Tournament LCPL Week 7

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Well rip us, no playoffs for the team with the coolest mascot it seems. It's ok though because I had an awesome team so I'm gonna do a shoutout post here mostly for the likes:

sparktrain you are chillest dude, glad I got to play on a team with you. Thanks for being down to play whatever all season.

tazz god slayer dude except why are you SO DEAD?

Cheek Pouch Sorry for making fun of your bw skills and losing you a friend vs mambos :(. You were actually super helpful all season and good third string manager so thanks.

snake_rattler Calloflochie neither of you played, whoops.

Soldier you are a god. Thanks for feeding me some OU teams. Too bad you don't speak English or we could be frens!

ZoroDark I thought you were good. Then you lost to Infamy.

Nudisto When are we meeting up irl?

fapkingg You were super nice guy considering foreign and all. Had a couple tough matches but thanks for a fun season! Play LC with me more.

thecrystalonix I kinda wish I'd had more than one dpp team to use vs you in testing. Thanks for a million fun games and how the HELL didn't you donk this week?

ium Quaggster we dropped you guys midseason but you are forever squirts.

AM brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

OP fuck you dude.

Man these are cheesy and kind of shit to write why'd I take time to do this? Also shoutout to my preseason predicts for being more or less correct.
Nineage during LCPL Auction.....

I'd do shoutouts but I don't know half of my team-mates and today I just found out ium was there portraying Zorodarks publicist. I had to tell him to screw off because who the hell talks to a publicist lol jokes. Then someone came into the chat speaking for french and I just gave up that conversation real quick. I'm not lying I'm still trying to figure out who's who it's like 4 out of the entire team that is ever talking lol.

Thanks to team for having me around and getting me into DPP LC, which I'm having a lot of fun playing. I hope the 3k spent for multiple freezes on Raseri, the Aipom call on FLCL, and shitposting was worth it, didn't actually think I would get picked up but neither did I expect p2 either so anything is possible l0l. This movie Tropic Thunder is terrible btw don't ever watch it.

Cya around.
Allah is the only God and Mohammed (sws) is his prophet !

Thx Nineage for s/o but I do not deserve it to be called "god"...

But you are a nice person and a friend on game, you can ask me whatever you want !

rssp1 sparktrain I was pleased to play with each of you, you are a cool guys and I hope to play with you !

thecrystalonix The bit I have seen of you made me see that you are a good person

Nudisto Thx for like my shitty posts dude haha, was funny and thx for some testwe had :)

fapkingg t'es nul et t'es un connard mais tu es sympa au fond et tu t'améliores donc gl dans les futurs tours :)
[you are zero and you're an asshole but you're nice to the bottom and you're getting better thus gl in future tournaments :)]

ZoroDark I do not know if I should talk english or french with you haha, anyway you are a good player and a cool guy, gl in wcop dude !

AM You arrived in mid-season but I think it was you who spoke the most lol, you're a player that fits the situation and therefore good and a wcop champ !!

Cheek Pouch You are funny when you speak with Nineage although I do not quite understand

The rest of the team, I don't see you so much ((As they did not see me that much lately lmao) so I can not say anything about you but stay strongs :( !

Finally, I apologize for my english and not being able to speak more than that, I love you Squirtle Squad but do not love me !
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