Projects National Dex DOU Teambuilding Competition!!!!! (Week Ten: Ogerpon)

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Want a teambuilding challenge? Something that shows off YOUR prowess and creativity as a builder? Here's the place for you, champ!

Here's how this is gonna work. Every week, I post a Pokemon, concept, or other thing, and you have five (5) days to build a team. After that, people will have two (2) days to vote on them!

Of course, there are rules.

2.) You must build the team yourself. No copying teams.
5.) In the event of a tie, winners will be picked randomly using the !pick command on showdown.
6.) Teams must be functional and playable. Simple enough. Please please please test your team or be able to explain how it matches up into things. Obviously, its somewhat early, but avoid meme teams please.
7.) Post your vote in the thread during the voting period. For right now, we'll have it so you can vote for a single person, but as the competition goes on, I'm open to talking about voting methodology.

heres an example post:
I made this team kinda quickly but TR makes MVenu more scary with sleep pressure, Genesect goes hard, etc etc.
Obviously be more specific with what each Pokemon on your team does in your post.

Let me know if there's anything you'd recommend I change here but I think this should be good. Might make some minor edits if I notice anything.
First up, we have Mega Tyranitar!


Tyranitar has shown itself as a strong presence in various metagames due to its ability to set up sand, and Mega Tyranitar gives it a much larger set of stats at the opportunity cost of being the sole mega on the team. Sand can be a strong counter to other weathers, and with the potentially oppressive presence that Flutter Mane + Mega Charizard Y can have in a match, Mega Tyranitar has the potential strong tool in any builder's arsenal. The higher bulk and stronger Attack stat can give Mega Tyranitar the freedom to run strong sets that Tyranitar is unable to run as well, although it loses the ability to Tera and its item slot, so I'm curious as to what everyone comes up with here.

Building will end at End of Day (US/Pacific Time) May 25th and voting will end at End of Day (US/Pacific Time) May 27th


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Team is built around stacking hazards and phazing the opponent's team around with Dragon Tail Mega Tyranitar and Whirlwind Ting-Lu. Mega Tyranitar provides most of the Sun matchup, as it easily OHKOs Charizard-Y and beats almost every Flutter Mane set 1v1. Sandstorm chip damage also goes with the passive damage theme, as does Rocky Helmet Amoonguss. The team finishes with a solid defensive core in Tapu Fini / Amoonguss and the 2 best cleaners in the format, CB Gene and Booster Flutter Mane. Thanks to the hazards and phazing, it's quite easy to rack up enough damage for these two to clinch OHKOs in the late game.

This is not meant to be played like a stall team - over time, this will probably lose to strong breakers like Metagross-Mega and Great Tusk if played too passively. Use Ting-Lu's Ruination, Amoonguss's Helmet and hazards liberally to get the damage needed for the cleanup crew.
(click sprites for team)

After scrolling through a bunch of mons in the teambuilder I felt that Gholdengo and Mega Tyranitar synergize really well together: Gholdengo is immune to Fighting and resists Fairy while Tyranitar fares well into most Fire and Dark types. Gholdengo is also immune to sandstorm, so with Leftovers + Grassy Terrain it has great longevity. Rillaboom patches up the ground weakness along with being an amazing pivot and end game cleaner. Booster Energy Scream Tail with Encore + Disable is an amazing disruptor that creates a lot of opportunities for Gholdengo to boost with Nasty Plot. It can also force a lot of switches by locking mons into Fake Out with encore or disabling opposing choiced attackers, which has a nice synergy with Tyranitar's Stealth Rock + Dragon Tail. Volcanion has a great defensive synergy with Rillaboom while shoring up the Dondozo matchup if Scream Tail can't handle it. I defaulted to Safety Goggles, and while it is nice to have 3 Spore immunities, Leftovers or a resist berry might be better here. Lastly, Mew offers speed control and damage reduction to further improve the team's longevity. Pollen Puff is the main counterplay to Toxic Spikes along with Gholdengo being naturally immune, but they might be a problem if the game grinds on for too long. Here is an alternate version with Naganadel over Mew to try and be better into T-Spikes and generally be more offensive.

Gholdengo is the star here, but you need to be careful about when to commit to setting up, as well as making sure not to overextend trying to support Gholdengo. It doesn't always have to sweep the entire team, oftentimes it just needs to get off 2-3 attacks to punch a good enough hole in the opponent's defenses for the rest of the team to clean up.


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:tyranitar-mega: :landorus: :scizor: :tapu-fini: :iron-hands: :flutter-mane:

Landorus is a surprisingly potent sand abuser, as the ability to use a rock move turns it into quite an offensive powerhouse. This is further helped by sand force over sheer force, as you don't really need any coverage other than weather ball. This also allows you to run hp flying over sludge bomb, trading 30% poison chance for just a better offensive type as stab balances out the move's low bp. Scizor functions very similarly to genesect but has the nice option of tailwind as speed control, cloak means it doesn't have to worry about things like fake out and other damaging utility moves. Fini allows terrain control and is also just a good pokemon, heal pulse can help with longevity as the team doesn't have great recovery options despite its bulk. I feel hands is quite underrated right now, being able to provide fake out support while also being a strong bulky attacker that can run multiple different sets. Flutter mane is a good cleaner being able to outrun jolly max speed dracovish in sand, while also providing some more speed control with icy wind.
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:tyranitar-mega: :diancie: :rillaboom: :zamazenta: :flutter-mane: :jirachi:

I started with Diancie for a TR team since I think it pairs pretty well with TTar due to the boosted SpDef. Zama is here to coach Diancie, and set up screens to take less damage. Diancie is tera normal so boosts can't get stolen. Rillaboom does standard Rilla stuff, not much to talk about there. Mane is invested with physical bulk, tho I'm sure the evs can be optimized. Notably, it outruns Mega Metagross (and hits a jump point doing so), and is able to OHKO standard 0 bulk. It also does SpA proto boost with Booster/ in sun. Jirachi is the glue, giving redirection as tera poison (and being able to absorb spikes too), but primarily it's here as a TR setter.
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mtar sand (

Chose to build around the idea that Dracovish is able to deal massive damage as well as working well offensively with Mega Tyranitar's ability to utilise it's STABs for a strong offensive combination of Crunch and Rock Slide which is able to work well with Dracovish's Fishious Rend which can do big damage quite freely without the fear of stat drops as well as being able to do damage to some relevant Grass mons with it's Tera boosted Ice Fang. Wanted to have Gothitelle as a way to trap and beat fighting types that may threaten Mega Tyranitar or a Tera'd Dracovish. Rillaboon is there to provide Fake Out utility as well as being able to use U-Turn to make Gothitelle's job easier since it's just a safer way for it to enter. Volcarona is able to redirect some unfavorable attacks such as Zamazenta's Close Combat, it also creates the risk of burning it which makes it easier to play around later on. Flutter Mane is able to outrun and deal big damage to most of the tier's big threats with it's massive Special Attack paired with Choice Specs and it's impressive coverage.
:tyranitar-mega: :tapu-fini: :rillaboom: :diancie: :zamazenta: :landorus-therian:

I'm also running a Mega Tyranitar + Diancie build. Diancie in sand is a great check to some of the powerful special attackers in the format, notably Flutter Mane, and can set Trick Room against faster teams. I went with Moonblast because it's better into Marshadow, which could steal all my Diamond Storm/Coaching boosts. Tera Rock Rillaboom is a cool tech that lets you get an extra x1.5 Special Defense boost in sand, as well as turning your Fire, Poison and Flying weaknesses into resistances. Snarl + Coaching Zamazenta provides great damage control and boosting options, since every pokemon on the team appreciates a Coaching boost. The attack EVs OHKO uninvested Flutter Mane with Iron Head and can KO bulky variants after rocks/sand chip. Scarf Landorus-Therian gives me some extra speed and intimidate to slow down opposing physical attackers.

Here's a replay of the team in action where Diancie and Zamazenta got to shine.


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:tyranitar-mega: :flutter mane: :rillaboom: :incineroar: :tapu fini: :genesect:


Tyranitar + Brokens FWG. I think FWG is generally in a pretty not good place because it has a pretty stark weakness to Charizard and friends, which is actually a great niche Tyranitar is able to solve. Really all you need is Stone Edge + Slam to chunk things and kill Flutter as most of the time you'd rather just be clicking Dragon Tail after upping anyways. Team follows the SS philosophy of using Fake Out pivot cycling to accomplish this while creating room for the big offensive pieces, Genesect and Ghost-Z Flutter. I opted for a utility Fini over a Calm Mind Fini since I think CM Fini doesn't carry games and having haze for Dozo is some nice insurance. Volcanion can be a little scary if it isn't taking rocks damage (no rocks up/HDB) but otherwise I'm pretty happy with how this team fares and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed working with mega tar.

replay from kickoff tour

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