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Time to get the show on the road. Manager signups for MPL IX are now open! If you will be signing up, please be sure to read the rules below. There will be two forms of signups: Those for returning managers and those for new managers.
If you are a returning manager, please indicate the team you will be returning to manage by typing the letter assigned to it. Returning managers will be given priority to reclaim their existing teams, but they cannot take over a team that was not previously theirs. If you would like to change the name of the team you previously managed, please include the new team name in your post.

Manager Name:
Assistant Manager (Assman):
Team Name:
Returning Manager:
Previous Team: (Use the assigned letter)
New Team Name (if you're changing it):
Team A: Meteor Falls Miniors
Team B: Dreamyard Darkrais
Team C: Bell Tower Braves
Team D: Goldenrod Gengars
Team E: Tohjo Falls Thunders
Team F: Neverland Nidoqueens
Team G: Mirage Island Milotics
Team H: Fontaine Finis

* Note - MPL has the strictest Team Name convention. If you wish to rename a team, it must be a place that exists in the Pokemon universe. It is up to our discretion if the place you choose only appeared in the Pokemon anime and for only a couple of appearences. Generally 3 or less episodes. Additionally, the first letter of the first word in the name must be the same first letter of the Pokemon name you use with it. I.e. Tohjo Fall Thunders / Bell Tower Braves. Shortened Pokemon names are acceptable if it is still easy to understand which Pokemon it refers to. PM Ticken or me if you have any questions, or we will message you if we believe it doesn't follow a criteria.

Manager name: Splash
Assistant Manager (Assman): jonfilch
Team name: Tohjo Fall Thunders
Returning manager: Yes
Previous team: D
For retaining rights, new managers will be assigned to a team based on affiliation of prior MPLs. If there is no strong affiliation then they can indicate what preference they have for what team to takeover. If you are selected to take over the name of a previous team and would like to change the name of the team you are assigned to, please include the new team name you would like for the team you are assigned. Ability to actually change the name is dependent on the prior manager's approval.

Manager Name:
Assistant Manager (Assman):
Previous Team Affiliations:
Retain Preference 1:
Retain Preference 2:
New Team Name (if you're changing it and have approval):

Manager Name: Omega-Xis
Assistant Manager (Assman): Dirpz
Previous Team Affiliations: Hau'oli Houndooms
Retain Preference 1: Hau'oli Houndooms
Retain Preference 2: Dreamyard Darkrais
New Team Name (if you're changing it and have approval): Foolish Flittles

Manager prices and how they are calculated are tbd.

Standings/Prices from MPL VIII

If you want to retain a player, then the price to retain them is the player's cost from MPL VI plus an additional 3k cost. The minimum cost to retain a player is 10k. There is a maximum of 1 retain per team. Additionally, you can only retain if you keep the previous team's name.
The slots for this MPL are; 4 SV, 1 SS, 1 SM, 1 ORAS, and 1 BW.


The draft date will be decided upon by the managers following the end of Player Signups. Expect the weekend of April 14th-15th! The budget will again be 130k.

The manager selection process is mostly subjective. Ticken and I will select the managers we feel are most strongly involved with the community and display the attitude requisite of a manager.
Manager signups ends on Sunday, April 9th at 10:00PM GMT -4!
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