Official Smogon Tournament XVIII - Finals [Won by Bushtush]

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Banned deucer.
Won vs Stresh ggs dude. You had a stellar run and deserved finals 100%, glad that I played you.

I just wanna preface this by saying I only lost 1 game this entire ost run, which was in my set vs MichaelderBeste2, and I am quite proud of this fact, and want to flex so enjoy it and if you dont like it well you a dominatrix or some weird shit so stfu.

Ill be honest I thought the win posts were always exaggerations when people described how happy they were but I understand it now, when you sink so much time into a game the feeling of a win is relieving. This is also the one time you'll see me pay attention to my grammar so take note.

First off big s/os to my biggest team helper this tour bbeeaa your teams always kinda funky but they get the job done, appreciate the help

To my big dogs snaga jonfilch IPF Isza MANNAT TJ Sjneider Waves ez Seo. INSULT lax Jytcampbell avarice Fylkir Pudin Vulpix03BluBirD Hayburner FMG suapah TPP reyscarface my dogs for life, appreciate everything from you guys and some of the coolest people I've met on this site.

All my friends in tmbj too many to tag but appreciate everyone there, some of the most fun I have had on smogon.

To my TSS goons bb skarm xtra$hine fakenagol ima Astamatitos Empo blarghlfarghl clean kanto sayuze devin appreciate yall ty for keepin it real and being good friends, some of the most genuine ppl fr.

My german goats RaiZen1704 MichaelderBeste2 mind gaming LNumbers robjr xray

All my friends in the UU community, big ups to you guys as well we stay winnin

Canada, appreciate you all I wanna say we will win wcop but I aint a liar, but we will hella try.

CALLOUS this one just for you buddy, your SPL ring coming soon i promise

Monotype I aint rep you guys dont be sayin I do we different, in fact you guys gotta fix your bum ass tier if you wanna rep anythin in the future

I'm sure there's a lot more so If I didnt include you just know in my heart I appreciate you for you and im just tired too tired too think.

Last but not least to the lil bitches running around opening their mouth tryna slander me or say im undeserving, just know I got an individual and you dont and I aint wanna see my name in your mouth ever, keep in your little corners watch me win some more.

Yours Truly,

Winner of the 18th Official Smogon Tournament
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Shoutout to my brother bush for winning OST, i'm so proud of your run bro... you freakin killed it...

let's also not FORGET that Bush is the first black islamic individual to win an individual trophy on smogon (unless u count njnp but i dont)... i'm glad you're proving the status quo wrong other wise, we need more diversity in these winners because I truly believe that inclusiveness is something we need to keep encouraging for the future generations and the betterment of the world. alhamdulillah, my brother.

Shoutout to TSS for developing the best mons individuals, u had a better run and almost didnt choke like Empo did! congrats again bush!!
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Noooo you changed the profile pic T.T... Congrats!
Stresh walking the road again (whatever the challenge may be) is not easy and is especially mentally tough. You can do this though (you already took down big names this tour)!
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