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OP stolen from Monotype World Cup 1

Welcome to the third iteration of Monotype WCoP!
Any Monotype discussion is welcome here but please try to keep offensive gestures to a minimum. Make or find a gif to accurately illustrate your position on a topic for others to understand easier or to find humorous and lighten some of the stress throughout the event. Don't forget to join the Monotype Discord, as a tournament-discussion channel exists to talk about the Mono WCoP

The formats that will be played in this tournament are as follows:

SV Monotype
SV Monotype
SV Monotype
SV Monotype
SS Monotype
SS Monotype
SM Monotype
SV Monotype / SM Monotype / Monothreat (tbd by hosts, managers, and mods)

Only sign up for what you are willing and able to play the entirety of the event. Please only sign up for formats other than what you are capable and willing to play. If you are going to be gone or inactive for an extensive period of time at all in the next few months, then don't sign up.

The Captains will be determined a little past halfway through the signup process since they will sign up at the same time as the players and it will provide them some time to choose which players to pick up. Similarly, the regions present in the tour will also be announced at the same time as the captains to make sure the region(s) can be represented fairly.

All battles MUST be played either on Pokémon Showdown! or Smogtours ( No exceptions will be granted if another server is used.
Regular Season:


The top 4 teams with the best records will move on into the playoff bracket where the #1 seed will play the #4 seed and the #2 will play the #3. The two victors will move on to the finals, with the victor of that week ultimately crowned the first Monotype World Cup of Pokemon Champion!

With the overwhelming amount of signups and interest in including extra regions, we added an additional 4 regions (12 total) and thus will be changing the format of the tournament to two groups playing 5 weeks of regular season games, followed by the top two teams from each bracket facing off in playoffs.

Playoff requirements will mirror that of MPL III where your overall score will be comprised of week wins and total wins. Each week's win is 2 points, a tie is 1 point, and a loss is 0 and will be recorded on the spreadsheet. *Differently from MWP2, we will not be deciding playoff with head-to-head, instead, the tied teams will battle a bo3 tiebreaker to decide who moves on. Therefore, playoffs will come down to week wins, total wins, and then a bo3 tiebreaker.

If a captain wishes to substitute a player for an inactive one in the lineup, you must post in the week's thread who is subbing in for who. In addition, please make the post highlight the opponent and their Captain so everyone is aware of the substitution that had occurred. If I feel that you are trying to gain an unfair advantage with your substitute, I hold the right to veto it.

Activity Decisions
There will be times when a game is not completed. In these instances, I will undertake my duty as a host to make a thorough investigation. If both sides made no effort or have tried to make every effort but could still not make the match happen, the match will simply result in a no contest. If one side made considerably more of an effort to get the match scheduled and done, that player will be awarded a win. Here are some things you can do to ensure that you do not lose your match via activity: Immediately leave your opponent a VM on their profile after you receive the highlight, do not miss you and your opponent’s schedule time, provide your opponent with concrete times when you can be reached and reply to your opponent’s VM if they contacted you before you were able to contact them. If you think you can’t do any of these things, it is likely in your best interest to not sign up.

Reverse Rulings
Rulings will not be reversed unless it is immediately appealed and PS and I overlooked a critical piece of evidence. After it is posted in the Administration thread, we reserve the right to reverse the judgment within 12 hours of the decision going public in order to get the best outcome of each situation.

Regarding Eligibility
You must have IPs of approximately one month in the past year to qualify for a region. What you played in another tier's WCoP or what you played in the last Monotype WCoP is irrelevant.

Example: If you played for Midwest last WCoP from Texas, you will be on South this year if you still only have Texas IPs.
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Is there a criteria the captains use to pick the team?
This is just my opinion and not reflective of any current/former MWC managers:

Typically when searching for teammates in the tournaments I've managed, I've considered several things: are they good players and are they a good chat presence?
You can demonstrate that you're a good player by participating in tournaments (individual or otherwise) and doing well in them. I also think that some people have demonstrated a good understanding of the metagame through other ways, such as Neko through QCing and writing analysis in the C&C subforum.
You can show that you will be a good chat presence by having participated in team chats before and having people vouch for you. This happened to me in LCWC, where a player I had played with during UUWC remembered me and vouched for me, and I ended up getting drafted to that team as a substitute. Another example I remember is that in UUFPL, I teamed with a player who was an excellent team chat presence and was constantly available for tests. I ended up drafting them for UUSD as a result. Even if you aren't drafted onto a team right away, you can ask managers to join their team discord and help out that way! Worst case they say no and you can ask a different manager.

Obviously, this will vary between managers -- some managers value player skill more than team presence and vice versa, but in my experience having a good balance of both has led to the most successful teams.

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