Official Smogon Tournament XII - Round 1

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Activity. Opponent missed the scheduled time.

I tried scheduling with my opponent for Thursday, which he said he could do: "I can Do around 4 on thurs". I told him that I would be on and waited for about an hour on that day, but he never showed.

After that, I suggested we schedule for the weekends as I can be more flexible then, he said "Okay" and told me that Sunday was his free day, but never suggested a time. I asked him if he could play at 5 pm today and he said that he could but didn't end up showing.


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"Was given win by opponent":
badabing vs AstroGecko - badabing gave AstroGecko the win.
Timeless vs Kid Buu - Timeless gave Kid Buu the win.
5th vs single regret - 5th gave single regret the win.
Xboy vs ToeyJoey - ToeyJoey gave Xboy the win.
C and E vs brunch - brunch gave C and E the win.
Haruno vs dEnIsSsS - Haruno gave dEnIsSs the win.
Teclis vs Nedor - Nedor gave Teclis the win.
Jayde vs Scotti - Jayde gave Scotti the win.
silver ghost vs Ununhexium - Ununhexium gave silver ghost the win.
Lange vs NayGiggers - NayGiggers gave Lange the win.
Shadow_Sneak vs North - Shadow_Sneak gave North the win.
Nails vs Darkdiglett - Darkdiglett gave Nails the win.
Arcticblast vs Altina - Arcticblast gave Altina the win.
TDK vs Femto - Femto gave TDK the win.
Shoot vs bro fist - bro fist gave Shoot the win.
Rinzer vs Terraquaza - Terraquaza gave Rinzer the win.
DoomXFTW vs BLOOD TOTEM - DoomXFTW gave BLOOD TOTEM the win.
Esquiilo66 vs wayup - Esquiilo66 gave wayup the win.
Sergi vs Shogarth - Sergi gave Shogarth the win.
ZANBAKUResh vs Impact - ZANBAKUResh gave Impact the win.
Croo vs astroboy - astroboy gave Croo the win.
Spirit vs Gene Sp - Spirit gave Gene Sp the win.
Calloflochie vs Arkian - Arkian gave Calloflochie the win.
Escavalier vs FookMi? - FookMi? gave Escavalier the win.
Astounded vs JesusJ - Astounded gave JesusJ the win.
FullLifeGames vs Lasagne - Lasagne gave FullLifeGames the win.
PrinceLucian vs The Trap God - The Trap God gave PrinceLucian the win.
RedMaxx vs psVoltage - psVoltage gave RedMaxx the win.
Zenadark vs Alastor Law - Zenadark gave Alastor Law the win.

"Opponent missed the scheduled time/failed to schedule":
MarsGuoKnows vs papai noel - MarsGuoKnows was inactive for almost the entire time period, came online once to reply and promptly disappeared. papai noel gets activity win.
NightFox vs Haxnova - Haxnova was last seen: Jan 19, 2016. NightFox gets activity win.
AugustRadburn vs Sturdynips - AugustRadburn posted once, then failed to respond to Sturdynips who was constantly active. Sturdynips gets activity win.
We Are All We Need vs AntBadMon - We Are All We Need was last seen: Jan 30, 2016. AntBadMon was also constantly active. AntBadMon gets activity win.
Acamir vs ArchPhantom - Acamir made one post and then ditched contact. ArchPhantom has been constantly active. ArchPhantom gets activity win.
Tobyfant vs Misugi - Tobyfant failed to schedule an exact game time and has not been online in a week. Misugi called activity. Misugi gets activity win.
HockeyBoyz3 vs stonedgy - Although not viewable, Stonedgy claims to have contacted HockeyBoyz3. HockeyBoyz3 hasn't made a beep on the radar. Stonedy gets activity win.
Can-Eh-Dian vs Vinc608 - Can-Eh-Dian got prodded twice about OST before responding to his opponent, suggested playing after deadline and didn't respond when prodded after that. Vinc608 gets the win.
Arik vs Whatchugonedo - Whatchugonedo failed to communicate with Arik in a clear manner and didn't schedule properly. Arik made an activity post that stood uncontested. Arik gets activity win.
Roxer vs Jethalal - Jethalal made an activity post that stood uncontested, and Roxer hasn't been online since February 1st. Jethalal gets the activity win.
NaCl vs Paradigm Shift - NaCl made an activity post that stood uncontested after repeatedly prodding Paradigm Shift, who didn't respond. NaCl gets the activity win.
starsweater vs looiiyut - starsweater was last seen: Jan 30, 2016. looiiyut made an activity post that stood uncontested. Looiiyut gets the activity win.
D4RR3N vs Meteordash - Meteordash called activity two weeks ago and D4RR3N did not contest. Activity win goes to Meteordash.
OmegaZ3 vs Mark Suckerberg - Mark Suckerberg made an activity post that stood uncontested. OmegaZ3 was last seen: Feb 1, 2016. Activity win goes to Mark Suckerberg.
brokenwings vs DestinyUnknown - DestinyUnknown never made contact with brokenwings. Activity win goes to brokenwings.
adilbilal vs malefic - malefic called activity on adilbilal early, who didn't contest it, and failed to schedule. Activity win goes to malefic.
Quaggster vs JabbaTheGriffin - Although the scheduled time was confirmed late, JabbaTheGriffin missed the scheduled time. Quaggster gets the activity win.
absdaddy vs Seven Cat - absdaddy has quit Smogon. Seven Cat gets activity win.
Recreant vs Fakes - Recreant made an activity post that went unchallenged. Fakes has been inactive. Recreant gets activity win.
Mysteria vs Ikari - Ikari was last seen: Feb 1, 2016. Mysteria repeatedly tried to schedule. Mysteria gets the activity win.
Kyblad vs Reymaki - Kyblad hasn't contacted Reymaki at all. Reymaki gets the activity win.
taeyeon vs Jim zoldyck - taeyeon hasn't been online since February 4th, Jim zoldyck called activity. Jim zoldyck gets activity win.
Mihrab Samad vs Seeme - Mihrab Samad was last seen: Jan 26, 2016. Seeme called activity. Seeme gets activity win.
toxigen734 vs BerserCar - BerserCar called activity on toxigen734 after being the more active part and didn't get challenged. BerserCar gets the activity win.
explodingdaisies vs Frizze - Frizze contacted his opponent through PMs, no contact was shown, no posts were made and no game was played. Same situation as Stonedgy vs. Hockeyboyz3. Frizze gets activity win.
GOD MARTH vs a-suh-dude - GOD MARTH made repeated activity win requests that went unchallenged. GOD MARTH gets the activity win.
Amaroq vs MASTER TITANS - MASTER TITANS was last seen: Feb 1, 2016. Amaroq made an uncontested activity claim. Amaroq gets the activity win.
Ceeze vs Nuanda92 - Ceeze was last seen: Jan 26, 2016. Nuanda92 gets activity win.
HSA ♥ vs Andy25161 - HSA ♥ has made one post and then ignored Andy25161 for the remainder of the time. Andy25161 gets the activity win.
Rayzark vs Doctor Gucci - Doctor Gucci hasn't been online since forever and Rayzark has uncontested activity claims. Rayzark gets the activity win.
reiku vs Ksh13 - Ksh13 was the more active part, and has an unchallenged activity post. Ksh13 gets the activity win.
Flame Road vs Lfrs - Lfrs made activity posts that went unchallenged and Flame Road was only reactive once in scheduling. Lfrs gets the activity win.
gamingfanclub vs teamsnickers - gamingfanclub made multiple activity posts and teamsnickers hasn't been online for two weeks. gamingfanclub gets the activity win.
Dr Zeus vs potato14798 - Dr Zeus got recommended two times, said "either of those will work for me" and then didn't show up for either. potato14798 gets the activity win.
Jack. vs NE0S12 - NE0S12 made an activity post in PM to me showing his conversation with his opponent through PMs. While it isn't possible to challenge a PM per se, it is made clear that Jack. isn't particularly interested in getting the game done. Activity goes to NE0S12.
ben gay vs WildestofWheat - ben gay made an activity post that went uncontested, and his opponent hasn't been online for a week. ben gay gets activity win.
Exiline vs Red King - Red King was last seen: Jan 31, 2016. Exiline gets the activity win.
RiCH HOMiE CHRiS vs fatty - RiCH HOMiE CHRiS was last seen: Feb 4, 2016. fatty gets the activity win.
Tricking vs Pablo The Boss - Pablo The Boss was last seen: Jan 25, 2016. Tricking gets the activity win.
m00ns vs OG Taco - m00ns made an activity post that went unchallenged, and OG Taco has not been online in a week. m00ns gets the activity win.
Asuya vs Benzemagia - Benzemagia was last seen: Feb 7, 2016. Asuya tried repeatedly to get the game done. Asuya gets the activity win.
Aisaka Taiga vs Melancholy Hills - Melancholy Hills was initially active but then dropped the ball. Aisaka Taiga made repeated activity posts that went unchallenged. Aisaka Taiga gets the activity win.
Double01 vs McGreen - McGreen was last seen: Jan 26, 2016. Double01 made an unchallenged activity post. Activity win goes to Double01.
Eternal Spirit vs AdvanceShip - AdvanceShip failed to make any sort of visible contact. Activity win goes to Eternal Spirit.
Colchonero vs LORD ISSEI - Colchonero failed to make any sort of visible contact. Activity win goes to LORD ISSEI.
Palooka vs Hootie - Palooka was last seen: Jan 30, 2016. Activity win goes to Hootie.
Big Splitz vs speks - Big Splitz was last seen: Feb 3, 2016. speks gets activity win
CrazyClown94 vs Enki - CrazyClown94 died on Enki, who also made an uncontested "activity post". Enki gets activity win.
ADF Test vs tennisace - ADF Test missed the scheduled time. Tennisace made an activity post. Tennisace gets activity win.
_Chosen vs Tele - _Chosen was last seen: Jan 23, 2016. Tele gets activity win.
GOthee vs Thirst - Thirst made an uncontested activity post. Thirst gets the activity win.
H&MBerkeley vs -altercation- - -altercation- was completely dead after getting subbed in. H&MBerkeley gets the activity win.
Zepherox vs Rebirth101 - Rebirth101 was last seen: Feb 2, 2016. Zepherox made an uncontested activity post. Zepherox gets the activity win.
Broken Promises; vs Alter - Alter missed scheduled time, Broken Promises; gets the John Point.
boudouche vs Coton - Coton was unresponsive and couldn't schedule, boudouche gets the activity win.
[K-12] The Madchine vs AGuyWithPants - game scheduled for after deadline, but before I actually posted...K-12 made an activity post and gets the activity win.

Coinflip because reasons:
ashm vs Aurora - both were threatened by substitution, made a hasty post and neither scheduled. Coinflip.
PROBLEMS vs Bostonl1 - Bostonl1 proposed a time, PROBLEMS didn't respond. Bostonl1 pinged PROBLEMS a few hours ahead of the time he proposed, no response. No further activity was had from either side. Coinflip.
Ada vs Stone_Cold - game scheduled for deadline hour, but was seemingly not played. Coinflip.
Pridy vs Inaho - both players missed a scheduled time. Coinflip.
-Tynamo- vs truedrew - a game time was proposed but it's unclear if any game was played. No activity posts or calls were made nor were any rescheduling visibly attempted. Coinflip.
Golden Freddy's vs HBK - although it seems as if Golden Freddy's was more active, HBK has shown signs of life and contested the activity claim. Since contact was done through PM's and not VM's, I am unable to make a proper call on whether Golden Freddy's really was active to the point where he deserved an activity win. Therefore the game goes to a coinflip.
NIghtRealmClaw1 vs Jefozz - Jefozz posted on NIghtRealmClaw1's wall, got no visible response. NRC posted that Jefozz missed the scheduled time. Jefozz posted "activity" two days later. It's too unclear to say what has happened since communication has been through PMs, so coinflip is the call.
etaoi vs Crash Your Face - games were attempted to be scheduled, but no game happened. Coinflip.
Draciel RC vs DiggerSR - games were attempted to be scheduled but no game happened. Coinflip.
Navy vs BreloomSuaj - Navy made an activity post that BreloomSuaj did not contest. However, BreloomSuaj returned to VM Navy (although after many days had passed), and gave his time zone and info on where to find him. Navy didn't even give his time zone out judging from what I can see and hasn't returned to BreloomSuaj. Coinflip.
Malekith vs Criticality - Criticality made an activity post that went uncontested, but it was made late in the cycle. Both players attempted to schedule and play and I cannot fairly give the activity win to either part. Coinflip.
Taylor vs Kefky - neither player has been particularly active. Taylor posted on Friday that Kefky was the inactive one, which is not the story that the VMs tell but it did go uncontested. Coinflip.
Hector Hard Mode vs casedismissed - both players tried to get the game done, no activity was called. Coinflip.
Esidisi vs Itsuki - neither player tried to get the game done beyond one post. Coinflip.
internet vs SuperSlayer649 - due to timezone issues the game hasn't been possible to play out. Coinflip.
Koaster vs Cristal - neither player was active in scheduling and no activity claims have been made. Coinflip.
Kudasai vs Smurf. - Both players have been trying to various degrees to get the set done. Coinflip.
Honor vs oml it's too ez - games were attempted to be scheduled, but no game happened. Coinflip.
makiri vs Lockheed - no game was played due to misunderstandings between the players. Conflip.
Rain. vs Lunar. - no game was seemingly played, nobody was obviously more active than the other. Coinflip.
Silverwhiteblue vs Syncrasy - both players tried but failed to get the game done, coinflip

After livestreamed coinflips, the following players advanced:
Draciel RC
Hector Hard Mode
oml it's too ez

Merkagge vs Tahu - players seem to have had issues finding each other though both tried. The substitute was done within the past week though, and since the players had shorter time than everyone else and both tried to get it done, I AM GRANTING AN EXTENSION UNTIL THURSDAY FEBRUARY 17, 11:59 PM GMT+5 (EST).
Jack Boots vs Trosko - players seem to have had issues finding each other though both tried. The substitute was done within the past week though, and since the players had shorter time than everyone else and both tried to get it done, I AM GRANTING AN EXTENSION UNTIL THURSDAY FEBRUARY 17, 11:59 PM GMT+5 (EST).
aussicht vs undisputed - aussicht got subbed in during the past week, made a "contacted" post and made an activity post during the weekend though no contact was shown from either side in public. I AM GRANTING AN EXTENSION UNTIL THURSDAY FEBRUARY 17, 11:59 PM GMT+5 (EST) since the time since the substitute was limited.
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