Official Smogon Tournament XII - Round 5

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I'm rooting for someone with a tour history to win is all. Vinc2612, CTC, Dekzeh, Stath, ABR, CBB, Joe, Shoka, TDK all these guys deserve individual trophies.
ggs man that scarf lati, choked by risking lmao shout out tom bus for helping me at 2 am though :] and my pal aki0s for testing teams as well
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I wanna say thank you to toptierboy for being a great opp prob my fav opp was a nice dude and glad to have played him and met him. I won with the help of jirachi and we all know how that goes.. Thank You Guys who helped me sense I got flak for naming so many people ill just name teambuilders that helped me: Leftiez,Iamgingy!



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aye give me a shout if you upload this to your channel ;]
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