Official Smogon Tournament XVIII - Finals [Won by Bushtush]

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Lost to bush ggs

Finals with terrors
Semis with ruiners
Finals in OST

We'll get there one day...

Big S/O to Ox the Fox for helping me with team choices and passing a couple teams in the last few rounds where i couldn't recycle anymore. In the same vein shoutout to anyone who helped me test in like the last 3 weeks.

Obviously at the end of g2 sding is better, there was a potential combination of sets where eqing would give me better chances to win (like 5 percent better chance if all of gastro being max sdef, gastro having eq, and melm being 0 hp are met) which is why I clicked it, but making 3 assumptions for such a small improvement is very rash. Overall there were parts of both games where I could have given myself better odds, but these arent the kinds of games that I would really beat myself up over; at the end of the day i think this loss comes back to my issue with having a small pool of teams that I'm comfortable with, and playing worse with anything else. It's something that I think will become a non-issue over time (I've really only spent 3 months playing ou vaguely regularly), and frankly the only reason I'm even a little bit disappointed with this loss is because I know that I may not be as fortunate to get this close to a trophy again, even if I do improve.

Hopefully I'll come back stronger in wcop!
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