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Hello everyone I am Light Sanctity. You can refer to me as Light. I am a Pokemon Collector.
I welcome you to my little slice of heaven! I hope that when my thread is ready you all enjoy the Monsters shown.

Also Pokémon within my Trophy Case whether or not if they have NFT please do not ask as I will ignore your post. My mind may change but as of now it stands as is. I also will not be trading with anyone on the blacklist as well.

I have just recently started collecting specific Shiny Pokemon as there were a few I have wanted when I was younger and did not have the means to back then. I’ve dived into a lot of RNG from Colosseum.

Getting Raikou, Suicune, and Entei shiny plus ribbons

Shiny Ninetales-K (Kantonian Version)
Shiny Haxorus

-Basic rules and information:
  • Abide by the Smogon Wi-Fi Forum rules
  • Under no circumstances trade me hacked/genned/ manipulated Pokemon. Please use common sense.
  • ALL my Pokemon are 100% legit; obtained through RNG mechanics/Masuda Method on cartridge or emulator.
  • Most pokemon unless stated otherwise are fully redistributable by anyone but please give credit where it is deserved.
  • Some of my Pokémon may have Non-Redis.
  • Can trade in Ultra Moon or Pokémon Sword
  • All pokemon are Cloned; if you don’t like this that is fine and I recommend not to post if so :blobthumbsup:
  • Injected Wonder cards are okay
  • Some of my Pokemon will have nicknames. If you wish to have a new one ask but otherwise the name stands as is.
  • Discord: Light#2100
  • If you wish to join the Smogon WiFi discord say hello :)
  • Anything I say goes within this thread and please be patient when asking for Pokemon!
  • If you follow the Smogon Rules and the Smogon Global rules I sincerely welcome you and I hope you find my Thread interesting.
Main Saves:
Ultra Moon: Mostly everything is done on Ultra Moon the only time I switch is to catch specific pokemon in another game!

I can also trade on the switch
[*]With the DLC being launched hopefully I’ll be adding some new mons to my thread to show off :P
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Light Sanctity

The Usurper
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General Information:
  • 2DS: 0834-7654-7351
  • 3DS FC: 0834-7654-7351 IGN: Light
  • Nintendo Switch FC: 3872-8522-8603
  • Mii: Light

Additional Info:

A great deal of these pokemon I have obtained were caught by myself or given to me by friends on the Discord Channel and other threads.


-Nintendo 2DS + Custom Firm Ware (CFW)
- Nintendo Switch (CFW)

Software/Applications (Nintendo 2DS)
  • The Homebrew Launcher
  • NTR CFW + PCalcNTR
  • PKHeX: Gen 7 Cloning and info checking
  • Checkpoint for Save Back up
  • 3DS RNG Tool
  • BooTNTR v2.13.7
  • Checkpoint v3.7.3
  • RaidCrawler: v1.0.4 by Lego

Use of CFW:
  • I use the CFW for save state restoration and item injection

VersionLanguageOriginal TrainerTrainer ID #Shiny CharmPurpose of Save

NatDex + Ribbons​

Beating Red​
Ultra Moon​
NatDex + Ribbons​
Omega Ruby​

Ultra Sun​
Pokemon Y​
Pokemon Sword​
Ribbons Dex​

Brilliant Pearl​
Ribbons + Tower​
Pokemon: Legends Arceus​

Shout Outs:
  • Max. Optimizer: for being a good friend and a good person. He has helped me as a fellow user within Smogon Wi-Fi and is very generous.
  • BlueForce: for trading me rare special Pokemon.
  • Shiny finder: Helpful and patient person who helped me significantly when I joined Wi-Fi.
  • Christian: Good person who helped with EGG RNG and traded me a lot of Pokémon. Has helped greatly throughout my Pokémon games and given me many rare Pokémon.
  • Lego: For being patient and helping me with CFW. I sincerely appreciate his help.
  • Kanon90: for trading Pokemon and being a good individual. I’m super grateful for Kanon, as he has given me many awesome Pokémon for my collection.
  • Fenrir the Wolf: traded Pokémon I needed replaced.
  • Xucrute: Oh boy, thanks to Xu for being patient on 3DS RNG
  • MOST: For trading me a GRM Ditto
  • Hare_Vs_Tortoise: for being a helpful person on trading
  • Tyrell: For being a good person who loves Tyranitar
  • Sephirona (potato): For being a good person I met on Discord; and has been an invaluable person of support of the various projects I do and for the many gifts
  • Inkblot: thanks for the usage of their Tyranitar custom art.
  • Place holder buck: for being a very good friend and someone who traded me valuable monsters during my time on Smogon.
  • Devon Studio's

The above individuals all helped me in one way or another and are all awesome people. Should you ever have questions they can help you out when possible.
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Light Sanctity

The Usurper
is a Live Chat Contributor Alumnus
The Pokemon in the "Trophy Case" will be difficult, if not impossible to trade for. My Pokemon rights' may change, but those of whom I received Pokemon from will under no circumstances be tradeable, so please don't ask about them.

Trophy Case

(# 243 - Light Sanctity's "Raijū") (# 244 - Light Sanctity's "Entei") (# 245 - Light Sanctity's "Suicune")


OT: Ein | ID: 00243 | Deep Colosseum (Orre)
Timid | Pressure | TSV: XXX
IVs: 31 | 10 | 30 | 31 | 31 | 31

{252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe}

Raikou’s name Raiju literally means thunder beast in Japanese. Raikou I snagged from Cipher Admin Ein in the Deep Colosseum! I started Ribbon Master Process 2 August 2020. This Raikou will be part of my “Crown Beast” Ribbon Master Trio alongside Suicune and Entei.

Entei's name FILLER. I snagged Entei from Cipher Admin Dakim in the Deep Colosseum. It is part of my "Crown Beast" trio alongside Raikou and Suicune.

Suicune's name means...... I snagged Suicune from Cipher Admin Venus in the Deep Colosseum. Suicune is part of my "Crown Beast" trio alongside Raikou and Entei.

[#461 Max Optimzer's "Giorno"] - NFT
Received from Max. Optimizer

IVs: 31 | 31 | 31 | 21 | 31 | 31 - Jolly/Pressure (M) Chris / 01985
EVed (Gen 7): Low Kick, Ice Shard, Knock Off, Ice Punch
EVed (Gen 8+): Swords Dance, Beat Up, Night Slash, Triple Axel
[252 Atk / 4 SpDef / 252 Spe]

❝Kono Makkusu Oputimaiza ni wa tadashī to shinjiru yume ga aru.❞
❝I, Max. Optimizer, have a dream that I know is just.❞
(A dream of completing my first ever own complete Ribbon Master)
This Pokémon was snagged from Rider Nelis at The Under Subway on the 3rd of February 2021.
The nickname is a reference to Giorno Giovanna, the eponymous protagonist from Vento Aureo, the 5th part of Hirohiko Araki's ❝JoJo's Bizarre Adventure❞ manga series.
Giorno is the illegitimate son of DIO, conceived with Jonathan Joestar's stolen body.
The nickname was chosen because shiny Sneasel's and shiny Weavile's color palette matches that of Giorno.
The TID was chosen and RNG Abused to represent the year 1985, Giorno's year of birth.
I finished the Ribbon Master on the 17th of March 2021.
❝I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream!❞

[#424 Max. Optimizer's "Doppio"] - NFT

Received from Max. Optimizer and nickname go to Sephirona

IVs: 31 | 31 | 31 | 21 | 31 | 31 - Jolly/Technician (M) - Chris / 01985
EVed: Knock Off, Return, Low Kick, U-turn
[252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe]

This Pokémon was snagged from Cipher Peon Cole in Cipher Lab on the 9th of February 2021.
Aipom was intentionally defeated in Cipher Lab so that it could be caught in a Master Ball later on.
The nickname is a reference to Vinegar Doppio, the eponymous character from Vento Aureo, the 5th part of Hirohiko Araki's ❝JoJo's Bizarre Adventure❞ manga series.
Doppio shares his body with Diavolo and regularly hallucinates random objects as ❝phones❞ with which he talks with the latter.
The nickname was chosen because shiny Aipom's and shiny Ambipom's color palette matches that of Doppio.
In addition to this, ❝doppio❞ means ❝double❞ in Italian, which is the overall theme of this evolution line.
The TID, the nature, and the IV spread are from the same savegame as ❝Giorno❞ the Sneasel/Weavile.
I finished the Ribbon Master on the 17th of March 2021.
❝Roger that, boss. That is my reason for living as well.❞

(#894 - Max. Optimizer's "Flere-Imsaho")
"the Rank Master"
Credits for nickname go to Sephirona


OT: Christophe | ID: 857696 | in the Split-Decision Ruins (Galar)
Hasty | Transistor | RNG: Soft-reset
IVs: 31 | HT(30) | 31 | 1 | 31 | 31
EVs: Wild Charge | Volt Switch | Extreme Speed | Explosion
{4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe}

Nickname is referenced to the eponymous drone from Iain M. Bank's "The Culture" science fiction book series.

[# 248 Light Sanctity's "かんたつ" and Sephirona's "Linlin"] - NFT
Art Owner: Inkblot © (2019)
Name credits: To Tyrell. Kantatsu means "Armored Dragon"
OT: ライト | ID: 00248 | Region: Orre [Colosseum JP] | Quiet | Sand Stream (♂)
IVs: 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 29 | 31
Ribbon Master Sheet

OT: Rona | ID: | Region: Orre [Colosseum] | Adamant | Sand Stream
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