Official Smogon Tournament XVII - Quarterfinals

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Empo  vs  Analytic - Empo is simply quite good. He is often able to read his opponent when the situation demands it, and otherwise determine some sort of consistent path to victory and execute on it. I wasn't as much of a fan of his HO team last round, mostly because I just didn't understand the purpose of zap-g tbh, but he looked extremely comfortable in games 2 and 3, and I was a big fan of his decision to repeat teams. If he continues to use such squads I think he will have very comfortable room to outplay. Analytic played pretty well last round I'd say, his matchup in g1 was poor and while his execution certainly wasn't perfect, he definitely made a lot of moves that he needed in order to win it. Both teams he brought seemed ok, there were some significant weaknesses to things like kyurem and specs pult, but I think it is more reflective of the metagame than the teams themselves. While Kyurem will look tough to deal with for most teams on preview, I think Analytic's teams were particularly prone because of how many free opportunities it could get, and he should be cognizant of that moving forward. Regardless, I think Empo is the better player and should take this.

Nat  vs  lax - I think this matchup is quite close honestly. Lax has more experience especially in OU, but Nat is a very capable player and her teams looked pretty reasonable, with some good moveset choices that I really liked. Lax also had some pretty cool teams, and perhaps that banded blaziken and sand tomb scizor show he might have an inclination to use something off-beat that will catch Nat off-guard. In fact, both of these players had convincing wins against rather dry, do-nothing stalls last round between the two of them, which is a good sign for both. Looking forward to seeing how this shakes out.

Fruitdealer  vs  TPP - MY BOY TPP. Obviously I'm gonna support my man, but Fruitdealer has been having a rather smooth run so far. Admittedly, he has gotten more than 5 freezes with his trusty kyurem by my memory in his last 3 games with it, but his other win looked rather convincing as well. Fruitdealer's name often pops up in these late OST rounds, and I'm sure he will continue to put up a good performance. TPP had a very interesting set vs Adaam, cut short in g3 by an unfortunate timeout. I thought TPP was advantaged, but he went in a bit too early with BU corv while it would still not be able to progress past Adaam's, and then Heatran started doing massive work until it took 60 from a scald. After that, with Adaam's Zera so crippled, TPPs Weavile was likely going to do the damage needed to tip the game in TPPs favor. Anyway, I think there is still clearly room for polish in TPPs play but he has been great regardless. Rooting for ya buddy.

(Winner of Star vs Luigi)  vs  Lord_Enz - Luigi is a little doging goon. He does play well, but Star probably has an army of east members helping him prepare. Enz is apparently still preparing for Dracovish and Spectrier, but I guess that whirl mandy did prove pretty useful? His series vs FLCL was rather odd and I'm not sure what to make of it. I thought maybe there was a way to avoid lastmon cune getting a set-up opportunity in the way it did, because if FLCL had balanced his cms better to avoid a FSight sub break / Enz hadn't gotten that crit, it looked like Cune might have been able to finish the game. Regardless that series felt a bit more like FLCL losing than Enz winning, so I need to see more.
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