Tournament LCPL Finals - (Won by the Massive Stat-Boost Munnas)


sup geodudes
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Corporal Levi: definitely the coolest manager out there. levi, you're one of the best friends i've got on this site and it's great that you're being appreciated. thanks so much for drafting me and letting me show off how shit i am at battling.

idiotfrommars: alright, i'm pretty proud that i was the one who told levi you were still available late in the draft and he drafted you. we haven't really talked but you seem cool.

Shrug: i disagree with a lot of the stuff you say but you're still a super cool dude and it was fun testing squads vs. you :)

Star.: dude you're the best. we don't actually talk that often but you taught me a lot of important things. thanks bro.

Tahu: remember how you stole my team, changed like two mons, and got rmt archive with it? yeah i forgive you for that. :)

teal6: you seem cool but we haven't really talked. can you rig uu open so i win? thx in advance.

TheFenderStory: did you even play a game this season? lol. anyway you're cool. dpp god for sure.

ZoroarkForever: you're cool and a fellow bpfag. you always say smart shit and shit. :)

GOAO: thanks for helping out in postseason.

Vubon: thanks for being a huge bro and helping out postseason. love you bud :)

sorry i did bad this season team. i'm gonna work on my battling skills and whatnot.

ALSO: once lc open is over i've gotten permission to do a mega teamdump, so look forward to that, friends!

not even giving me a shout out for letting you play

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