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Week One

Best Value Player Week One: slurmz - Snivy Subterfuge AND tarn66 - Charming Croagunks
Honorable Mentions: v (Mambos)

Easily the best value players of the week were the only two 3k picks to bring out a win this week; slurmz and tarn66, of the Snivy Subterfuge and Charming Croagunks, respectively, are this week's best value players for being the lowest possible price with the best possible record. Congratulations!

Worst Value Player Week One: Confide - Los Mambos
Honorable Mentions: Star. (Munnas) / blarajan (Croagunks)

Unfortunately for the Mambos, their star player and resident 30k player Confide picked up a loss right out of the gate. As he is both the most expensive player and opened the season tied for the worst record, Confide is the worst value player of Week One. Better luck next week!

Biggest Price Based Upset: ORAS: slurmz vs Confide [replay]
Honorable Mentions: ORAS: Kushalos vs Star. [replay]

When 3k slurmz and 30k Confide matched up this week, most wrote slurmz off as a non-contender. However, slurmz took it upon themselves to topple over one of the greats this week! With a price difference of 27k between the two battlers, slurmz takes the cake for the biggest price based upset of Week 1! Congratulations to slurmz, and better luck next week to Confide!

Best Value Lineup: Morningwood Timburrs - 18k per Win (kpW)
Honorable Mentions: Naughty Noibats (19.833kpW) / Charming Croagunks (23.833kpW)

The Best Value Lineup is calculated by totaling the amount a manager spent on their lineup and dividing it by the number of wins the team obtained in the week to obtain the team's kpW value for the week; the team with the lowest kpW value spent the least per win and therefore has the best value overall. With a thrifty 18kpW rate and the only team win of Week One, the Morningwood Timburrs are clear choices for the Best Value Lineup of Week One! Excellent managing, Celestavian!


That concludes the first LCPL 5 WEEKLY STATISTICAL ANALYSIS. As this analysis is derived from objective stats such as player prices and win counts, it cannot accurately assess a player's true value to his team as measured by outside factors such as team chemistry. It really doesn't mean that much, I just really like stats!

What did you think of the results? Feel free to submit more categories for analysis, vent your frustration, cheer on other players, and so on and so forth! And don't forget to tune in next week for the Week Two LCPL 5 WEEKLY STATISTICAL ANALYSIS!
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