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Mega Granbull @ Granbullite

New Moves:
Jaw Lock
Dark Pulse & Moonblast

Ability: Resilience; This Pokemon's Sp. Attack is raised by 1 stage after being hit with a Damaging Attack, so basically Stamina but for Sp. Attack.
Granbull @ Granbullite
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 212 HP / 44 Atk / 252 SpA
Quiet Nature
- Heal Bell
- Thunder Wave
- Jaw Lock
- Moonblast​
Granbull's Ability works extremely well with Granbull's great bulk and decently defensive typing. It also works well under Misty Terrain as for it to not be crippled by status such as Toxic or Burn in case you don't run Heal Bell. It works best under Grassy Terrain due to passive recovery which Granbull is missing.

Mega Stats:
HP: 90

Attack: 120
Defense: 115 (+40)
Sp. Attack: 70 (+10)
Sp. Defense: 110 (+50)
Speed: 45
BST: 550 (+100)


Mega Mightyena @ Mightyenite
(After Yena Mode Activates)

New Moves:
Ability: Yena Mode; this Ability's name is a play on words. Yena means Peace in Korean and Might
yena is this Pokemon's name. However this name is also ironic as once at 50% of its Max HP or under, it becomes aggressive and transforms into another form; works basically like Zen Mode.
Mightyena @ Mightyenite
Ability: Moxie
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Wish
- Protect
- Play Rough
- Sucker Punch​
Mightyena is a terrifying threat under Psychic Terrain; Mightyena having crippling bulk allows for it to be easily destroyed by priority moves such as Bullet Punch, Extreme Speed, etc. It also enjoys Misty Terrain to not be crippled by Burn.

Mightyena -
Mega Stats:
HP: 70
Attack: 90
Defense: 120 (+50)
Sp. Attack: 60
Sp. Defense: 110 (+50)
Speed: 70
BST: 520 (+100)

Mightyena-Yena -
Mega Stats:
HP: 70
Attack: 140 (+50)
Defense: 70
Sp. Attack: 60
Sp. Defense: 60
Speed: 120 (+50)
BST: 520


Mega Stoutland @ Stoutlanite

New Moves:
Close Combat & Double Edge
Ability: Parallelism; This ability can be good if used the right way,
If the Opposing Pokemon's Stats are changed, Stoutland copies those stats but "contracts" them, Example: Opposing Pokemon uses Close Combat, Stoutland's Defense and Sp. Defense are raised by 1 stage, but if the opposing Pokemon uses Dragon Dance, Stoutland's Speed and Attack are lowered by 1 stage. This Ability sort of hinders it as setting up immediately ruins it. Note: If Stoutland uses Superpower, his Attack and Defense will still be lowered by 1 stage.
Stoutland @ Stoutlanite
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Return
- Facade
- Close Combat
- Play Rough​
Works well under Misty Terrain so that it can't be crippled by Burn if you're not running Facade. It enjoys Grassy Terrain for its passive recovery. Psychic Terrain so it can't be revenge killed.

Mega Stats:
HP: 85
Attack: 121 (+11)
Defense: 114 (+24)
Sp. Attack: 45
Sp. Defense: 114 (+24)
Speed: 121 (+41)
BST: 600 (+100)
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Mega Stoutland
Ability: Adaptability
Type: Normal
HP: 85
Atk: 130 +20:0
Def: 100 +10
Spatk: 65 +20
Spdef: 100 +10
Spd: 110 +30
New Moves: None
Description: Return is a very powerful STAB with adaptability however ghost types and steel types can switch into it reliably and while it does get superpower and crunch it can't setup well only having howl and 85/100/100 defenses with an ehhh defensive typing allows it to be revenge killed reliably. I think this can be a good cleaner with decent speed and enough bulk to sponge a hit or 2 at full HP. I gave stoutland as it can make sense lore wise as Stoutland will learn to be in a family after a few days making it adaptable to all people and trainers and has now learned how to use this skill in battle.
Ability: Reckless
Type: Fairy
Moves: Moon Crash (A 100 BP 100 Acc that has 25% recoil)
HP: 90
Atk: 160 +40
Def: 95 +20
Spatk: 60
Spdef: 60
Spd: 85 +40
Description: A very powerful wallbreaker as Granbull has decided that it will no longer be timid and attack with everything it has, nothing held back. Moon Crash was the best name I could think off for a stab that works with reckless as fairy type moves are usually fantastical, or related to the moon. It has pitiful bulk and low speed but it can hit like a truck with a decent stab and has the coverage to beat switch ins but has a hard time getting in, definitely would be more niche.
New Ability: Mold Breaker
Type: Fairy/Ground

New stats
HP: 90
Attack: 120 ->135 (+25)
Defense: 75 ->115 (+40)
Special Attack: 60
Special Defense: 60 ->80 (+20)
Speed: 45 ->60 (+15)
(BST) 450 ->550

New moves
: Spikes
"Mega Evolution causes Granbull to become aggressive. It attacks any pokemon that provokes it, without caring about its abilities."
Description: Mold Breaker is an ability that has some interesting uses. With its newfound ground type, it can threaten levitaters that are weak to ground, like the Rotom-Heat or Weezing. It can also bypass Magic Bounce and use Toxic or Taunt or set up Spikes. It can also ignore Dragonite's Multiscale and hit it hard with a fairy type move.
Sandbox: *fu135115060080060
New Ability: Queenly Majesty
Type: Dark/Fairy

New stats
HP: 70
Attack: 90 ->120 (+30)
Defense: 70 ->85 (+15)
Special Attack: 60
Special Defense: 60 ->70 (+10)
Speed: 70 ->115 (+45)
(BST) 420 ->520
New moves
: Beat Up, Parting Shot, Spirit Break, Superpower
"Mega Mightyena are considered royalty within their pack. Every pokemon in its pack follows its orders without question."
Description: This is a reference to the structure of hyena packs, where females are at the top, and the male hyenas are at the bottom. Some notable pokemon its ability lets it check are Mega Flygon, Scizor if it runs Fire Fang, and Mega Lycanroc Midday and Bisharp if it runs Superpower.
Sandbox: *df120070055090115
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Congrats to KeroseneZanchu, shinxthe17!, abismal, and (twice over) Paulluxx for winning last slate. Also I somehow completely last balance poll for once. Shows how out of it was last week, even compared to usual.

Anyway, I'm not really a dog person, but I've always been weirdly fond of Stoutland despite mediocrity. So here's that mon with two other mons that decidedly are also less Doubles oriented this time, especially since I threw caution to the wind for once and thus might have gone a bit overboard in terms of move and individual power. Shrug. All I know is that ironically Stoutland-Mega got finished last anyway despite having the basic idea for it from the beginning. [/blathering] [/insomnia]


New Ability: Bit and Run - This Pokémon's bite-based attacks have 2x power but have their priority decreased by 1 and force it to switch out immediately upon successful damage.
{pre-Mega abilities were Intimidate / Quick Feet / Rattled (hidden ability)}

Atk: 120 → 150 (+30)
Def: 075 → 105 (+30)
SpA: 060 → 060 (+00)
SpD: 060 → 100 (+40)
Spe: 045 → 045 (+00)
(BST: 450 → 550)

Movepool Additions: Destiny Bond, Hyper Fang, Misty Terrain, Pain Split, Psychic Fangs, Shadow Bone

Pokédex Entries: Pokémon Sword: "The explosive change of Mega evolution has scared Granbull half to death, trapping it in some kind of astral form. It seems scared of its own shadowy form."
Pokémon Shield: "Even as a ghost-like being, Granbull retains a timidness that is contrary to its even fiercer looks, but if it is attacked, then it retaliates in absolutely vicious fashion before fleeing."

Description: Playing into Granbull's timidity, it scares itself (half) to death, gaining type Ghost in the process and getting to take advantage of a typing that Mimikyu doesn't really use defensively for the most part given that Disguise does all the heavy-lifting unless it too becomes Mega; the same goes for Clefairy-Mega. Originally I was going to have this Granbull-Mega become Fairy/Normal as a nod to its original type and because I think Fairy/Normal is actually underrated as a typing and just stuck on crappy mons. Then I changed its ability to (the second version of) Bit and Run (after taking it from Mightyena-Mega), however, and realized that with that new ability this would become the second coming of Dracovish with Hyper Fang if I let it keep the returned Normal typing due to STAB, which would be...Very Bad. So, yeah, that had to change.

Speaking of Bit and Run, yes, it's a pun and not a typo that allows this somewhat sturdy mon to pivot out in a rather interesting manner even though it likely takes a hit in the first place. Granted, it was probably already doing so given it kept its abysmal Speed unchanged, so it's not really a loss, especially when all its other direct attacks are unaffected. Despite not being as outright bulky as Mimikyu-Mega (and somehow still being slower), it both hits harder, especially with its non-STAB biting moves, and has access to Heal Bell and now Misty Terrain to be more of a team player. This Granbull-Mega also technically doesn't have to use or even invest any Atk stats to use its ability since it "should" trigger on Super Fang even though that won't get the power boost and will still be -1 and force the switch; oh no, a free switch after halving HP, how horrible. Finally, its sluggish Speed does allow it to play mind games with Destiny Bond more than most other mons can, especially in conjunction with its ability making it "safe" until it switches out otherwise even though Destiny Bond thankfully can't be spammed repeatedly anymore. (Still might be enough to make Destiny Bond obnoxious enough to have to be removed though.)

Honestly, I just wanted one of these mons to focus on biting attacks while also doing something more interesting than just something like Strong Jaw since biting moves, like punch moves, tend to get shortchanged for the most part. So I hope this is interesting enough while still being fair.


New Ability: Decoy - This Pokémon's attacks are critical hits if the user moves after the target.
{pre-Mega abilities were Intimidate / Quick Feet / Moxie (hidden ability)}

Atk: 090 → 100 (+10)
Def: 070 → 110 (+40)
SpA: 060 → 070 (+10)
SpD: 060 → 110 (+50)
Spe: 070 → 060 (-10)
(BST: 420 → 520)

Movepool Additions: Beat Up, Bone Rush, Moonlight, Parting Shot, Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb

Pokédex Descriptions: Pokémon Sword: "Its matted fur and slovenly appearance are deceptive. It is smart enough to wipe away its tracks as it walks and can accumulate enough dirt and leaves in its fur to easily blend in with its environment."
Pokémon Shield: "Even after being infused with the energy of Mega evolution, Mightyena remains a pack Pokémon and prefers to use group tactics. If you see one in the wild, then you're likely already surrounded."

Description: [Insert meme from the only good Jurassic Park movie here...that makes me realize what I can change my avatar to for at least the rest of week.]

...So, this began as something completely different before I was rather rudely remained just how lacking Mightyena's stats are. Meme number BST aside, it's not as bad as some other mons, but its stats stil aren't...great--or even good, really. Ironically, its BST not being absolutely trash made it a bit harder since it made it unclear if this was one of the mons that more liberties can be taken with stat-wise just because it would be doomed otherwise, e.g. Beedrill-Mega, Butterfree-Mega, Kricketune-Mega, etc. As such, I tried to "color within the lines" by "only" taking liberties with everything else.

To that end, Dark/Poison seemed the obvious choice even before the fact that hyenas are known for being scavengers, especially given what its original, far lesser ability was for my initial version of this Mega. The ability it has now is an inverse of Mega-Luxray's ability, which annoyingly has the name I would have rather used for this, but "Decoy" is fine here. "Decoy" hitting "everything" but the really tanky mons that this already gets Taunt and now Parting Shot for is part of what (maybe) lets me get away with putting so little of the Mega boost into its attacking stats--a "mere" 100 Atk that "always" crits is basically around 140 Atk. While this can't compete with Drapion-Mega on the physical side as far as bulkiness goes and this hits Steel mons less hard than that, it is at least more specially defensive, has self-healing, and can pivot. I hope that's enough to differentiate it without rending that useless or being rendered useless in turn, especially since it just kind of wrecks fasters set-up mons like nothing if they think it they can rely on defensive boosts. The same go for slower set-up mons since they tend to be weak to at least one of its STABs or at least vulnerable to Taunt--often both.

Just keep it away from mons with Battle Armor, Shell Armor, or Neutralizing Gas though. They'll laugh it out of the room harder than any fellow hyena would.


New Ability: High-Altitude Hiker - This Pokemon is healed 1/4 by Ice, 1/8 by Hail; is hurt 1.25x by Fire, 1/8 by Sun.
{pre-Mega abilities were Intimidate / Sand Rush / Scrappy (hidden ability)}

Atk: 110 → 130 (+20)
Def: 090 → 120 (+30)
SpA: 045 → 045 (+00)
SpD: 090 → 120 (+30)
Spe: 080 → 100 (+20)
(BST: 500 → 600)

Movepool Additions: Bonemerang, Double-Edge, Heal Bell, Mega Kick, Rock Slide, Stomping Tantrum

Pokédex Entries: Pokémon Sword: "Its claws and the hair of its mustache have lengthened and hardened enough to rend rock, causing it some distress even though it still resolves to rescue people and Pokémon."
Pokémon Shield: "The changes to its body, including its heavier fur and weight, have made it far worse for water rescues, so it strives to do its best helping people and Pokémon in mountainous areas."

Description: And now we come to the last but definitely not least of the dangerous doggies, the one that is objectively the best in terms of at least its base form's usability. In fact, Stoutland is so decent compared to the other two that it's the only one I feel like I actually have to ensure its Mega form doesn't outright obviate the base form of it and is instead a (substantial) sidegrade. This especially since its main problem in its base form was its lack of coverage and not having the strongest STAB it could (especially after Frustration and Return got Dexit'd), which the additional moves it got more than solve for it. (It helps it that it too got six just because the other two did and because Marowak is apparently the best "doggo" of them all.)

As such, this Stoutland-Mega is designed to play better in Hail than in Sandstorm by getting what's essentially "Dry Skin but for Ice and Hail" given how much being good in icy conditions pops up in its official Pokédex entries for whatever reason. Even so, it's still adept at playing in Sand given its added type of Ground, especially since a Sandstorm team would definitely appreciate a mon that can take Ice attacks for free while still also being immune to Electric attacks. Basically any team can appreciate a mon that's outright immune to Boltbeam and even outright healed by the icy part of that combination though.

Sure, this Stoutland-Mega loses out on the Speed of its base of form when Sand is up and gains unfortunate additional weaknesses to Water and Grass (and technically Fire and Sun), but it overall gains longevity between that the immunity and added bulk while also bringing more support in the addition of Heal Bell. Also, as Diggersby has proven, Normal/Ground is an extremely good offensive typing to have STAB for even without Huge Power. While this doesn't hit as hard as Diggersby (and shouldn't given its better base bulk and speed), it's still hard to switch in on, even for Ghosts. This already has Crunch in addition to also being somewhat incentivized to use Stomping Tantrum if it doesn't want to potentially miss its new Ground STAB and/or if it wasnts to use Mega Kick over Double-Edge, which takes further advantage of any grounded Ghost trying to switch into its Normal STABs. Additionally, if can still just use Facade if it wants, meaning it can still even be used to absorb status without having to use Heal Bell, especially if Hail is up.

Speaking of the seemingly weird choices of its two Ground attacks, I mostly wanted to give it a powerful option (Bonemerang) and an always accurate option (Stomping Tantrum). I could have just given it Earthquake and been done with arguably both of those options, but that seems like it would go against the flavor of a rescue mon as a whole as potentially backfire in Doubles and with all of the Grassy Terrain everywhere; as it is, I already decided to get rid of High Horsepower as a middle-of-the-road option given I wanted to cap myself to six moves, which already feels like a lot even with the new types added for all the Megas in this slate. Besides, Bonemerang is strictly funnier than Earthquake anyway, if sadly not 100% accurate, and both breaks Substitutes and finishes off giving all three of these Megas a Bone-based attack stolen borrowed from Marowak's family. Yay for communism sharing.

(Also, since weight has never come up, despite the additional fluff both figuratively and literally, I guess this still will be treated as if it takes 80 BP from Low Kick and Grass Knot and the like. Please don't make me think about weight even though I just brought it up. Have mercy.)
im home now lol

Type: Dark -> Dark, Fighting
Ability: Pack Leader - Using a Sound-based move raises the Attack of this Pokémon by 1 stage credit to Exploziff for the current Ability
Mega Stone: Mightyenite

HP: 70
Atk: 90 -> 130 (+40)
Def: 70 -> 74 (+4)
SpA: 60 -> 65 (+5)
SpD: 60 -> 70 (+10)
Spe: 70 -> 111 (+41)

New Moves: Close Combat, Fake Out, Noble Roar, U-Turn

"Mightyena gives obvious signals when it is preparing to attack. It starts to growl deeply and then flattens its body..." - Ruby dex entry
"In the wild, Mightyena live in a pack. They never defy their leader's orders. They defeat foes with perfectly coordinated teamwork." - Emerald dex entry

When I first saw the Ruby and Emerald Pokédex entries for Mightyena, I was immediately interested in the aspect of teamwork that is mentioned, partly from my newfound interest in VGC, but also from how in real life hyena clubs work together in a similar way - different pitches of sounds and actions. Because of this, I felt that the only right to base it around sounds and actions.

The addition of Fake Out and Noble Roar (while inferior to Growl) along with Howl, Snarl and Intimidate allow it to function as a helper in the pack, as well as a leader (specifically Howl boosts teammate attack by 1 stage as well as its own by 2), further boosted by U-Turn to support teammates even further commit further into the idea of working as a pack effectively. Close Combat allows Mightyena to have Fighting-type STAB that reflects its combat style, along with its diverse movepool. The ability replicates this idea of being a leader in such a way that whenever it can support its allies via sound it can also benefit as a result.
Mega Mightyena can function as an effective setup sweeper and revenge killer in the UU and OU metagames, as well as being able to work as a threat queller with Intimidate, Growl and Snarl in UU. 111 Speed allows Mightyena to threaten and OHKO the likes of Lycandusk and Azelf, as well as threaten a majority of the UU tier, and 130 Attack further boosts it's offensive potential. However, it's defensive stats are quite lacking, along with its Special Attack, and so without investment can fall victim to many of the tier's bulkier Pokémon like Conkeldurr in one hit. Mega Altaria completely shuts it down, as both Pixilate Return and Moonblast OHKO at -2 with proper investment. Aegislash and Primarina as a triple core for this reason works as an excellent pair for this reason, with Aegislash beating Mega Altaria, Mega Boltund (on a safe switch), Tapu Bulu and Togekiss, as well as being a status soaker, and threatening both Scarf Terrakion and Nihilego, Primarina beats every Dark-type and Fire-type in the tier, and Mightyena beats every other Pokémon in the tier.
In VGC Restricted, Mightyena can act as a support Pokémon for both Zacian and Groudon teams, giving them a +1 boost from Howl, having both Growl and l Intimidate to reduce physically offensive pressure, Snarl for specially offensive pressure, and Fake Out and U-Turn for protecting both the ally on the field and scouting out a possible switch-in for an ally in the back. However, since it faces steep competition from Incineroar as the best support mega in the tier, users must be aware of Burning Jealousy possibly crippling both Mega Mightyena and Groudon/Zacian. Unlike Incineroar, however, Mightyena can threaten an OHKO against all Calyrex-Shadow builds not behind Substitute or with an anti-priority effect up with Sucker Punch without having to remove a vital part of its kit, effectively removing possibly the most dangerous sweeper in the entire metagame. Kyogre is also threatened by this, however it is not a big enough amount of damage to really threaten it without also replacing the weather in the process (which Tornadus can reset with Prankster Rain Dance). Trick Room teams with Pokémon like Calyrex-Ice and Dialga are countered by Mightyena, but its ideal Restricted partners also can.

Unfortunately, I do not know enough about the M4A VGC Regular metagame to comment on Mightyena's role, and so it is excluded.
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Mega Mightyena

New Ability
: Delight
If an opponent's Pokémon switches out or is forced out, the user's Atk is raised by 1 stage.

Type: Dark | Ghost

New stats
HP: 70
Attack: 90 → 125 (+35)
Defense: 70 → 80 (+10)
Special Attack: 60
Special Defense: 60 → 95 (+35)
Speed: 70 → 90 (+20)
BST: 420 → 520 (+100)

New moves:
Poltergeist, Jaw Lock, Pain Split, Curse, Destiny Bond

1) Description
Imagine it's dark, and you are alone in a forest. If you hear a terrifying howl, you are naturally inclined to run away, aren't you?

Well, I wanted to translate this aspect into the metagame where Mega Mightyena can rely on Roar, Curse, Destiny Bond, and the fear of trapping (read: Jaw Lock) to force out switches and gain Attack boost(s). The most interesting aspect about Jaw Lock is that, normally, this move traps both the user and the target. However, as Mega Mightyena now has a secondary Ghost type, it is thus immune to trapping and can switch out whenever it wants to. So, there are no repercussions for using Jaw Lock.

If you were wondering about the Ghost type or the addition of Poltergeist, we have to look at hyenas' depictions in culture. In some cultures, hyenas were believed to influence people's spirits. In West African culture specifically, hyenas symbolize immortality and are often associated with witches, acting as their familiar. What's more, according to the cultural lore, witches use hyenas like a steed, and it's not uncommon for them to transform into or possess these animals. Thus, the secondary Ghost type alludes to a hyena's supposed immortality and its status as a spiritual creature able to influence people. As for Poltergeist, this move underlines the interchangeability between hyenas and witches; they are one and the same and able of the act of possession.

2) Competitive
Mega Mightyena is meant to capitalize on switches by resorting to different tools and creating mindgames.

- The existence of Sucker Punch means, if Mega Mightyena faces a weakened Pokémon, the opponent might want to switch out their Pokémon to preserve it.
- STAB Poltergeist ensures Mega Mightyena's offensive pressure as the Ghost type is one of the best offensive types.
- The fear of a Pokémon being trapped by Jaw Lock will often force opponents to switch out their Pokémon before they get hit by this move.
- Moves like Roar, Curse, and Destiny Bond reinforce a forced switch. Roar deserves a mention for its ability to get you 2-3 boosts if you predict the switch!

As you can see, Mega Mightyena has many options to force a switch and gain Attack boosts. Since it relies on this tactic, it will naturally synergize well with hazards to wear down opposing Pokémon. Moreover, the Ghost type is very nice to have on Mega Mightyena as it prevents the opponent from removing hazards with Rapid Spin!

Mega Granbull

New Ability
: Grass Pelt

: Fairy | Ground

New stats
HP: 90
Attack: 120 → 140 (+20)
Defense: 75 → 105 (+30)
Special Attack: 60
Special Defense: 60 → 95 (+35)
Speed: 45 → 60 (+15)
BST: 450 → 550 (+100)

New moves:
Moonlight, High Horsepower, Parting Shot

1) Description
Looks are deceiving.

In fact, while Granbull is quite good at scaring people and Pokémon with its intimidating appearance, it is an ineffective guardian since it's too timid, according to the Pokédex. I wanted to further underline this threatening look but make it more efficient as a protector once it reaches its potential in a Mega form. Thus came the idea of Grass Pelt Mega Granbull.

Although the choice of Grass Pelt may seem unusual, if you were to look through some folklores about fairy dogs, you will soon realize why I went with that direction; after all, fairy dogs are called Cù-Sìth in Scottish folklore. As a green spectral hound with long shaggy fur and the size of a bull, they haunt the Scottish Highlands and were considered the harbringer of death, much like a Grim Reaper! If you were to hear their howls, you had to immediately seek a safe place; otherwise, you could die from terror by the time you heard the third and final warning soundl! In this sense, Grass Pelt alludes to the Cù-Sìth's physiognomy and their associations with death, making Mega Granbull look even more scary than before!

As for the secondary Ground type, this can be explained by the fact that Cù-Sìth were roaming the moors and made their homes in rocky crevices. Moreover, these fairy dogs were known for kidnapping women, forcing them to provide milk for the Daoine Sìth, a supernatural race believed to be gods or spirits of nature; these beings lived underground in fairy mound. It is said that "beneath these mounds were the entrances to a parallel universe where they live that exists alongside the human world". Against this background, Mega Granbull's secondary Ground type can be seen as a reference to a Cù-Sìth's natural habitat and its role as a guardian and helper of the supernatural folk.

If you are looking for an in-game explanation, well, Grass Pelt could prevent Mega Granbull from being severely affected by the water of the moor . What's more, Mega Granbull can assume the role of a guardian--someone who makes sure that fairy babies like Flabébé are protected; even Grass Pokémon, especially Grassy Terrain setters like Rillaboom or Tapu Bulu, appreciate its presence since, thanks to the secondary Ground type, Mega Granbull can take care of Poison, Steel, and Fire Pokémon that would threaten the aforementioned Pokémon, otherwise.

2) Competitive
Mega Granbull makes of use an extremely underutilized ability by working with Grassy Terrain setters; they both form a very synergistic core as a result.

On the offensive side, Mega Granbull threatens Poison, Steel, and Fire Pokémon that generally make life difficult for Grassy Terrain setters, like Rillaboom or Tapu Bulu. On the defensive side, the combination of Grass Pelt, improved bulk, and dualtype ensures that Mega Granbull can well switch into most physical attackers that threaten the aforementioned Grass Pokémon, like Blaziken, Galarian Zapdos, and Cinderace, among others. In turn, Rillaboom and Tapu Bulu take care of Pokémon that force out Mega Granbull, notably Water Pokémon. So, as we have just seen, Mega Granbull and the Grassy Terrain setters form a very dyadic bond.

However, you don't necessarily need to rely on Grassy Terrain setters for Mega Granbull to work as the dual Fairy and Ground type is pretty good offensively and defensively. Between Play Rough and High Horsepower, Mega Granbull can hit almost any available target for neutral damage, at least. Furthermore, Mega Granbull can check most Electric Pokémon, especially staples like Mega Raichu or Tapu Koko.

The addition of High Horsepower makes sure Mega Granbull isn't hindered by Grassy Terrain. Moonlight synergizes well with Grass Pelt as it improves Mega Granbull's bulk even more, allowing it to switch into specific threats several times and pull off Bulk Up sets effectively. Parting Shot is more for VGC where it can generate momentum and bring in something like Rillaboom. This Pokémon can then click U-Turn to bring in Mega Granbull who profits from Grassy Terrain.
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Banned deucer.
Mega :swsh/granbull: Granbull
Mega Stone: Granbite

Ability: Overcoat

HP - 90 (+0)
ATK - 150 (+30)
DEF - 110 (+35)
SPA - 60 (+0)
SPD - 90 (+30)
SPE - 50 (+5)

New Moves: Knock Off, Milk Drink (I can give it, like, Recover instead - but I think it's funny to give it to mammals :^)

Dex Entry: Granbull's timid and friendly attitude have helped it keep a control on the power and pain brought by Mega Evolution - channeling it into a thick, shaggy coat that gives it a friendlier appearance and help protect its allies. However, its fangs haven't diminished in the slightest, and it is fiercely protective. If you provoke its friends, it will quickly fly into a rage, you will soon regret living, and Mega Granbull will help you rectify that mistake.
So, it's no secret that M4A has come up with some really good beneficiaries of Hail - top of the list being Mega Regice, for starters. In fact, I doubt that we'd ever be able to make a mega that's better in hail than Regice without having to send it to ubers.

And yet, hail is bad. The reason being that the archetype revolves around stacking a single type, which is one of the least versatile types, and with a horrible defensive profile that's weak to two of the most common offensive types in the game and Stealth Rocks. It doesn't matter how good a hail Mega is, because you only get one. It can't carry a team on it's own.

Hail doesn't need beneficiaries, it needs enablers.

Introducing Granbull, the Not A Hail Mega (TM).

Granbull is a solid asset to any team - Fairy/Ground is a wonderful unique typing with great utility both offensively and defensively. Utility with Heal Bell, Thunder Wave, Milk Drink, Toxic, Taunt, Torment, Knock Off, and Bulldoze with its bulk combined with Earthquake, Play Rough, SEdge, Iron Tail, Close Combat, and the Elemental Punches and Bulk Up with its base 150 attack means it can slot into tons of different roles based on what is needed. Overcoat also gets mileage against many teams by letting it ignore Amoongus and Mega Parasect's Spore as well as the much more common Sandstorm damage from Sand Stream users like Hippowdon and Tyranitar, which are often used even outside of Sandstorm teams.

However, it just so happens that Granbull's strengths align perfectly with all of a standard hail team's weaknesses.

The funny thing about Fairy/Ground is that outside of just being a good typing in general, is that it's super effective against all of Ice's weaknesses - Fighting, Fire, Rock, and Steel. Not only that, it also resists all of those weaknesses except Steel (it's neutral), which is also the least common of those types to be used offensively. Ground is also super effective against two of the types that wall Ice - Fire and Steel, while Ice and Water can be handled by Granbull's Fire/Electric coverage via Fire Punch and Thunder Punch (or Wild Charge, if you're feeling spicy). Overcoat, of course, makes sure it doesn't end up getting chipped down by its own team's hail.

You see, Mega Granbull doesn't need to benefit from hail at all because it's a good Pokemon all on its own. It doesn't need to carry a team by itself, because instead it enables all of the other 5 Pokemon on the team to carry themselves.

What a good boyyyy!

:mightyena: Mega Mightyena
New Ability
: Intimidate/Quick Feet/Moxie ---> Bamboozle
("When Mega Mightyena switches in or Mega Evolves, all stat changes on the field are flipped.")
Type: Dark

New Stats:
HP: 70
Attack: 90 -> 100 (+10)
Defense: 70 -> 82 (+12)
SpAtk: 60
SpDef: 60 -> 82 (+22)
Speed: 70 -> 126 (+56)

New Moves: Moonlight, Parting Shot, Pursuit, Gunk Shot, Spirit Break
Hyena's are shown to be symbols of trickery in folklore and are often the representation of the negative traits of man. One concept that can be used is the reversal of normal activites, maybe rather than doing a good deed one has done a misdeed, the opposite of what is positive, negative.

Mightyena also has connections to wolves, which at some point were believed to Howl directly towards the moon rather than as a form of communication, and this particular predator looks like something that would hunt at night rather than day.

Mega Mightyena doesn't directly fix Mightyena's problems, but gives it a role to play in both Singles and VGC as the ultimate roadblock to setup sweepers. Due to its very high speed, it can choose to be more flexible with its EV's when it wants to invest in Bulk or in Power. It's ability allows its pre-intimidate to become easily taken advantage of for Foul Play, a combination that wasn't done with Incineroar's Cheap Heat for balancing complications.

Mightyena can force out switches easily by severely hindering a pokemon that may try to snowball, and knock them out with Pursuit, or can OHKO pokemon that threaten it like Mega-Lurantis with an uninvested Gunk Shot, as Lurantis will have been made frailer from its own defense buffs.

In VGC, Mightyena has the potential to shine outstandingly being able to reverse the effects of Intimidate, Icy Wind, Snarl, and its other spread-counterparts while also providing utility for its teammates and not needing much speed investment to do its job. It pairs extremely well with Incineroar if it wants to abuse Intimidate x2 + Parting Shot into Foul Play.

Overall, Mightyena can take advantage of the opponent with this new tool it has to play with, mostly being ran as a utility pokemon due to its high speed, and can be easily countered due to its attack stat being relatively weak for a mega pokemon, and its bulk increasing by a medium amount.

May or may not have more subs later.
this is a very epic collab with I-Deepblue-I aka delta
Mega Mightyena
New Ability
: (WIP) (This pokemon uses taunt after using a fairy status move.)

New stats:
HP: 70
Attack: 110
Defense: 115
Special Attack: 60
Special Defense: 85
Speed: 80
(520 BST)

New moves: Moonlight, Baby-Doll Eyes, Spirit Break, Bulk Up
Description: i heard you needed more Ghost type checks. this mon is not only a check to Ghost type pokemon such as mega Trevenant, mega Decidueye, Mega dhelmise sorta, and Mega golurk i think. it ofc has a good matchup vs defensive pokemon, having Spirit Break and other moves to prevent set up attempts. its ability (WIP) helps it be a good Stallbreaker, since it can utilize priority move Baby-Doll Eyes or Moonlight to prevent healing from mons such as blissey or Toxapex. or even, Corviknight. it also has Bulk Up for offensive sets, wich are even more threatning.


Maybe the real mega pokemon were the friends we ma
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Mega Granbull
New Ability: Intimidate/Quick Feet/Rattled --> Iron Barbs
New Typing: Fairy (unchanged)

New Stats:
HP: 90
ATK: 120 --> 130 (+10)
: 75 --> 145 (+70)
: 60 (-)
: 60 --> 80 (+20)
: 45 (-)

New Moves
: Jaw Lock, Drain Punch, Encore, Wish

Desc: Pure Fairy is a very fun defensive type that resists a lot of really prominent physical/contact moves, namely Close Combat, Knock Off and U-Turn! In combination with pre-mega Intimidate and its access to Bulk Up, it becomes a formidable Physical tank capable of switching in on and forcing out a wide variety of foes.

In addition, Granbull has unique access to an extremely efficient two-move STAB/coverage combination in Play Rough + Earthquake, leaving two whole moveslots free for it to run tons of different kinds of utility and status, including but not limited to Heal Bell, Thunder Wave, Wish, Bulk Up, Taunt, Toxic, Roar and Reflect (or any variety of useful coverage moves including Fire Punch/Fang, Stone Edge, Drain Punch/Superpower/CC... This thing learns a lot of moves).

Iron Barbs would be like a spikey collar in case that wasnt obvious!

Mega Mightyena
New Ability: Intimidate/Quick Feet/Moxie --> Intimidate
New Typing: Dark/Ghost

New Stats:
HP: 70
ATK: 90 (-)
DEF: 70 --> 80 (+10)
: 60 --> 77 (+17)
: 60 --> 100 (+40)
: 70 --> 103 (+33)

New Moves
: Jaw Lock, Pain Split, Leech Life, Shadow Claw

Desc: The combination of trapping and Intimidate is a really interesting way to pressure opponents and potential switch-ins, with the Ghost typing adding both valuable defensive utility and granting it the ability to freely escape from its own Jaw Lock (which traps both the user and its target) at any time. Pain Split and Leech Life give it some options for recovering its HP, the latter also being useful coverage against Dark-type switch-ins, while Shadow Claw gives it a better physical Ghost STAB than Astonish.

I know keeping a Pokemon's base ability is generally not a popular idea, but Intimidate is a very funny special case here: as you are probably aware, Intimidate activates on Mega Evolution, even if the Pokemon's base ability was already Intimidate! So depending on the situation, you could get it to activate again for whatever switch-in you get, or proc it twice on the same Pokemon even.

I don't know enough about VGC to say for sure without talking out of my ass but on paper this sounds pretty cool there as well; the note about double Intimidate is especially relevant here, as well as being immune to both Prankster moves and Fake Out and having access to Snarl.

I'm here with another balance change poll. As always, you have to sign up with your Google account to vote. But don't worry, no one can see your email address! Below, you can find an explanation for Mega Dragonite and Mega Gumshoos. At the end of this post, you can find the link to the balance change poll.

Since we have less than one week left before M4Auction starts, we can use this time to discuss and poll Pressure Mega Dragonite and see if the revamp is balanced enough for OU / the upcoming tournament. As a reminder, the combination of high offensive stats, bulk, and Tough Claws made Mega Dragonite too much for M4A OU to handle.

Mega Dragonite
Dragon | Flying
Ability: Pressure
Stats: 91 HP | 164 Atk | 120 Def | 130 SpA | 115 SpD | 80 Spe

Description: With its dualtype and great bulk, Mega Dragonite can switch into common physical attackers like Rillaboom, Kartana, Urshifu-Rapid-Strike, and Cinderace, among others. It can also check some special attackers, like Volcarona, Keldeo, Heatran. Since most of these Pokémon rely on strong moves with low pp, Pressure can be thus helpful to limit their actions. With base 120 Def, Mega Dragonite will almost always get OHKOed by Ice Shard from Choice Band Weavile if this Dragon Pokémon doesn't run any bulk investment at all to pull off a set-up set. 164 Atk is to keep the submitter's wish to not change this offensive stat at all. Base 80 Speed allows Kommo-o to outspeed it, and even some fast Mega Pokémon like Jolteon can do that should Mega Dragonite be at +1 speed wise. 130 SpA makes uninvested Dragonite unable to 2HKO defensive Zapdos with Ice Beam. Should you invest into its bulk, then Mega Dragonite can check or wall all the threats I've mentioned before, even after Stealth Rock.

I feel like a more defensive / supportive Mega Dragonite can help to lessen the high offensive pressure we currently have in our metagame, especially if you think about Cinderace, Blaziken, Mega Magmortar, etc.

Mega Gumshoos relies on the move Coil to boost its Defense and Attack, which goes hand in hand with its ability Hustle. As Mega Gumshoos relies on this tactic, it wants to stay on the field as long as possible. Therefore, the addition of Drain Punch could improve its longevity and make room for a moveslot; after all, since Drain Punch does damage, Gumshoos can run Earthquake or Fire Punch as well to hit as many targets as possible, like Aegislash or Corviknight. This wouldn't be possible if Gumshoos were to get Slack Off.

Therefore, I recommend the inclusion of the move Drain Punch.

Link to the balance change poll:
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:Mightyena: Mega Mightyena
New Ability
: Prowler (Before Using a biting move this pokemon uses Howl. But their biting moves have a priotity of -1)
New stats:
HP: 70
Attack: 90
Defense: 100(+30)
Special Attack: 60
Special Defense: 100(+40)
Speed: 100(+30)

New moves: Psychic Fangs
" Mightyena gives obvious signals when it is preparing to attack. It starts to growl deeply and then flattens its body. This Pokémon will bite savagely with its sharply pointed fangs." -Omega Ruby/Ruby Pokedex

:Granbull: Mega Granbull
New Ability
: Friend Guard
New stats:
HP: 90
Attack: 145(+25)
Defense: 100(+35)
Special Attack: 60
Special Defense: 100(+40)
Speed: 45

New moves: Moonlight, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Claw, Poltergeist

:Stoutland: Mega Stoutland
New Ability
: Thick Fat
New stats:
HP: 85
Attack: 135(+25)
Defense: 115(+25)
Special Attack: 65
Special Defense: 115(+25)
Speed: 105(+25)

New moves: Earthquake, Slack Off
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I'm a bit busy this week, so not a lot of time for long descriptions. Anyway here's my subs so I don't end up procrastinating about them later.

Ability: Retribution
- If this pokemon has taken any form of damage this turn, it's moves deal 1.5x damage.
Hp: 90
Atk: 140 (+20)

Def: 120 (+45)
Spa: 60
 70 (+10)
Spe: 70(+25)

New Moves: (Bold = Notable) Thrash, Psychic Fangs, Drain Punch

Desc: For flavor, the ability comes from it's dex entries, stating that it will never attack first. Mechanically, it works as a more conditional but stronger version of analytic. It has excellent coverage, so I couldn't add too much to attack. Therefore, I decided to focus on it's physical bulk the most, which can be boosted further with bulk up to be able to tank most physical moves. I also gave it a form of "recovery" in drain punch, which actually gets pretty strong, as it basically gets a stab boost if it gets hit. I added points into speed mostly to balance it, similar to mega slowking (but obviously not as extreme), but can make use of it to outspeed most variants of heatran and magnezone, plus every celesteela, since granbull has the ability to ohko them likely without needing the boost, and in the case of the latter, so that it potentially doesn't need to tank a heavy slam. Thrash is mostly for flavor, while psychic fangs is more niche, but still usable to hit certain poison types.

(sidennote I got permission from hema to reuse his ability)
Ability: Pounce
- This pokemon is immune to entry hazards. If it lands on any type of entry hazard, it lowers the Defense of adjacent opponents.

Hp: 70
Atk: 110 (+20)
Def: 120 (+50)
Spa: 60

Spd: 70 (+10)
Spe: 90 (+20)

New Moves: (Bold =Notable) Parting Shot, Knock Off (sidenote how does this not get knock off, beat up OR pursuit!?), Slack Off, Beat Up, Stomping Tantrum

Description: Flavor? Uh, a lot of animals pounce, including hyenas. Hyenas are pack hunters, and fittingly, it has a wide support move-pool already (which a lot of people have said already), consisting of moves like heal bell, taunt, toxic, super fang, roar and yawn combined with pre-mega intimidate. I chose to lean into that team player theme here, being able to remove items with new stab knock off, pivot with parting shot, plus sue all of it's existing tools, with new reliable recovery (which sets it apart a bit from Incineroar!). It also gets sucker punch, which can help it finish off weakened pokemon. It kinda has 4mss, but that also makes it's set unpredictable. With all it's surprise coverage, It can keep your opponent guessing for long enough to have made it's mark. I haven't mentioned the speed yet, but it allows it to outspeed pokemon such as heatran, kommoo, fini, rillaboom (though this one's a bit iffy since glide), and in our new M4A UU (if it ends up dropping there), the common excadrill and rotom forms, and hit them with stab, super-effective coverage or pivot out with parting shot, softening the blow for it's teammates.

Idk if i'll end up doing stoutland, so I guess Take Care for now!

Mega Stoutland @ Stoutlandite
Type: Normal
Ability: Winter Coat
Under all forms of hail, Pokémon with this ability and its allies are immune to the effects of hail and take .75x damage from all attacks.
New moves: Body Press, Bulk Up
In multiple of Stoutland's Pokédex entries, it is stated that Stoutland will rescue people from mountains and shelter them from the cold with its long fur. I thought this would be great to turn into an ability, while also providing utility for hail teams. While any form of hail is up, you basically get half of an Aurora Veil on your side for free. I can't imagine this having much usage in singles, but in doubles (or triples) this could be very good support on a hail team. I gave it Body Press and Bulk Up so that it could potentially set up while its middling speed and limited access to recovery prevents it from becoming too powerful.


Mega Mightyena @ Mightyenite
Type: Dark
Ability: Pack Hunter
Every ally that has been on the field (without fainting) with the opposing Pokémon adds +.2x damage to Pokémon with this ability's attacks against that Pokémon. The multiplier resets if either the Pokémon with this ability or the opposing Pokémon switches out.
In multiple of Mightyena's Pokédex entries, it is stated that Mightyena likes to hunt in packs. I thought this would be great to turn into an ability. This is again probably not too useful in singles since switching is so prevalent, but in doubles (or triples) Mightyena basically gets a free 1.2x boost in damage. I considered giving it Swords Dance, but since this is probably more useful in Doubles i think Howl is a somewhat viable setup option.
Let's say you have a Croagunk against a Tapu Lele. Fearing Psychic, you switch into your Mightyena. When your Mightyena goes for crunch against the Lele, it will do 1.2x damage. However, if you switch from Croagunk to Slowking who then Teleports out to Mightyena, your attacks against Lele will now do 1.4x damage.


Mega Granbull @ Granbullite
Type: Fighting/Fairy
Ability: Bull Rush
On the first turn a Pokémon with this ability is out, it has 1.2x Attack and 1.5x Speed.
New Moves: U-Turn
The ability definitely isn't stolen from Radical Red lmao haha lol definitely not at all haha lol,,,

ANYWAYS Bull Rush works much better in singles than doubles (and triples) because of the prevalence of switching, giving U-Turn Granbull lots of opportunities to get good damage off on opposing switch outs. Without U-Turn, Granbull is still scary with faster and stronger STAB Play Rough and Close Combat, and without the effects of the ability Granbull can still do lots of damage with base 140 Attack and Bulk Up.
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Mega Stoutland :stoutland:

Type: Normal/Rock
Ability: Vengeful Hero.
(If an ally has fainted before this pokemon was sent in, its moves do 1.3x damage for 5 turns. Also ignores ghost's immunity to normal while this 5 turn duration is active)
HP: 85-90
ATK: 110-135

DEF: 90-110
SPDEF: 90-120
SPD: 80-100
DEX ENTRY: "This Pokemon has existed for so long that le only part of its body that has not turned into stone is its heart."


Advantages: Good mon to turn the tides with. can do amazing damage without having to use super effective moves. Pairs really well with retaliate.

Disadvantages: Meh typing. Only good in some circumstances.

Mega Granbull :granbull:

Type: Fairy/ Fighting
Ability: Pixilate
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Granbull-Mega :granbull:
Ability : Sharp jaws (Upon landing a sucessfull Bite-based move , inflict the bleeding volatile effect : inflict 1/8 at the end of each turn)

hp : 90
Atk : 145 (+25)
Def : 85 (+10)
SpA : 77 (+17)
SpD : 85 (+25)
Spe : 68 (+23)

New move : Jaw lock , slack off

Granbull jaw are sharp and now he can cause bleeding making it a great wallbreaker thank to the cheap damage. Jaw lock act as a pseudo magma storm, by trapping and inflincting cheap damage through the ability. It also make good use of all its coverage fang move in order to beat specific mon like ferro with fire fang. Slack off help it work on the long run and abuse the cheap damage from the bleeding effect accumulate before clicking playrough or CC to inflict huge damage. While the metagame have a lot of defensive fairy type , or special attacker fairy type , we have few viable fairy physical attacker. By taking advantage of Granbull bulk through slack off and this ability , i wanted to add a Fairy wallbreaker to the metagame to differentiate itself from other fairy in the OU meta. Thank to jaw lock it can beat regen core by forcing them to take huge damage before they can switch through momentum (cf teleport for bro/king) , being able to 2HKO the latest. Also Jaw lock work really well with the fairy typing as main jaw lock SI would be afraid of a stabbed playrough.

Stoutland-Mega :stoutland:
Ability : Secourism (Upon switchin in , cure the pokemon it replaced from its non-volatile status condition)

Hp : 85
Atk : 135 (+35)
Def : 110 (+20)
Spa: 45
SpD : 110 (+20)
Spe : 105 (+25)

New move : U-turn (It can now come back when it fetch the ball :P)

Description :
The good doggo is here to the rescue ! Mega stoutland was designed as a fast offensive support, healing its team mate from their status. It can act as a really good rillaboom support by making it less scared of switching into scald from mon such as tapu fini , and also work really well in balance by lessening toxic weaknesses on some mon. U-turn help it in this support role by giving it momentum that work wonder with this ability. It therefore an excellent pivoting cleric that can help the team recover from their statu while not lossing momentum , helping maintain the offensive pressure , which it can also help in thanks to its high attack and good offensive movepool. Its speed tier allow to outspeed most defensive threath that are spamming status move so it can itself dodge them as it don't have a way to heal itself. He is a good boi at the service of the team.

Mega-Mightyena :mightyena: (Collab with SimpyShrimp)
Ability: Stakeout

Atk :115(+25)
Def :90(+20)
SpA :60
SpD :90(+30)
Spe : 95(+25)

I was looking through stuff to test in the sandbox a while ago, and i ended up looking on a rather forgotten mon : Mightyena. And looking through its movepool i thought : "hey that could be a fun stakeout user" .
Indeed this mon have relatively low natural stat so giving it the really strong stakout ability isn't that problematic , and it can pair really well with its acces to sucker punch and yawn ( making your opponent want to switch to eitheir not die to sucker or fall asleep from yawn), as well as other move such as taunt making your opponent want to switch to eitheir not die to sucker or fall asleep from yawn . Stakeout also combine prety well with pre mega intimidate or moxie. The first one allowing to threaten more offensive mon , while the other can be used to punish an opponent no switching a weakened mon in fear of stakeout. All in all , this mega is all about mind game , which i think can be a pretty fun take on the dark hyena.

How can that mon be good in the metagame ? Thank to stakeout and good movepool it is able to 2HKO some of its check like buzzwole with play rough or some bulky fairy with iron tail. It also inflict heavy damage on SI corvi makig it pretty weak to prior cheap damage. Its a really good mon mid-game to profit from your opponent having weakned mon and forcing sack (just like a hyena would go after injured mon). Its acces to sucker punch give ita tool to revenge kill faster mon and giving it utility in the end game as a finisher.
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Mega Granbull :granbull:
Fairy Type
HP: 90
ATK: 150 (+30)
DEF: 85 (+10)
SP.ATK: 60
SP.DEF: 60
SPEED: 100 (+60)
Chase and Chew: When this Pokémon uses a move on the same target or is targeted by the same opponent twice in a row damage is increased by 50%
New moves: Jaw Lock, Fake Out
Granbull Pokémon GIF - Granbull Pokémon - Descubre & Comparte GIFs
Type: Dark
Ability: Pack Hunt - When the opposing team has less Pokemon then the ally team, this Pokemon has +1 attack

HP: 70
ATK: 90 -> 130 (+40)
DEF: 70 -> 95 (+25)
SPA: 60
SPD: 60
SPE: 70 -> 105 (+35)
New Moves: Pursuit, Knock Off
Summary: The hunt is on with Mega-Mightyena! A lot of Mightyena's dex entries state that it hunts in packs, so I decided to show the strength in numbers that packs give. Pack Hunt punishes suicide leads and sacking mons off, because otherwise you might have just gave this a +1 attack boost! Pursuit allow it to finish off weakened Pokemon that the opponent tries to save to not activate your ability, and Knock Off is a staple of any dark type. It has ok physical bulk and a pretty good speed tier, but not a lot of coverage.

Type: Fairy/Fighting
Ability: Emergency Exit

HP: 90
ATK: 120 -> 135 (+15)
DEF: 75 -> 95 (+20)
SPA: 60 ->
SPD: 60 -> 80 (+20)
SPE: 45 -> 90 (+45)
New Moves: Fake Out, Wish, Reversal
Summary: Because Granbull is "easily spooked and timid", no wonder it wants to get out of a situation where it's under half health after it mega evolves! Fairy/Fighting is a pretty decent defensive typng, resisting Stealth Rocks, but its weak to some of the most common types like Fairy and Flying. It acts as a really good piviot though, providing Wish support with being able to heal itself and its allies, and fun fact: pivot moves do not pivot if they activate Emergency Exit, so you can possibly get a pretty neat play with that. (Edit: added Reversal due to synergy w/ ability)
Type: Normal/Ground
Ability: Slush Rush

HP: 85
ATK: 110 -> 140 (+30)
DEF: 90 -> 100 (+10)
SPA: 45 -> 65 (+20)
SPD: 90 -> 100 (+10)
SPE: 80 -> 100 (+20)
New Moves: Hail, Icicle Crash, High Horsepower, Stealth Rock, Swords Dance
Summary: Stoutland's dex entries are... oddly focused on ice and coldness. "rescues people stranded by blizzards on mountains", "fur shields it from the cold", "fine even overnight on a wintery mountain", "pays no mind to the cold", "in cold regions". So to me, it made so much sense to give it Slush Rush! Mega-Stoutland having the ground type helps cover almost all of ice's weaknesses, which lets it be a huge asset on hail teams, and hail teams support it too! What's ice type's only resistance? Ice, which Mega-Stoutland is weak to! Arctozolt, part of one of the recent new cores in hail, can take care of Corviknight, which causes a lot of trouble for this doggo, and Mega-Stoutland breaks past everything Arctozolt cannot after that. It enjoys having a higher speed tier to outspeed threats like Scarf Kartana under hail, which can otherwise be very problematic for the traditional setter of hail, Alolan Ninetails, and beats Arctozolt if it gets chipped down. It having access to Stealth Rock gives it a unique niche on hail, and resisting Stealth Rocks is really important too. It also takes advantage of Aoura Veil to setup using Swords Dance to increase its attack power. However, it doesn't appreciate taking a Grassy Glide from Rillaboom, nor does the rest of the hail core.
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Still haven't been able to access discord, so just DM me what you what me to change
will finish later
Mega Mightyena :mightyena:
New Ability: Strong Jaw
Type: Dark

New Stats:
HP: 70
Attack: 110 (+20)
Defense: 90 (+20)
Special Attack: 60
Special Defense: 90 (+30)
Speed: 100 (+30)
(BST: 520)

New moves: Psychic Fang
Description: This Pokemon is named the Bite Pokemon, so it would make sense for it to have strong jaw. The move i gave him was Psychic Fangs, because it gives him so coverage to fighting types and another move to be boosted by strong jaw

Mega Granbull :granbull:
New Ability: Fighters Aura (This Pokemon gets a 30% boost to Fighting type moves, but reduces the power of Psychic type moves by 30%)
Type: Fairy/Fighting

New Stats:
HP: 90
Attack: 135 (+15)
Defense: 105 (+25)
Special Attack: 60
Special Defense: 80 (+20)
Speed: 85 (+40)
(BST: 550)

New moves: None

Mega Stoutland :stoutland:
New Ability: Ghoulish Appearance (Reduces the Special Defense of the opponent by 1, when it changes form or is switched in to the Battlefield)
Type: Normal/Ghost

New Stats:
HP: 85
Attack: 130 (+20)
Defense: 80 (-10)
Special Attack: 85 (+40)
Special Defense: 110 (+20)
Speed: 110 (+30)
(BST: 600)

New moves: Shadow Claw, Double Edge, Drain Punch
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Mega Evolution: Mega Granbull

Abilities: Intimidate / Quick Feet / Rattled -> Pixilate*

Base Stats: 90 HP / 140* Atk / 110* Def / 60 SpA / 90* SpD / 60* Spe [BST: 550] (+20 Atk / +35 Def / + 30 SpD / +15 Spe)

New Moves: ( +5 )
Skull Bash, Flail, Drain Punch, Parting Shot
Milk Drink
One of my biggest reasonings for giving Mega Granbull Pixilate is that it actually *Pixilated* (changed from Normal-type to Fairy-type) in Gen 6!

With this change, Granbull only gained 2 Fairy-type attacking moves, while retaining its 23 Normal-type attacking moves. The addition of Pixilate on Mega Granbull would allow it to make use of its plethora of Normal-type moves.

Generally, Physical Fairy-type wallbreakers only rely on Play Rough for physical Fairy damage which can be unreliable with 90 BP and 90% Accuracy. Mega Granbull would differ greatly from this as it would have access to very strong Physical Fairy-type moves through Pixilate. This itself would give it a new niche and wouldn't cause overlap with our most recent Physical Fairy-type addition, Mega Sirfetch'd.

In my opinion, Pixilate on a Physical Fairy-type wallbreaker is one of the most interesting implications of the ability.

The addition of Milk Drink is a reference to Granbull’s flavor that is connected to the Cù-Sìth (Fairy Dog) creature from Scottish folk-lore. Cù-Sìth are known to take people that are nursing children and force them to provide milk to the Daoine Sìth - a supernatural fairy race in Scottish folk-lore. (Sources: Timberbush and Folkrealm Studies) - Milk Drink can also just be connected to dogs that are nursing puppies.

Milk Drink Animations Gen 2 - 8 (Please watch this if you have never seen Milk Drink’s animations, they’re so good!!)

Also, here's a very specific note about the addition of Flail:
- "It is actually timid and easily spooked. If attacked, it FLAILS about to fend off its attacker." - Various Dex Entries

: I wanted to give Mega Granbull a high attack stat as this would allow it to take advantage of its new high BP Fairy-type moves. Its boosted defensive stats help it make use of options like Milk Drink, Bulk Up, and Parting Shot since these moves usually require a bulky mon to be optimal. Specifically, its 90 SpD guarantees a 4hko from Moonblast from basic Clefable sets and gives it pretty good mixed bulk. Its 60 Speed, while slow, gives it the opportunity to outspeed Blissey while tying with the rest of the 60 tier.

Notable Moves:
Double Edge, Return/Frustration, Retaliate, Facade, Body Slam, Last Resort, Close Combat, Earthquake, Fire Punch, Ice Punch (smelling salts :eyes:)
Bulk Up, Heal Bell, Taunt, Toxic, Substitute (thunder wave :eyes:)

Example Sets:
Bulk Up
- Bulk Up
- Return / Skull Bash
- Drain Punch / Milk Drink
- (Filler Move)

- Retaliate
- Milk Drink
- Parting Shot
- (Filler Move)

JosJet Cheese Set (:eyes:)
- Smelling Salts
- Thunder Wave
- (:eyes:)
- (:eyes:)

Sandierbox Code:
If anyone has comments or ideas for the submission, please feel free to message me on here or on discord! :)

Special thanks to BlueRay, pupugugu, Vipotis, jazzmat, KeroseneZanchu, and Gekokeso for help/feedback on the sub!
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My discord still isn’t working, and anyways I don’t have much time so I’ll keep this short (Thanks to Eeveegirl btw I stole your formatting)
Type: Normal / Dark
Ability: Intimidate

HP: 85
ATK: 110 -> 147 (+37)
DEF: 90 -> 115 (+25)
SPA: 45 -> 45
SPD: 90 -> 115 (+25)
SPE: 80 -> 93 (+13)
New Moves: Knock Off, Earthquake, Recover
Summary: Stoutland is one of those Pokemon that will likely never succeed in an OU tier, normal typing, outclassed by most of its contemporaries, and most Pokémon as a whole. Sadly though the dog was put into an even worse scenario come Gen 8, it lost not only its main STAB move, but also one of its best moves in the as well dexited Pursuit.

When I approached Stoutland I saw everybody trying to change up what it did, make it a hail sweeper, other forms of hail abusers, generally make it different. But when I saw this dog I saw potential, maybe not in the big leagues, but perhaps the newfound UU tier. One of the best Pokémon historically in UU has been Krookodile, Intimidate, a solid speedtier, decent attack, STAB pursuit, I wanted to capitalize on what Krook does, make Stoutland better at using some of the tools, as well as diversifying it a bit, and despite it being typically frowned upon. I kept Intimidate.

It has a couple of new tools comparably, 85/115/115 bulk, and recovery allow it to switch in throughout the game, and resisting knock off in the UU tier has shown to be an incredibly valuable tool. It’s attack is quite hefty even uninvested, allowing bulky sets to still pursuit trap things like Slowking, and the addition of STAB Knock Off provides much utility but now sizeable damage.

This Mega Stoutland is the first Pokémon intentionally aimed for UU and I think it can be very useful there.
(not a Paullab)
Mega Granbull
New Ability
: Agitation (Attack is raised 1 stage if hit by a not very effective move)

New stats:
HP: 90
Attack: 120(+20) --> 140
Defense: 75(+15) --> 90
Special Attack: 60
Special Defense: 60(+30) --> 90
Speed: 45(+35) --> 80
(BST): 450(+100) --> 550

New moves: Knock Off
Most of Granbull's PokeDex entries speak of it being timid despite its appearance, which explains Rattled on the base form. But what I found interesting was this: "If it becomes enraged, however, it will strike with its huge fangs." From it, I decided to make Agitation, which functions like "Oh no, the attack that I thought would hurt the beast only made it angrier", hence the Attack raise.
I always thought Fairy types would make great Rattled users. They resist Dark and hit it supereffectively and resist Bug and hit it neutrally. But Granbull has definitely been given the shorter end of the stick when it comes to stats. This Mega Evolution intends to fix that, with what is essentially better Rattled due to its Fairy typing and way better base stats.
Granbull is now a great Knock Off or U-turn deterrent. Knock Off deals less damage to it thanks to holding a Mega Stone, and it gains an Attack buff too. U-turn means that something has to switch into this thing at +1, which is definitely not good for the opponent. And sometimes, Fighting moves (such as the especially spammable Close Combat) can be used to trigger the boost too.
Interestingly, since it won't be mega evolved when the battle starts, it can utilise its pre mega Rattled. With this, it can switch in, gain a boost to Speed, and start sweeping. Bulk Up is especially helpful with this, giving Granbull basically physical Quiver Dance.
However, having to constantly switch into these moves will quickly wear it down, especially since it lacks reliable recovery. This means that it is prone to entry hazards and needs teammates that can remove them immediately or heal it through Wish.

Mega Mightyena
New Ability
: Venturous (This Pokemon's Speed is raised by 1 stage if it attacks and KOes another Pokemon)

New stats:
HP: 70
Attack: 90(+50) --> 140
Defense: 70(+10) --> 80
Special Attack: 60
Special Defense: 60(+20) --> 80
Speed: 70(+30) --> 100
(BST): 420(+100) --> 520

New moves: Bulk Up, Pursuit, Knock Off
Mightyena is based on the brown hyena, an animal which moves in packs and mostly scavenges carcasses killed by other predators. So for this Mega Evolution, I wanted to aim for a theme of Mightyena growing braver and becoming the biggest hunter itself. With Venturous, it gains courage with every KO and ventures into the unknown.
In battle, Venturous is basically its pre mega Moxie but with Speed instead. The worst part of these sorts of abilities is when the opponent switches out their weakened Pokemon and you end up with a resisted unboosted hit that they just recover away in the next turn. Therefore, I wanted Mightyena to be able to punish switching out. Knock Off makes the Pokemon switching in lose their item, Bulk Up allows it to set up in their face, and of course, Pursuit lets it gain the Venturous buff anyways.
Moxie on the base form is also an interesting way to gain a boost in Attack. This is much easier said than done though, as it can't outpace much with its 70 Speed (with the exception of Sucker Punch), and may not even be able to finish things off with its 90 Attack. However, predicting a switch and using Pursuit without mega evolving can lead to getting a +1 in Attack rather than Speed.
Mightyena's biggest downfall though is that its movepool is rather bad. It lacks high base power moves that help in wallbreaking or sweeping. This helps keep it in check as things can snowball quite easily with Bulk Up.

Mega Stoutland
New Ability
: Tangling Hair

New stats:
HP: 85
Attack: 110(+40) --> 150
Defense: 90(+20) --> 110
Special Attack: 45(+10) --> 55
Special Defense: 90(+20) --> 110
Speed: 80(+10) --> 90
(BST): 500(+100) --> 600

New moves: Bulk Up, Slack Off
Just read Stoutland's Shield PokeDex entry: "Stoutland is immensely proud of its impressive moustache. It's said that moustache length is what determines social standing among this species." Looks like the 'stache is a pretty essential part of this doggo. Let's reflect that through the Mega Evolution with Tangling Hair.
Currently the signature ability of :dugtrio_alola: Alolan Dugtrio, Tangling Hair is pretty unexplored as a whole, thanks to Dugtrio's abysmal 60 Defense. There is an equivalent of this ability with a different name, which is Gooey, the signature ability of the Goodra line. Therefore, I will explain how this Mega Stoutland differs from :goodra: Mega Goodra.
First of all, Stoutland is much more offensively oriented, with its 150 Attack and access to strong moves such as Return. It can also set up with Bulk Up. Secondly, it has better reliable recovery in Slack Off. On the defensive side of things, Stoutland only has one weakness whereas Goodra has two, and its pre mega Intimidate helps soften the physical hits which trigger Tangling Hair. However, Goodra has much better bulk with more resistances and I think both of them can coexist with their own niches.
This last bit is kind of irrevelant but I found it interesting that the one type Stoutland is weak to, Fighting, has mostly contact moves (excluding Special things like Aura Sphere, Focus Blast, Vacuum Wave, etc). This means that when it perishes to a supereffective move, this doge paves the way for a revenge killer.
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mega granbull

hp- 90
atk- 120(+30)>150
def- 75(+10)>85
spa- 60
spd- 60(+20)>80
spe- 45(+40)>85

ability: underdog- the user's physical moves do more damage depending on the user's hp (%hp lost = %damage boosted)

new moves: head charge, flail

This Dex entry made me want to do something similar to the effect of flail (which it surprisingly didn't learn before?) so originally i gave it a table similar to flail to emulate that as much as possible, however thanks to the advice of Hematite I've changed it to a direct 1 to 1 damage boost, meaning if you've lost 25% of your HP you get a 25% damage boost and if you've lost 99% of your hp you get a 99% damage boost

mega stoutland

hp- 85
atk- 110(+15)>125
def- 90(+30)>120
spa- 45
spd- 90(+20)>110
spe- 80(+35)>115

ability: protector- when the user switches in, if the pokemon it's switched in for had 25% hp or less (including if it fainted), the user has its defense raised by 1 stage

new moves: body press
he protecc, he attacc, he want a scooby snacc... yeah that's it

mega mightyena

hp- 70
atk- 90(+50)>140
def- 70(+15)>85
spa- 60
spd- 60
spe- 70(+35)>105

ability: comedian- when the user is hit by a fairy move it howls with laughter, raising it and its ally's attack by 1; fairy immunity

new moves: moonlight, pursuit, stomping tantrum

instead of making a sub about it being a ferocious pack animal, i wanted to do something inspired by laughing hyenas, and what better than laughing of fairy moves! howl is a move that i feel is pretty heavily associated with mightyena and i thought it was the closest thing to a laughing move there is (besides maybe disarming voice)
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:granbull: Mega Granbull
New Ability
: Intimidate/Quick Feet/Rattled ---> Seismic Scream
(:exploud: ausma's Mega Exploud ability! When the user successfully executes a sound-based move, it uses a 60 BP earthquake in addition to what it used!)
Type: Fairy/Ground

New Stats:
HP: 90
Attack: 120 -> 130 (+10)
Defense: 75 -> 125 (+50)
SpAtk: 60 -> 70 (+10)
SpDef: 60 -> 90 (+30)
Speed: 45

New Moves: Parting Shot, Wish

Granbull has always played the role of a defensive cleric, baring Intimidate and the Fairy typing which really helps it wall attacks. It can support its team and itself through Heal Bell, however it is very slow and often lacks the bulk and recovery for it.

This mega reintroduces the Seismic Scream ability and puts it to use for this creatively built cleric. The ground/fairy typing is a suitable fit for Granbull, and it helps this pokemon resist the combination of VoltTurn, involving Volt Switch and U-Turn, being immune to the former, while also resisting Knock Off which can be commonly ran by Choice Banded pokemon such as Weavile and Rillaboom.

Despite being weak to Ice and Grass, Granpull can pivot away easily with Parting Shot and getting damage off in the same turn, providing chip to support the rest of its team. Even without running reliable stab like Earthquake and Play Rough, this makes it a really powerful Wish-passer, with 90 HP and as there is no sure way to block it. It's either chipping the target, or meddling with their offensive stats, neither airborne pokemon or Magic Bounce is really going to stop it, because even then before the target has a chance to switch out they are still taking chip damage.

It can rid itself of Burns from Scald by using Heal Bell, and then attacking immediately after, meaning it has the potential to beat something like Toxapex in a 1v1, just by using a passive set.

Even in the lower tiers such as UU, base Granbull can claim itself a niche because of how defensively capable it is surrounding Parting Shot.

Granbull is based off of the Cu-Sith, a dog in mythology which can let out a terrifying scream. Dog's are known to bark very loudly, enough to have someone shaken up if they hear it.

When Mega Granbull barks, its cries echo throughout the earth and cause miniature earthquakes, causing its enemies to tremble in fear. Despite how loud and scary it can be, it is shy and still has a kind heart, using this method to deter offenders from its territory or from those it wishes to protect.

Back with another submission! Posting it separately to notify more people, I don't want anyone to miss it! :D
OOF I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS NEARLY A WEEK LATE I completely didn't realize how long it had been ;-; I'm so sorry!!!

Hello again, everyone!
As per usual, this post will be an end-of-submission-phase feedback post and a roughly 24-hour warning for the current submission phase, in order to give time to respond to the feedback in question. C:
This should actually be a pretty short and easy one, since these are all fairly low power-level Pokémon and most people have been asking for feedback on the Discord already!

As a quick update before we start: slate 36 is finally live on DH as of earlier this morning!! That also includes the recent balance changes, so there are a lot of new Pokémon to play with!
Unfortunately there was a minor typo in Jynx's Ability that I didn't catch, so I will have to put in another patch to make Gyaru change Fighting-type moves to the correct type. x: I seem to have made it turn them Dark-type instead of Fire-type for... some reason...? thank you Ninjacid and JosJet for catching this ;-;


If I don't mention your sub in this post, it's probably fine balance-wise and you're not required to make any changes! It doesn't mean I forgot!
Also, independently of vetoes, always consider having as few movepool additions as possible! We don't have hard rules on these, but if you have even five or six, you're probably doing something wrong!

:granbull: Aaaa I feel bad to say so but I think I should veto this? I'm on the record as being broadly against Abilities like Intimidate for Special Attack or Speed especially, and this is kinda both at the same time; admittedly the weaknesses of Fairy are probably rare enough as coverage that this is mostly -2 Speed on entry, but -2 Speed on entry is still not something I am personally on board with adding. x:
One thing that would be very easy as a way to fix this, though: I would be happy to accept this if it only had an effect on Pokémon with a super effective move, even if that one effect were still one of your current ones (-1 Attack and Special Attack or even -2 Attack and Special Attack if you want! or -2 Speed). Adding a restriction like that to the Ability working at all so that it's not really "equal" to Intimidate in ease of activation makes me a lot more comfortable with it, whereas making sure it's always either "Intimidate for Attack and Special Attack" or "Intimidate for Speed" (both of which I am individually against) is the one thing that makes me not support this!

also as two super minor notes:

- Ghost-types are not immune to Tearful Look and Scary Face! the only status move that abides by type-based immunities is Thunder Wave, because it's hard-coded to do so; every other status move's type actually doesn't matter, outside of stuff like Z-Crystals, Protean and so on

- although some Abilities are best described by comparison to moves, usually they avoid behaving like moves for the purposes of things like Magic Coat, in the same way; for some examples, Trash Compactor and Tempestuous can be described as "using Stockpile" or "using Charge" for convenience, but if you try them out in battle, each of them just has the effect of the move, without being possible to Snatch or anything! Seismic Scream is currently an exception but only because I'm not competent enough and I haven't figured out how to fix it; there are actually a lot of problems with its current implementation

There are no Abilities in canon that "call" specific moves, so it's something we usually stay away from and I generally correct Abilities that are described that way when it comes to implementing them - if behaving "as a move" and behaving "as an Ability" ever mean different things, we always choose the behavior that's more like an Ability!
This isn't grounds for a veto but I thought I should clarify how I would personally try to execute an effect like this c:

:mightyena: Hi! Okay, this feedback is totally optional and the sub is definitely totally fine as-is!! Just noting that up front - there is no veto here I just got slightly excited
but for your consideration:
thoughts on doing Superpower instead of Close Combat? O:

Obviously both moves are pretty vague flavorfully at this point and you could certainly get away with either (I was going to comment on Superpower's original name being a pun on "animal power" and being learned by all kinds of quadrupedal Pokémon not associated with the Fighting type just like Mightyena, but to be honest Close Combat's distribution doesn't really preclude Mightyena XP), but one reason I think Superpower is cool here is because - despite being generally regarded as the weaker move, it actually has really cool synergy with Merciless because of how much more it gets out of being a critical hit! Mega Luxray plays with the same idea through Ambush; it's a rare case when Superpower has practical reasons to be used instead of Close Combat other than just to make it weaker on purpose, so I think it would be a fun choice if you're willing!

That aside, I'm not sure Poison Jab is a super necessary addition - Mightyena doesn't intuitively seem like it could pull it off to me, and Gunk Shot is probably just better for most cases - so I would lightly encourage dropping it, but this is by no means important and once again completely up to you!
I really like your choice to add Pursuit on this also! That plays super neatly with Merciless I feel - Dark/Poison in general is a very good type combination for this Ability and I am a huge fan of your justification!

:mightyena: We actually don't normally allow minmaxing like this, and although Mightyena's BST is on the low end, it feels inappropriate to allow it here since we didn't establish anything up front saying so, sorry;;
Some people on the Discord have raised concerns about high Speed on a Savage user in general I would lightly recommend lowering its Speed for that reason if you want to stick with this, so I would probably lean away from allowing the -20 SpA you have; it's already the kind of Ability that's generally labeled, uh, "would be problematic if it were on anything better" (Feraligatr is strong in a vacuum, but Mega Feraligatr goes out of its way to be less so - it's physically frailer than base and throws away 55 BST into the non-dominant attacking stat that can't abuse Savage or Dragon Dance, and it's bad at threatening status on faster Pokémon by virtue of its relatively bad Speed tier of 83, so Savage is really the one thing it has going for it by design), so even recognizing the competition with Feraligatr, I don't think this is a sub I would consider deserving of an exception to the rules in the first post. Sorry;;

:stoutland: There aren't any examples of Abilities in canon that only work when the user is not on the field, so I am kind of against allowing this at all if that's alright?
More importantly, though, the thing that jumps out is the "about to be KOed" criterion which is actually impossible - a move's damage isn't calculated before the move is being executed, and by the time the damage has actually been calculated (at the same time it's being dealt), it's definitely too late to switch in a new Pokémon to take the hit and recalculate new damage for the move;;

:mightyena: This is purely subjective and I guess it isn't really a veto at all, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind people that weather-reliant Mega Evolutions are very difficult to pull off, so it is always important to be very careful and considerate of what weather teams actually need and to avoid making weather-reliant subs purely because of type or flavor matches. Personally, I am entirely against a Dark/Ground-type Sand Rush Mightyena, not because it's too strong but because I don't... think it adds anything to its team styles or will work? but I will leave it up to you exactly how you respond to this and I'm not going to veto it for that.

This has been discussed more at length in relation to the current slate on the Discord (you should definitely consider joining!), including why a particular Sand Rush Stoutland was not likely to pan out (and in what ways EeveeGirl's Slush Rush Stoutland differentiated and justified itself, as a more positive example!); I don't want to ask too much of your time in response to your one sub, but in case it's any use, I'll paste some of the main points from that conversation:
- Sand Rush may make it so a Pokémon can only be good with sand (meaning it will not be good at all if it's reliant on its Ability but is not effective alongside sand setters), but it does not, in itself, automatically make a Pokémon worth running on sand.​
- The thing about a weather-reliant Mega is that it relies on a great deal more team support than other Megas both in battle and in the teambuilder, while also still having to be better than every other Mega and every other weather abuser under the right circumstances. This means it has a lot more "responsibility" to contribute a lot to its team, and stronger Pokémon than Mightyena have failed at this before.​
- In this case, sand does nothing for Mightyena except to activate its Ability (there is nothing fundamental that makes Mightyena appreciate sand, so it really needs to be hard-carried by its Speed), while Mightyena contributes nothing to sand that other sand abusers can't do better. It offers little utility, it has no efficient setup and pales in comparison to something like Dracozolt or Excadrill in terms of consistent damage output, and it affords no defensive synergy because its type is redundant defensively to both good sand setters (making it harder for it to get onto the field at all because its answers overlap so heavily with theirs!) and offensively to Excadrill's, which is much stronger as a Ground-type attacker with or without Sand Rush making it super fast.​
- Just like with the (Normal/Ground) Sand Rush Stoutland that we discussed on Discord, Dark/Ground stacks crucial weaknesses to Grass, Fighting and Water, which are all already big problems for sand and which Mightyena can't fight any better than the other sand staples; it's just another physically offensive (Scald-fearing) Sand Rusher with a mostly-worse attacking type than the much-stronger Excadrill, which also has key moves like Swords Dance, Stealth Rock and Rapid Spin. Pretty much no matter what, this Mightyena will struggle to be run instead of any other sand abusers, while its defensive type is a major liability to run alongside them.​

I think it might make for a useful comparison to draw attention to :swampert-mega: Mega Swampert, the go-to example of a "perfect" weather Mega and the reason we're all so afraid to try to make another Swift Swim Mega that has to compete:
While Swampert obviously appreciates being a Water-type (not because of flavor but because rain directly boosts it! you actually don't need anything like that for sand), it's its Ground type that actually adds the most to rain teams, because it helps deal with the Electric weakness otherwise shared among rain abusers, gives it access to tools like Stealth Rock (common among Ground-types) that rain needs (Swampert is also known for being able to beat Mega Sableye with rain up, which is relevant in canon metagames where Sableye is stall's best way to prevent rocks from going up and is "supposed" be one of its switch-ins), and is also objectively one of the best attacking types in the game (arguably the single best) while also being rare among rain abusers.

This is the core problem with making weather abusers that share their types with the other setters and abusers of the same weather - there is no niche to be had and no defensive synergy when your competitors and your all-but-mandatory partners are the same type as you, and that's why it's such a common mistake to put Sand Rush on Ground-types, Swift Swim on Water-types and so on!
The types you don't share are so much more important than the ones you do, and especially for a weather like sand with no intrinsic value to Ground or Steel and no offensive (weatherspeed is inherently offensive) benefit to Rock anyway, it's arguably better if that even means no overlap with other sand staples whatsoever see Dracozolt!.
Especially for a Mega, where the bar is so high just to warrant being used at all, it's really important to put more thought than just aesthetic criteria into what a weather actually needs - thriving as a weatherspeed user is a super demanding role and there are very few, very specific Pokémon that make a solid foundation for it at all.

I promise I don't mean to say all of this to single out you specifically!! It's a long-standing opinion I've held and most of this is directly copied from feedback I gave to another sub recently; I just thought it might be useful to include so you would have a better understanding of why weather reliance is generally discouraged, since we seem to get it a lot.


Please consider reviewing the rules in the first post on stat changes!
- HP cannot be changed.
- Attack and Special Attack cannot be lowered. You may switch your Mega Evolution's Attack with its Special Attack if you are changing the Pokémon from a physical attacker to a special attacker, but you must still follow the other rules if you do (its new Special Attack cannot be lower than its original Attack, and its new Attack cannot be lower than its Special Attack).
- Defense, Special Defense and Speed may be lowered, but not to free up extra points to "spend" elsewhere. If you do lower one of these stats, please devote those points to the attacking stat that is lower on the base form (or the other attacking stat if you switched the two). Exceptions can be made for up to 10 points, but no more.
- Some slates may come with exceptions to these rules, primarily for Pokémon like Beedrill with abnormally low base stat totals. This will be clearly stated when the slate is announced.
In red are the parts you may have neglected! Some people have also recently been swapping defensive stats with one another in the same way as swapping attacking stats, and I guess that's fine too if it helps make it easier to find a legal spread.
Both your Granbull and your Mightyena are slightly illegal stat spreads, so you should make sure to fix them if you want to be included. We have previously made exceptions for Pokémon with multiple forms where it's called for by exceptional mechanics, but here, neither of your Mega Mightyena's stat spreads is legal, which is not something I am comfortable with. I do not feel the Pokémon as you have it is broken, but optics are important to us and this is still a problem!

That said, :mightyena: form-changing is very uncommon and is not something we really recommend taking super lightly?
Pretty much all of our other Megas with forms were either very thoroughly justified and well-thought-out mechanics, all on Pokémon that either already had multiple forms or at least that basically everyone was trying to give forms (take a look at all of the Falinks submissions with multiple forms!), not ideas coming purely from flavor. Zen Mode is a pretty well-explored Ability already and this doesn't do as much with it as comparable Zen Mode submissions we've had in the past.
I am hesitant to allow this at all with the current relative lack of justification, in the absence of clarity on why this effect works for Mightyena specifically or what tools Mightyena has that make it effective on a mechanical level. I will make no guarantee or commitment that this sub will be allowed with this in mind, but I recommend taking the time to develop it and justify it further if you would like it to be!


:granbull: We do not do custom moves here! Please also double-check the rules! Your subs are fine otherwise, but know that your Granbull will not come with the signature move you've described, and you may want to revise it so that it has other tools to benefit from its Ability.

:mightyena: Okay objectively this is completely fine and I am totally willing to allow it
especially because the minmaxing is only by 5 points
but also: it is only by 5 points - do you think you could take those 5 points out of somewhere other than Special Attack? -5 Special Attack just looks super awkward I would really like to avoid it if possible

:stoutland: I am already somewhat against Intimidate for Special Defense unless it's both handled carefully and justified well somehow, and I am unconditionally very against Intimidate for Special Attack, but there is definitely not a chance I allow Intimidate for both at once - sorry, but I am just going to veto this one and recommend finding something else.

and technically NANI?! has a minor change to make but we already talked about it on Discord!​

:granbull: (it's just that they were planning to revise their Granbull a bit to make it not a strictly better Justified
that was very recent but this is just a reminder/putting it down for posterity)


Aaand I think that's all! This feels so anticlimactic because it's so late but it's also by far the shortest veto post in months - uh, good job mostly not getting vetoed, guys!!
Someone please yell at me if I missed something important because I was very tired as I wrote this, but... as far as I can tell, most of the subs were all either very tame or only pushing boundaries to an extent that was justified by the Pokémon in question - I didn't feel there were many risks that weren't at least risks worth taking! O:

Submissions will close and voting should begin in 24 hours or a bit later, and the council will make a compilation of all of the legal entries then! If you've gotten feedback here that you want to address, it would be best to do that as soon as possible with that in mind. C:
(As usual, though: no worries if you can't quite make it by then! If you decide to make changes based on this, then as long as you can do that before voting closes just leave enough time for people to vote for you! and please make sure to check which council member made the compilation post for that Pokémon and get in touch with them, such as by pinging them or DMing them here or on Discord, we'll be happy to edit the compilation to include any amendments you made!)

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