Tournament LCPL Semifinals

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We scheduled for tonight and I have been on as long as I can staying for an hour plus after the scheduled time. Unfortunately I need to head to bed now. So activity post.


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merritt and i agreed to play on the weekwnd and i haven't seen him since friday. also calling activity


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o well, it was fun tirts
here are some brief shotouts:

macle: thanks for trusting and buying me even tho we never talked, youre a p nice guy. Also frogs sucks.

Sken: It just wasnt your season bro, you got pretty unlucky overall. Thanks for all help you gave me at the start of season (sun)

Kumi: Same as Sken, just wasnt your season.

Arte: Youre a monster bro, thanks for everything.

Pika: We never talked too much, but thanks for playing and fuck macle for benching you in playoffs.

Viper and Sam: You guys were always active and tried to help all the time (penguin).

Icey Tea: flex

jk fuck you

also heres a cute pic of a turtle n_n


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idc if it's just LCPL, it was a really fun season for me (and I guess for my team?) and I enjoyed it a lot. Now I can see why team tours are the best ones. Anyway, gotta do some shoutouts.

macle I didnt want to be on your team, but now I see that it's my place! u may not be the best manager, but u're really nice and I'm happy you drafted this team. Also, fuck that girl from your work.

ggggd I told macle to buy you and at a first glance you were really mad at me for that LOL, but then it ended up u played very well and got the best record of the team and one of the best records of the tour. Grats and thanks, bud.

Sken Kumiho wasnt your season guys, 1-5 and 2-5 isnt the best shit but it's Pokemon and I'm p sure no one here doubt you both skill to play the game. GL next year.

ItzViper482 Sam-testings RZL Big helpers :), thanks for giving me the chance to meet some newer guys (not rzl) and test with them. RZL and Sam, sorry for not giving u guys a chance to play :\. GL next season.

Artemisa dude, probably the best shit that happened this lcpl was meeting you. I always heard good shit from you but now I see that ure an amazing player and one of the dudes I need to look up to. Thanks for tests and fun games, bud.

Pikasohn sorry for not putting you in playoffs, it was macle's idea. Nice season, anyway, thanks.

FLCL I know u dont like me or the team but w/e nic season sorry for the team sucking It was supposed to be good and it was in tests :\

atomicllamas sry bud, couldnt give u a better team or helping in tests. thanks, anyway.

Ice Tea best player on the team.

Gotta do some public shit here, i'd like to sorry raven for asking him to help me make a team and then telling llamas to use an old one and giving a shit team to flcl (even if it was good in tests). Anyway, rooting for munnas but Coconut. CrashinBoomBang Heysup blarajan i like you all (love the last two) and would like to thank for the great series. Also, my biggest "sorry" is for not being able to play in playoffs. :(

for ppl out of the team, thanks Star. Corporal Levi Shrug for help with tests. :D

See y'all when my tour ban ends
I apologize to my team for being a waste of money, but I did like everyone in it so thank you for making it a fun tournament. You're all good players, in my eyes.

See everyone around, maybe I'll randomly show up once another tournament rolls around!
Welp. GG! Time for shoutouts ig.

Sken I didnt get to talk to you as much as i wouldve wanted tbh u are a great guy who helped me at the beginning of the season, sad to see that you didnt enjoy it towards the end ):

GOAO dude you are awesome I dont know what else to say really. You tested alot and tutored me in the goao ways. A shame u got banned and all that shit that happened at the end but as you say to me all the time "Pkmn" :D

ggggd you are a great person and teammate. You helped test with me an ungodly amount of times and helped me with the team vs star!

Kumiho you are a great battler and a very nice person to be around. I hope you know you werent a waste of 14k like you keep saying, it just wasnt your year u are one of the best dppers ive seen.

atomicllamas you have always been really nice to me and did great each week we played you even if you didnt get best record

Imanalt RZL Krubby FLCL didnt get to talk to yall like at all but you all seem like awesome people and i wish i got to do more with you

Pikasohn you are a fun person to be around and a great (and haxy af) battler!

Sam-testings sam you are legit the nicest person i have met on here. You were the first person to get me into lc and always were there to help and talk to.

Artemisa you are a great and chill player who is a bw god and helped me get into the bw tier more.

macle i didnt get to talk alot 2 you and when i did i probs sounded dumb af but thanks for taking a chance and drafting a nobody like me

Im so glad to be on a team this year and hope to be able to talk to all of you again! This year was probs the most fun ive had in mons in a while.
See ya round


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oh we didnt tie wtf

Sken sry ur season didnt go the greatest, you are still an amazing player though. hope your luck picks up next year, you deserve it <3

GOAO you gave me a chance to play, i was unexpectedly busy tho. It was always fun testing with you

ItzViper482 i feel like the person who two weeks before lcpl was still struggling on ladder has grown immensely. If anything, the amount of testing and time you put into this game once you got drafted was amazing. Hope you keep it up and go on to kick many an ass.

ggggd thx for like the best ladder team i have right now.

Kumiho you are still a great dpp player man, dont be too hard on yourself. It was pretty fun testing with you, hope you feel better.

atomicllamas ur like my second favorite llama based person on this site

Imanalt rip your lcpl win streak

RZL never really talked to you but you were available for testing a lot, seemed like a pretty cool guy

Krubby if i wasnt busy that day the krabby i was planning on using was nicknamed after you.

FLCL weeb. You seem pretty cool, hope I get to know you better.

Pikasohn screw trick room man that shit is broken af in dubs uu. Hope you continue to have good luck in your battles

Sam-testings fuck you you non sock eating bitch hope you die in a hole

Artemisa you were a pretty cool guy and i learned exactly why everyone thought you were a good player.

macle fuck u why did you even draft me

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