Official Smogon Tournament XIII - Round 4

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hey teal, asking for an extension if possible. neither of us were able to find a time with our irl schedules in the end.



know i missed the first time, but he's not been too responsive in getting back to me. i think an ext makes sense here because we're both committed to playing this set out
gg, i didn't think the last game through. put myself in that position by sacking mawile like a dumbass lol


It's Vince, friend
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We scheduled for 2h45 ago, I've waited without any result. So I'm requesting the activity win (or extention)
extension til wed please. believe its justified because of how long it took for me to find out my opponent and because of his timezone.
Activity Win Request
Activity request: Opponent was online before the scheduled time so i PMed him but then he went offline. So i waited for him and he hasn't shown up 40 minutes after the scheduled time.
I stayed all day online, but even so my opponent did not show up for battle
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