zapdos in combination with knock cm Clefable for Excadrill. I like the team just needs changes to some sets.
Team 8, I found this interesting, spikes stack with cb tar is an amazing core, though same as team 6, there is a lack of Stealth Rocks, which may make the difference when breaking some teams. magnet rise cm cobalion seems work vs offense, I like it a lot being able to setup on all the grounds in the tier, I found it interesting to choose magnet rise > sub here to avoid status. and same as arguments above knock off support will help the team a lot vs Excadrill.

I pick team 4.
Team 2
For team 5, I really like this Hydreigon set but I think this team is really hard to against Alakazam and still hard to deal with Tornadus(even Hydreigon have head smash)
For team 6, Probopass with para is very interesting, it main niche is catch heatran, but I really feel it is unstable and no sr make this team still hard to against volcar and Charizard+pursuiter.
For team 7, Compare with team 2, I still prefer team 2.


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And with this we are going to close it for the next round! Team 5 by Amir has won this round! Congratulations! A little feedback if I may, since I agree that stuff like Mega Alakazam and Mega Lopunny alongside other faster threats is kind of annoying. Chople Thunder Wave Hydreigon and either bulky serp, or stuff like Bulky Celebi over Serp can help with those matchup issues. The people have voted so congratulations, hope you consider the feedback.

On to the next round then!

Round 17

Volcanion Time!

This mon is honestly incredible, and one of my favorite ones to use. Insane Bulk let it keep so many things in checks, and Fire/Water with Water Absorb is simply phenomenal, and a big annoyance for a lot of water and grass types in general. And shoutouts ORAS broken ass Burn. Build a team with this big boy!

This round will last until Friday May the 5th at 11:59 PM GMT -5

Have fun everyone!
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:xy/rotom-mow: :xy/excadrill: :xy/volcanion: :xy/clefable: :xy/lopunny-mega: :xy/tornadus-therian:


Yo, I originally wanted to post this for the mow week but I was too late unfortunately but I guess I can post it for this week so it’s all good. I built this because a friend of mine wanted me to bring the goat mow to oras ou, it‘s a fun mon and definitely worth using for entertainment.

First guy is of course the mow itself, it’s scarfed to add a reasonable amount of speed control onto the team. The evs allows it to live +2 quick attack from m-pinsir after rocks, hp ice catches mons like lando gliscor chomp and finally trick to ruin passive mons on opposing teams. Volt allows it to bring other team members onto the field which let’s them contribute to the game as well.

Second mon is drill, it’s pretty much mandatory on teams and provides a much needed electric immunity. It has a fairly standard moveset, toxic allows match ups vs zapdos + m-metagross a bit less painful to deal with. Spdef drill let’s it switch into moves like draco from latios and spin away hazards.

Third mon is volcanion, it’s a great mon and fun to use, standard offensive specs set. Steam erupt everything ftw.

Next is clef, nothing particular about the set, great mon. It gets rocks up and spreads twave across the opposing teams which helps volcanion to break more effectively since volcanion’s speed isn’t quite the best.

M-lop, the mega of choice, fast and powerful. Double priority is really nice, helps a bit with volcarona match ups.

Finally, there’s torn-t, av to further help the team with powerful special moves as drill can’t constantly switch into them, it’ll get worn down eventually. A handy pivot mon that opens up opportunities to the team via u-turn, knock annoys mons that lack a reliable way of recovery such as heatran. Torn can also check volcarona to a good degree unless you allow volc to set up but there‘s always m-lop in case torn is gone.

To conclude this, it’s a fun team definitely have a go if you have the time, if you’ve read all of this then I appreciate your efforts. Otherwise, have fun and thank you.
More than enough steam power!

Volcanion + Zapdos + Exca is a great core since Volcanion and Zapdos take on a lot of threats but struggle with M. Diancie and appreciate hazard removel which Exca provides.

M. Lati is able to deal with M. Zard Y, Keldeo and many more Mons. On top of that it is also able to clean up after some boosts. Psyshock is prefered here to have more instant DMG so you dont have to rely on boosts too much.

Dou STAB, Sub, Toxic is a fantastic set capable of tearing apart teams if Volcanion is in a nice position. EVs lets it deal with M. Meta, M. Lop, Bish, Volc, M. Zard Y and M. Zard X

3 attacks Zapdos just puts a lot of pressure on the opposing team because u can hit Chomp, Exca, Gliscor and Ferro for good DMG. 56 Speed EVs allow Zapdos to outspeed adamant max speed M. Scizor and M. Hera aswell as Gliscor. Static plus Discharge also helps since the team is really slow in general.

Exca spins, sets up rocks, takes on Fairy-types, is a Ground-type, just a great Mon in general and just mandatory on this team.

Now Clef pairs really well with Exca and M. Lati. It stops specs Lati form just spaming Draco while dealing with Fighting-types and also being another wincon if given enough boosts. EVs lets you take on M. Zam more easily.

Last but not least, altough its not seen that much anymore (I think) Amoonguss finishes the team pretty well. Spore makes it easier for M. Lati or Clef to setup and forces a 5v6 situation most of the time because most Grass-types that resist Spore lose 1v1 to Amoonguss (Serp, Breloom, Ferro). It also prevents Serp and Thundy from doing too much.

Threat list: M. Zam, M. Zard X and CB Terra look dangerous so be aware.



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Hello there ! Back at it with this team.
Volcanion is Specs there, bringing some hot water.
TTar is the second breaker here and helps with the Latis which are annoying for Volc. It also checks zapdos.
Lando-t brings momentum for Volcanion, helping it to come more easily. It's also a Koff user, which is again, useful for the team.
Clef is the rocker and the second Koff user, helping removing items from the opponent's team, which helps Volc to burn them to death.
Scizor is the chosen mega here, bringing momentum, checking many threats such as Weavile, Latis or MegaGross. It also brings slow pivoting to help the star, again.
The green snake rounds it up, spreading paras and checking (with zor) excadrill, which is everywhere nowadays. Although defensive, it can easily snowball teams not prepared to it.

Zard-y : plz dodge Focus Blast for obvious reasons. Or hit it with glare at least.
Zard-X: not so common, but don't let it DD or you'll be in a bad situation

There might be other threats, don't hesitate to post them (Amir ik you love that)

Hope you'll enjoy it !​
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