OM OM Majors - Stage 1

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won in the best bo3 of all time vs frix

23:10:00] Ren: what metas are we playing again
[23:10:12] +Frixel: stab bh mnm iir
[23:10:13] +Frixel: c
[23:10:50] Ren: oh fuck wait i dont have teams
[23:10:55] Ren: uhhh ok someone pass me mnm
[23:10:56] Ren: pls
[23:11:01] Ren: what do we start w/?
[23:11:05] +Frixel: peak gaming
[23:11:09] Ren: too true
[23:11:17] +Frixel: !pick stab, bh, mnm
We randomly picked: bh
[23:11:19] +Frixel: ew
[23:11:24] Ren: ok i don't mind that
[23:11:30] Ren: well that's a lie i def do
[23:11:35] Ren: but i have a team for it so gaming

[23:12:00] Ren: Tea Guzzler pass me mnm pls
[23:12:09] %Tea Guzzler: i do not play mnm nor is it in my pool
[23:12:10] %Tea Guzzler: sorry

[23:12:28] +Frixel: wait
[23:12:33] +Frixel: I also don't have mnm teams
[23:12:34] +Frixel: LOL
[23:12:36] Ren: LMAOOO
[23:12:50] Ren: we're so solid at this
[23:13:16] +Frixel: are there mnm samples
[23:13:21] Ren: lemme check
[23:13:37] Ren: bro it says coming soon
[23:13:38] Ren: WTF
[23:13:53] %Tea Guzzler: i think bh might be the only meta with samples atm
[23:14:00] %Tea Guzzler: and even then half of them are invalid bc ph ban

and then..

☆Ren: i asked for mnm teams and fuckin ut
☆Ren: i hate this guy
☆Ren: LOL
☆Frixel: wait
☆Frixel: did
☆Frixel: no asking ut
☆Frixel: ut passed me teams

also this gem

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