Official Smogon Tournament XVII - Round 1-A

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My Opp Sir Snub has not been on since Tuesday, I've posted on their profile multiple times. one can see this on the profile page.
I am requesting the win.


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activity win request

my newly assigned opponent hasn't responded since I posted on their wall last sunday
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ask act, i'll do my best to schedule but my opp never try to do the same and d'ont respond me since thursday.
proof on his wall
I don’t know if this is a situation where to call act, anyway we scheduled at the time and day asked by my opponent, tuesday 19 January at my 11PM. My opponent connected at 10 and after 30 minutes he wrote he had to go and we would have played on Friday at the same time. On Friday I have confused the time zones and I connected one hour later, but he wasn’t on anymore.
Now it’s 2 days I contact him but nothing. What should I do?
Everything’s on my wall. Thanks.

PS: I forgot to say that I tried to connect yesterday too at the same time, but he wasn’t on.
Requesting activity. My opponent and I agreed to play Tuesday at 11 pm GMT+2. I messaged him at 11 and waited until 11:30 and he did not show up so I sent him a message asking him to reschedule to Friday at the same time. I showed up again on Friday at 11 and messaged him at 11:15. This time I waited until midnight and he failed to show again. I'll be around until deadline if he shows up to play.
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