Official Smogon Tournament XVII - Round 1-C

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People who I have no info on whether they have contacted their opps or not

People who haven't responded to their opponent after being contacted / whose opponents have claimed activity win

All of you have till Sunday to establish contact / reply to your opponent / inform me that you are in contact via other means besides Smogon VMs (jue like this post for the last case). I'll start making substitutions for inactive people on Monday.

There's still 1 more week left, you can still schedule with lucardinho

Trognon vs Croo
My opp hasn't appeared yet
Contacted, but my opponent forfeited the games due to schedule conflicts, but he did it over dms. I asked him to put it on his wall, but if he doesn’t do that what should I do? We also played game 1 but neither of us realized it was Bo3 until after that game
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