Official Smogon Tournament XVII - Round 1-D

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Activity win request vs
my opponent has not answered me in mp for a week. It's already late at home so I can't wait any longer. This is why I ask for activity win


claiming act, match was scheduled yesterday, never heard from my opp even though he seemed to be online since then


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Act, opponent missed scheduled time on Friday and I wasn’t available during the weekend to reschedule
calling act vs opponent, didnt show up whilst ive been online all day.
ridiculous claim, throwing aside the fact you never messaged me at all, which is a requirement for activity claims, I clearly said we'd play sunday evening my time. did you misread that part on our wall?

e: requesting extension if we can't get it done today since i'll be online later as consistent with our vm convo


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act i guess isnt answering / we scheduled for evening twice but he shows up on afternoon and then no answer during the evening / offered a reschedule which is something he accepted but never answered to my reschedule attempt
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