Official Smogon Tournament XVII - Finals [Won by Empo]

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First I want to thank everybody for supporting me. I couldnt have done this without you guys.

Empo - Wow what a sexy player! Seriously, you have *no idea* how good the sex is right after he wins a match. Er, wait... maybe I got that backwards? You have no idea how good he is at winning matches right after we have sex? Oh well; I guess we'll just have to play more tournaments together so you can remind your little girl *exactly* how that works
;) You put up the second best record on the team despite having a killer bracket, so now I get to watch gleeful as nagol/all the other gals fawn over my man <3 Thanks so much for nudging me into playing this with you. It was a wonderful ride <3

xtra$hine - What a wonderful manager; despite the impression he gives off, he's so much more than a really huge dick with a comparatively-small human-shaped appendage attached. He's a really huge, thoughtful, supportive dick with a very invested, motivated, and "tryhard" human-shaped appendage ;) As someone with a deep appreciation for numerical side of things, I was so relieved to have a manager that took lineups as full-on mathematical optimization problems each and every week, analyzing the other side and figuring out how best to turn our player flexibility into probabilistic edge. And you really took the time to do it all too! Hours on the draft, hours for lineups, hours on every other managerial decision too. It really showed how much you cared, and it felt great to have someone looking out for us in all those ways so we could just focus on our games. Also... *blush* I never told you this during the tournament, but back in the beginning of our relationship deluks and I used to watch your Youtube channel for the occasional bedtime story... Maybe this is just my silly girly sensibilities, but it felt extra fulfilling to be appreciated in person by the mysterious voice that helped so much on my first forays into ADV <3 Thank you for taking a chance on the girl of little tournament resumé. I was glad to serve *curtsy*

fakenagol - It takes a lot of discipline and emotional control to stay so active in team chat despite us not finding space in the lineup for you so frequently. Really an admirable trait. I'm sorry that life got the better of you and you didn't find the time you'd need to prep and show us of what you're really capable. But once you do, now I'll know to be watching :)

blarghlfarghl - From this moment on, nothing you say matters to me. The foulest insults you hurl with intent to wound will calmly settle at the earth before my feet, and the venom you spit will bring all the pain of a warm summer breeze. You are less than anything you can conceive, while I carry on, brimming with joy distilled from detachment.

jokes aside Empoor, we have known each other for the longest I've been on this website and you have no idea how happy I am to have created a wonderful bond between us and having it stay for years and years, making our own chat, testing for tournaments, literally everything. I'm so happy you won this one and I am very happy to be your nakama for life.


TSS LIVES ON FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
SPL, WCoP, ST and now OST. Now that is a pretty crazy streak to reward your all-time consistency and dedication to the recent OverUsed generations. You are probably the best Smogon player over the past year as far as both results and displays go. Congratulations, enjoy!
won vs lorenz, ggs

nice idk what to say besides im rly happy, a quick s/o to the people who helped me during this run:

kahili @norton haxrme Will of Fire devin - i owe this one to you again, i didnt really use many teams from other people cuz i mostly built them myself but s/o to kahili for the koko team i spammed asf, to wof for like every build he posted but i didnt end up using, devin for the finals scout and tests, norton and haxrme for laddering with me 24/7 (s/o storm zone as well we played tons of games on ladder)
fakenagol xtra$hine ima Sayuze cleann Caasi mael Heroic Troller xImRaptor mncmt yoppie Updated Kanto blarghlfarghl (fatty) power pasy_g and everyone who rooted for me - fanboys
TSS, FILO, ruiners - :heart::heart::heart:
last but not least shoutout to ps ladder, im a big advocate of it and i dont think i could have got this far without testing there, by far the best testing ground (esp if u wanna improve i highly recommend it)

Any defeat regardless of the circumstances leaves me in extreme pain and I think I'm going to need a little time to get over this one. Nevertheless, at the same time I am a little happy that two ladder heroes faced each other in the final of the biggest Smogon tournament. Nobody should underestimate the ladder, the players it brings up are always dangerous, I hope I could show that a little bit with my run. My intense ladder grind ends here for now.

A few words to Empo. Your style of playing is real perfection and currently in my opinion completely unrivaled. In my not too long time playing this game you were by far the toughest opponent I ever had and especially your performance against me made me realize that again, nothing less than 4 trophies in a year would be deserved for this level of play. My plan was to get away from this game after winning the trophy but now I will keep on playing.

Last but not least shoutouts to
Gefährlicher Random Zuchtrest Serpi helpinghans
For believing in me and my potential when no one else did and being there for me in my toughest times while playing this game.

see yall at wcop
Dear Empo, empoor, baastionUwUxxDarkLord:3u__u, Giorgio (his name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everybody calls him Giorgio). In our first interaction (when you fkn lucked me in bo3 in oupl, cmooooon bruh) I only had one thing to say: Empoat. It took a while for you to take over, but I always knew, as long as you stay on top of it and keep doing what you're doing right now, I feel like you will be fine. And you are fine. The finest, maybe.

You may have never heard of it, but as soon as you caught my attention, these were the first words i shared with xtra(the goat) in DM:

lol sup (sup kid) empo is an extremely coachable player and responds well to direction. He reads the game very well and is an effective playmaker in ORAS OU. He is training as a SM player and is making great progress in the transition from ORAS to SM. He is calm under pressure and maintains his composure very well in high level matches. He is a team player and a positive influence in and outside the battle.

His response was: "bruh shut up im smarter and better than u ever will be socially and physically r**ard". But I was right. Now you are known as SS OU enthusiast. Ladder Peaker. Team tour tyrant. Empo on

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum RELT-CUP. Now I hope you're enjoying your trophies brotha. Send your friends and family my best regards :]

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I wanted to welcome the opportunity to congratulate both players for their performances and for having come this far.

Empo Congratulazioni per la vittoria. Te lo sei guadagnato.
I hope that you know that, despite the fact that I was rooting for Enz, this does not mean that I am against you in any way, shape, or form.

Lord_Enz Du hast gut gespielt und du hast dein Bestes gegeben. Es war schwer, und dennoch bist du weit gekommen.
Das kann dir niemand wegnehmen. Ich werde dich auch in Zukunft weiterhin anfeuern. Gönn dir ruhig eine Auszeit.
Der Johan hat sich am Schluss auch eine Auszeit gegönnt um sich neu zu finden. Kopf hoch, ja?
SS OU: Empo vs xtra$hine | ...........I SWEAR EMPO ALWAYS PLAYS CLOWNS AND I HAVE TO BOLD HIM LOL EVERY WEEK THIS HAPPENS WTF There's absolutely 0 reason to think that xtrashine is somehow gonna be a viable player in 2020 LOL He CRASHED HARD last Snake like wow, that was a disaster. Empo's been relatively bad this tour, but still. He's better. Decent edge, I guess.

crazy to see Empo defy the logic of the best analyst on the site to become its greatest player :O

gz goat
Congratulations Empo, you have definitely left your mark on smogon thanks to your background and your impressive domination over the past two years, well deserved
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