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[22:24:17] +Sken: what excuse did you tell your friends
[22:24:19] +Sken: to be late
[22:24:50] +confide: lol i said i gotta take care of school stuff ill meet up w/ you later
[22:26:27] +Sken: LOL
[22:26:44] +confide: pokemon is serious business fam
[22:26:50] +confide: dont know what ur loling at
[22:26:50] +confide: -

this is the kind of guy you pay 30k for

doomsday doink

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[22:24:17] +Sken: what excuse did you tell your friends
[22:24:19] +Sken: to be late
[22:24:50] +confide: lol i said i gotta take care of school stuff ill meet up w/ you later
[22:26:27] +Sken: LOL
[22:26:44] +confide: pokemon is serious business fam
[22:26:50] +confide: dont know what ur loling at
[22:26:50] +confide: -

this is the kind of guy you pay 30k for
He wasn't lying to his friends, he did school you :/

San Tomas

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+ General Information Thread
+ LCPL 5 Replays & Records
+ LCPL 5 Usage Stats

Week Two

Best Value Player Week Two: -Tsunami- AND innovamania - The Remoraiders
Honorable Mentions: Raseri (Subterfuge)

The two lowest cost players that snagged a win this week both happened to be members of The Remoraiders! -Tsunami- and innovamania put forth an excellent showing this week, especially at their thrifty price of 3.5k each. Congratulations!

Worst Value Player Week Two: blarajan - The Remoraiders
Honorable Mentions: Heysup (Remoraiders)

In a week of extremes, the team that fielded the best value players of Week Two also happened to field the worst value player of Week Two, blarajan. blarajan's loss maybe wouldn't be such a stinger if it weren't for his 26k price tag; nonetheless, cash like that will secure a win eventually! Better luck next week!

Best Value Player Overall: CrashinBoomBang - The Remoraiders
In The Running: ggggd (Tirtougas) / Kushalos (Noibats)

In terms of analysis, the Best Value Player Overall is the least expensive player with the best record. In essence, who can bring in the most wins for the lowest price? As of Week Two, CrashinBoomBang has won two and lost none—all for the excellent price of 6k. If we evaluate draft prices from a price-per-win standpoint, The Remoraiders have only had to pay 3k per win from CBB, which is a thoroughly excellent value. ggggd of the Tirtougas and Kushalos of the Noibats are close behind, as they both hold two wins for only 0.5k more each than CBB. Hopefully both players can continue their runs of excellent play!

Worst Value Player Overall: blarajan - The Remoraiders
In The Running: Tricking (Subterfuge)

In terms of analysis, the Worst Value Player Overall is the costliest player with the worst record. In short, who cost the most for the fewest wins? As of Week Two, blarajan has lost two and won none; this unfortunate performance becomes even more unfortunate in light of the 26k that was spent on him. As an aside, it seems The Remoraiders really are a team of extremes, as they have fielded both the best and worst value players, not only of Week Two, but also overall! Anyways, better luck next week!

Biggest Price Based Upset: fapkingg vs -Tsunami- [replay] AND sparktrain vs Heysup [replay 1] [replay 2] AND Kushalos vs Tricking [replay]
Honorable Mentions: Tahu vs The Avalanches [replay]

In a really weird turn of events, three of the week's upsets came out to a price difference of 12.5k, and they are as follows: 3.5k -Tsunami over 16k fapkingg, 12.5k sparktrain over 25k Heysup, and 6.5k Kushalos over 19k Tricking. Once again, the Remoraiders are featured heavily and in opposite directions, as the team saw both ends of this week's three-way tie at biggest upset. In non-Remoraider terms, Kushalos seems to be on a hot streak, as, despite the community's predictions, they continue to pull out big-name wins week by week. Congratulations on excellent play this week!

Best Value Lineup: Teenage Mutant Ninja Tirtougas - 18.75k per Win (kpW)
Honorable Mentions: Snivy Subterfuge (20.625kpW)

The Best Value Lineup is calculated by totaling the amount a manager spent on their lineup and dividing it by the number of wins the team obtained in the week to obtain the team's kpW value for the week; the team with the lowest kpW value spent the least per win and therefore has the best value overall. With a thrifty 18.75kpW rate and a solid +2 win differential, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Tirtougas are clear choices for the Best Value Lineup of Week One! Excellent managing, macle!


That concludes the LCPL 5 WEEKLY STATISTICAL ANALYSIS. As it is derived from objective stats such as player prices and win counts, this analysis cannot accurately assess a player's true value to his team as measured by outside factors such as team chemistry. It really doesn't mean that much, I just really like stats!

What did you think of the results? Feel free to submit more categories for analysis, vent your frustration, cheer on other players, and so on and so forth! And don't forget to tune in next week for the Week Three LCPL 5 WEEKLY STATISTICAL ANALYSIS!
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Head TD

Do you ever play Tangma? When you do, does your opponent challenge you to a Custom Game on Smogtours? Well I'm sorry to tell you this but your opponent is one of three things.

1) A cheating (banmeplease) who has 460 Attack EVs on his Mienfoo
2) Someone who knows all this and wants to take you for a ride
3) A fucking idiot who knows none of this stuff and just didn't think to challenge you to AG

So I'm here to tell you how to read all that gibberish that Custom Games spit out so that you can respond in the correct fashion, which is as follows:

1) Prove they're a cheating (banmeplease) and get a free win
2) Make it so you're at least on equal footing with that asshole
3) Exploit the ever living fuck out of their stupidity

So first off, what does Custom Game do differently than other formats? Besides the potential to be a cheating jackass it also tells you exactly what number is rolled for anything that's a % chance. That's what all that shit that you see whenever you attack is. They go in this order

Accuracy Check (out of 100) if this rolls lower than the accuracy of the move then it hits. Simple af
Critical Check (out of varying values) if this rolls a 0 then you crit. If it doesn't you don't. The roll is normally out of 16 but for a move like Stone Edge it's out of 8
Damage Roll Check (out of 16) this determines which of the 16 damage rolls is used. 0 is low, 15 is high

After that the move hits. For a bunch of moves that's it, you're good. But for moves with secondary effects you'll get more stuff. For example, an ice beam has a 10% chance to freeze. You'll get another roll out of 100 and if it's lower than 10 you freeze them. This is also displayed for stuff like Leaf Storm's Spa lowering, although that's like a move with 100 acc, it always happens but the roll is still shown.

The bigger one though is when your opponent puts you to sleep. You'll see a message saying "[DEBUG] randBW(2, 5) = " which will output a number between 2 and 5. If it gives you a 2, then the sleeping Pokemon will have the message "[Pokemon] was fast asleep" once and then it will wake up. If it's a 3 then that message must display twice before it wakes up, and so on. You can now plan around when your Pokemon will wake up from sleep, so no more wasted sleep talk turns!

Remember the damage roll check? Well you know what your pokemon's spread is (hopefully) and you know what roll it was, so you can potentially figure out what their spread is by reverse calcing. This isn't necessarily helpful, but you can tell your teammates to get on it while you timerstall for them to get back to you. This is also how you tell when your opponent is being a cheating (banmeplease), when they have an impossible spread.

So now you know some of the most common things you'll now know how to read while doing a custom battle. But I have good news! All this shit only shows up on Smogtours, not on the main server (and maybe some of the smaller servers idgaf about testing each of them individually) so if you're got to do a Custom Game (because you want to use funbro idk why the fuck are you not using AG you moron) then do it on the main server so that all the hidden information stays hidden and if you win your opponent can't bitch about literally every high roll.

tl;dr if you do smogtours custom game for tangma you're a fucking idiot
The LC team has received proof that CrashinBoomBang was ghosted in LCPL IV by Coconut and Mad0ka.

We've gathered sufficient circumstantial evidence that we deem to be enough to convict both Coconut and madoka of ghosting CBB. We have proof that Coconut brags about ghosting her players in little cup skype chat:

GOAO: im the physical incarnation of being gay and getting rectal cancer
GOAO: Holy shit im awful
GOAO: I also ghost all the time lol. suck my dickk
Coconut: lol, had three beers everyone. im so fukin hammered i might just mute some autistic preteens on the pokemon sim
Coconut: oh GOAO u ghosted in the grand slam? lol, i ghost my little cup premier league teammates all the time, especially CBB, because my knowledge of the type chart and mastery of the concept of going to the obvious counter every play gives him the edge he needs in tough fights

We also have confirmations from Coconut that also implicate madoka. We do not have a log of either ghosting CBB, but because we have 1. proof that CBB was ghosted (how can a new player be so good at the little cup tier so quickly holy shit), 2. an admission from Coconut that she ghosted CBB, 3. an admission from coconut madoka aided in the ghosting effort and 4. documented evidence of an internet romantic and sexual relationship between CBB and Madoka, we feel safe in saying the ghosting occurred.

Coconut's team will be stripped from her, given to Purpledoosh, and named the Cancerous Carvanahs, a vast improvement on their current name.
Both madoka and Coconut will be subject to biweekly hourlong voice calls with macle for 6 months to confirm their gender identities.

There will be no winner of LCPL IV The LC team has decided to cancel the tournament. We've reached this decision due to a combination of factors:

1. The integrity of the tournament has been heavily compromised. Two respected users have been discovered to be ghosting in their run towards third place and a truly staggering amount of hax salt, and there's plenty of rumors about other lcpl participants being ghosted aswell.

2. The metagames that LCPL IV consist of are still imperfect. It is not a feasible solution to make players learn metagames that have shit like abra and drifloon sucking eachothers dicks at the intersection of 50/50 street and AIDS avenue, nor is it appealing to see BW games decided at all.

3. goao shut the fuck up broaden ur vocabulary u sound like drake on callout mode 24/7 it's boring to hear suck your dick 500000 times especially when that shit is a straight up crime bc ur 12 years old

Moving forward, the LC team will engage in discussions regarding LCPL as a tournament and whether to make any changes to it, replace it or remove it.

I'd like to talk about something. This LCPL, we've had some problems with illegal movesets in Tangma.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not trying to accuse anyone of cheating. I think that the people who did use illegal movesets probablyT made honest mistakes.

Here's a short list of illegal movesets (courtesy of Tahu and Fiend):
Week 1:
* Pearl's Knock Off Ferroseed (replay).
Week 2:
* Nobody fucked up this week.
Week 3:
* Nineage's Stealth Rock Amaura (replay).

So far, illegal movesets haven't had any impact on the games. However, this doesn't mean they won't in the future.

I want to take this opportunity to push a pet idea of mine: Little Cup Ubers. The following Pokemon would be banned from LC Ubers to LC Anything Goes:



I think that we should switch the tournament format from Tangma to LC Ubers (and also possibly bug Antar to set up an LC Ubers format).

For starters, LC Ubers is an ORAS metagame. This means that there will be no more illegal movesets! It also makes more sense than playing an outdated metagame, in my opinion.

LC Ubers also changes barely anything. The only things that were added in ORAS that would have any relevance to the tier (full list here courtesy of Aerow):
* Amaura: Earth Power, Snow Warning, Stealth Rock
* Ferroseed: Knock Off
* Gothita: Trick compatible with Shadow Tag
* Skrelp: Adaptability
* Snivy: Contrary
* Tirtouga: Zen Headbutt
As you can see, not a lot changes. I guess Amaura is now a viable switch-in to Vulpix, but that's pretty much it.

The only other big change is the official ban of Swirlix. My reasoning behind this is that Swirlix is already not used as a gentleman's agreement between players, but it's definitely something to consider leaving unbanned.

Basically, the argument for the elimination of Tangma boils down to two things: 1) the change to LC Ubers would eliminate controversy and accidental rule-breaking and 2) LC Ubers makes a lot more sense as a tier.

I could write paragraphs on why I think LC Ubers should be implemented, but that would just be a waste of everyone's time. If you want me to explain my idea further, I will- just tell me!

I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this subject. I've discussed it with some friends, but I haven't really had a gauge of how the community as a whole thinks of the idea.

Thanks, and have a wonderful day! :)

Tangma --> LC Ubers
Sam sniped me. RIP.

*I'm not sure about banning Swirlix. I've heard a lot of people complaining about it, so that's why I added it.
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apparently so swagger and no swirlix absdaddy which is p stupid if u ask me, since tangma has been the more "popular" meta of the two (lc ubers n tang) and it's always allowed both of these, albeit swagger has never really been used cuz you would be like publicly crucified if u do. i generally like tangma more because of the sneasel and scyther ban but if more users just want to go to lc ubers with a ban on JUST sneasel and scyther that would be cool too.
People were drafted based on their experience in Tangma. Swapping out a tier in the middle of a team tournament for a newly made tier is one of the most ridiculous suggestions I have ever heard.

Ban swagger from Tangma because it is cancer for all I care but please respect that smarter managers drafted older players who were actually around back then and have experience.

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