Media Meme songs that unironically slap [NO EMBEDS]

That one Siivagunner rip that's a version of Iyaz - Replay with Super Mario 64 instruments

Daft Punk - Pee is Stored in the Balls (me and some acquaintances were jamming to it earlier tonight in fact!)

Kanye West - Imposter

Drake - Good Morning USA and Family Guys (ft. Kanye West)

Linkin Park - Numb (80s Synthpop Remix)

For my fellow indie nerds, there's this one version of Twin Fantasy (specifically the 2011 version) that someone made (the fact that Bodys still holds up is kinda insane)

Someone made a version of the PMD Explorers of the Sky soundtrack with every instrument replaced by airhorns, and a lot of the songs (i.e. Temporal Spire) sound shockingly good

This probably doesn't count, but Jellyfish - Ignorance is Bliss (video version here) slaps WAYYYYY harder than it has any right to
This song often played in the background of those short lived "slander" videos. The song grew on me over time and now it's a personal favorite.

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