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:unown-question: Welcome to the second edition of the Monopoke Tournament! :unown-question:
- General tournament rules and regulations can be found here
- For each battle, you will only be allowed to use only one species of Pokémon, which will change for each game. Bringing the wrong species results in a loss by forfeit, no excuses
- Tournament sets are best of five, single elimination
- I will give 5 suggested Pokemon via /randpoke natdex, but you are free to change some or all of them if your opponent agrees
- Mono X means only one of a specific species of Pokémon is allowed. Mono Mareanie is a battle where only Mareanie (:mareanie:) is allowed
- If a species has multiple forms, any form is allowed. Mono Rotom would allow any Rotom appliance or the base form (:rotom-wash: :rotom-heat: :rotom-frost: :rotom-mow: :rotom-fan: :rotom:) since they are all obtainable and have the same dex number
- Battles are to be done in the most recent generation that the Pokémon is obtainable in. Mono Cinderace (:cinderace:) would be in Gen 9, Mono Zacian (:zacian: :zacian-crowned:) would be in Gen 8, and Mono Beedrill (:beedrill: :buginium-z: :beedrill-mega:) would be in Gen 7. I will tell you what generation to play each in.
- Monopoke battles in Gen 7 will allow Z-Moves and Mega-Evolution but Dynamax and Terastalization are not allowed in their respective generations. Mono Pidgeot would allow Pidgeot with or without a Z-Crystal or Mega Pidgeot (:pidgeot: :flyinium-z: :pidgeot-mega:), but Garbodor will not be able to Gigantamax (:garbodor: x:garbodor-gmax:).
- You may sometimes need to challenge in Ubers or AG if the Pokemon is banned from that 1v1 generation, but 1v1 rules (like no Focus Sash or Perish Song) will still apply.
A reminder that these Pokemon are suggested not required. If you and your opponent agree to use different Pokemon, that is fine

Sanshokuinsumireko  vs  Tom1535

9 - Talonflame
8 - Togepi, Poliwhirl, Crobat, Incineroar

Leru  vs Eeveekid10

8 - Celebi, Nidoran, Stufful, Piloswine
7 - Rattata (all)

frogfacts  vs  DripLegend

9 - Applin
8 - Cherubi, Rowlett, Bulbasaur
7 - Greninja

bo_bobson27  vs  lavarina

9 - Great Tusk, Squawkabilly (all)
8 - Feebas, Golbat, Porygon

roxie  vs  silver grace

9 - Wo-Chien, Samurott*
8 - Archen, Moltres, Throh

/challenge gen 9 1v1 @@@ +samurott, samurott-hisui

MultiPokemon  vs  Clastia

9 - Blissey, Capsakid, Misdreavus, Wooper (both)
8 - Drapion

Elo Bandit  vs  Lady Salamence

9 - Sudowoodo, Zweilous, Raichu*
8 - Dewpider, Dialga

/challenge gen 9 1v1 @@@ +raichu-alola

bored_glitch  vs  torterraxx

9 - Clauncher, Passimian, Persian*
8 - Caterpie, Reshiram

/challenge gen 9 1v1 @@@ +persian-alola

Dorron  vs  Typical_bastard

9 - Shelgon, Electrode*
8 - Dialga
7 - Prinplup, Simisage

/challenge gen 9 1v1 @@@ +electrode-hisui

TrainerPla  vs  Fragments

9 - Glalie, Mareanie, Teddiursa
8 - Yamper
7 - Manaphy

Fleeting Memories  vs  Sificon

9 - Barraskewda, Hippopotas
8 - Darmanitan (both), Kommo-o
7 - Fearow

Here Comes Team Charm!  vs  Arvinraj K III C

9 - Lokix, Muk, Tauros*
8 - Roselia
7 - Spinda

/challenge gen 9 1v1 @@@ +tauros

This round ends around 11:59 PM +0 on Sunday, January 29th.
Replays are required!
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