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Tiering councils for each of the old generations have been formed and they are now in effect. The following members are on each of the generation's councils:

SM: Punny / Welli0u / z0mOG / Skypenguin
ORAS: xray / TDK / Luigi / Poek / jonfilch
BW: Finchinator / M Dragon / dice / peng / elodin
DPP: M Dragon / august / DeepBlueC / BIHI / mael
ADV: M Dragon / McMeghan / Star / Gilbert arenas
GSC: Fear / FriendOfMrGolem120 / TonyFlygon
RBY: Hipmonlee / Nails / FriendOfMrGolem120 / Amaranth / Serpi

These councils are in place in order to maintain the balance and competitive nature of the non-main or recent generation metagames. There will be discussions about matters that potentially warrant tiering decisions within this subforum; the RBY through SM councils are in charge of starting and following the discussion. When a topic comes up and the generation's council deems it worthy of acting on it, each decision made will ultimately be at the discretion of the respective metagame's council.

Old Gen Council Leaders: august and Star
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heya all, Excal and I have decided to establish an Old Gen Council for Sun and Moon OU now, rather than having the current gen council handle tiering for that like it was done in the past. The reasoning for the change is just for more uniformity and due to the fact not every Council member on the current gen council will have actively played or still actively play the tier.

The SM OU council will be Finchinator, Punny, suapah, Welli0u, and z0mOG.
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