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2) Charming Croagunks: [Money: 5500 | Bidders: coconut, blarajan ] Players: Heysup, blarajan, H&MBerkeley, Joltage, tarn66, innovamania, KratosMana, -Tsunami-, dekzeh, Steve Angello, HANTSUKI, CrashinBoomBang

  • Probable Line-up: ORAS [blarajan / Joltage / H&MBerkeley / Any tour player], Tangma [Any tour player], BW [Coconut], DPP [Heysup]
  • Analysis: With a strong af core of Heysup / Blara / Coconut, this team is more than likely going to be above some of the rest. The problem might come tho with Heysup and blara's otherwise unique style of playing oras, that might not mesh well with ppl like berks or joltage. On top of that, some of the players may just not even care, namely steve / shake / cbb. This and the fact that none of the tour players were particularly known in tangma for being good, nor am i aware that they still play it (so they would almost definitely be out of touch with the meta) means that their tangma slot will be their weakest. Following that their ORAS slots seem to be fairly weak as well outside of blara, as I'm not sure how h&m and joltage will match up with other top tier oras players like madoka / star and friends. BW being full of a ton of even players makes that slot kinda a toss up as well, and seeing that DPP is only bo1 for some reason, heysup will probably get haxed in an important match at least once. Unless Heysup plays oras and anti plays dpp, which could be a thing. Overall tho this is a fairly solid team.
3) Naughty Noibats: [Money: 13000 | Bidders: Melonz ] Players: apt-get, Kushalos, fitzy72, majaspic22, Brazilian Army, lighthouses, Aladyyn, boo836, jeran, Superpowerdude, Spl4sh, ShotsLikeSwish, gangsterish, TraceofLife

  • Possible Line-up: ORAS [Brazilian Army / Melonz / gangsterish?], Tangma [fitzy], BW [apt-get], DPP [??]
  • Analysis: With no discernible DPP, this team suffers similar problems to hawk's team. However, they do have apt-get / ba / fitzy, who can all build for a ton of tiers. This makes them more flexible than hawk's team, albeit with possibly slightly worse players in each tier. However, they do have 13k, allowing them to pick up tons of players midseason, which like hawk's team if they pick up a good DPP player they will probably be set. Otherwise I forsee them starting down 1 game each week, which is no bueno.
4) Morningwood Timburrs: [Money: 4500 | Bidders: Celestavian ] Players: Sweep, The Avalanches, TUO, Vubon, Fiend, Alice Kazumi, HeaLnDeaL, GlassGlaceon, fran17

  • Probable Line-up: ORAS [Hawk / Alice Kazumi / Fiend], Tangma [The Avalanches], BW [TUO], DPP [HeaLnDeaL?]
  • Analysis: what otherwise looks like an ok team kinda lacks variety. They are particularly solid in BW and ORAS, but will otherwise struggle in tangma and DPP. While the avalanches is good i don't ever remember him being superb in tangma, which is the most likely player to take the tangma spot (unless sweep jumps in). Their DPP spot doesn't look obvious either, which just means that whoever it is will get stomped by the likes of heysup / ifm. Pretty cool team in that a lot of the success will be riding on newcomers Vubon and Alice Kazumi's shoulders. Fiend will probably be solid, hawk will be solid, but the real weaknesses of the team seem to be an otherwise suboptimal tangma slot and almost no dpp slot. If the team somehow gets a powerhouse dpp slot midseason or someone really steps up then this will probably be an above average team.
5) Massive Stat-Boost Munnas: [Money: 0 | Bidders: Levi, fender, Star. ] Players: TheFenderStory , ZoroarkForever, Star., Tahu, Shrug, Infamy, teal6, idiotfrommars

  • Probable Line-up: ORAS [Levi / Star. / Shrug], Tangma [Tahu], BW [Zf], DPP [IFM / fender]
  • Analysis: An ok team with some good players in spots, but they won't have the ability to switch people in and out. While ZF and star could player any of the tiers except maybe dpp, everyone else has 1 set tier that they would play. Aside from that, their ORAS doesn't look particularly strong. There was a time when levi was one of the top oras players, but I think that time is gone as more and more people have caught up to that level or surpassed it, so they'll be around average in oras except for star who will probably stomp. BW is kinda iffy, i don't think zf will have the time to perfect his teams resulting in otherwise suboptimal stats, but again it'll be average. IFM will probably do well resulting in some good wins for the team. Lastly, I personally think tahu is way overhyped in tangma, he'll do ok but I don't think he will perform spectacularly, and will be beaten by absdaddy and fooly in particular. With no money left for midseason this team will probably start strongish then slowly falter as more of the members just burn out.
6) Snivy Subterfuge: [Money: 2500 | Bidders: Jac ] Players: mad0ka, Tricking, absdaddy, Vileman, trash, Aerow, Raseri, Merritt, slurmz

  • Probable Line-up: ORAS [madoka / tricking / Merritt], Tangma [abs], BW [vileman], DPP [Raseri]
  • Analysis: This will be an ok team, but will have activity issues most likely. On paper they look pretty good, they have a solid BW, a solid Tangma, and 2 solid ORAS players, as well as some unique builders thrown in there. However abs / madoka might just die midway through. Madoka is known for hating team tournaments, and will more than likely have to build every single oras team. Which isn't a bad thing, but as mambo showed in spl she is fairly predictable (drif / snubs / timburr and use amaura), and this may come back to bite her. Raseri is an ok filler dpp slot, but I don't expect him to perform spectacularly, and abs may or may not be out of touch with the tangma meta. They won't be able to buy people midseason either, so just like Levi's team its possible they might end up burned out come semis.
7) Squirtle Squad: [Money: 0 | Bidders: OP ] Players: sparktrain, ZoroDark, thecrystalonix, Nudisto, Cheek Pouch, Calloflochie, Nineage, Quaggster, fapkingg, rssp1, ium, snake_rattler, Soldier, tazz
  • Possible Line-up: ORAS [OP / ZoroDark / fapkingg], Tangma [Calloflochie], BW [??], DPP [cheek pouch?]
  • Analysis: Pretty good ORAS team, but their other tiers are where they will be lacking the most. From just on paper, they don't have a quality BW player, nor do they have a top tier DPP player who can fight on even terms with kumiho / heysup. Tangma is kinda iffy as well, for while lochie was p good in tangma i'm p sure he's been dead for a bit and probably hasn't caught up to the meta. The team does have some good builders, so they won't be lacking in teams at all, just the lack of a solid BW player and a solid DPP player is kinda worrying. If they have some dark horse players this team could easily go to semis / finals.
8) Teenage Mutant Ninja Tirtougas: [Money: 3000 | Bidders: macle ] Players: Sken, GOAO, ggggd, Kumiho, Quote, soviet, atomicllamas, Imanalt, FLCL, Krubby, Pikasohn, ItzViper482, Sam-testings

  • Possible Line-up: ORAS [Sken / GOAO / imanalt], Tangma [FLCL], BW [??? llamas?], DPP [Kumiho]
  • I find it funny how macle was saying how he was giving newer players a chance when he has such a roster that he would be dumb to not use a certain set of 5 people. There's going to be no one that can take kumiho's dpp spot, and he'll perform admirably. Fooly will more than likely play tangma, but I don't forsee him doing TOO well. The ORAS slots are all taken up by Sken / GOAO / Imanalt, but imanalt is more than likely to be rotated in and out with ggggd or llamas or someone. No offense to krubby / pikasohn / sam / itzviper, but i just don't see them being worth slotted over goao / sken at all. It'd be cool to see how they perform if anyone gets sick tho. Their BW slot is their weakest slot imo, as the only ones I could see doing it are like, llamas / soviet / imanalt who none I think can stand up to TUO / Vileman. Probably around average / above average team?

Just some thoughts on the draft and whatever. It'll be interesting to see how the newer players who haven't been a part of lcpl in the past will do. Particularly i'm excited to see how confide / vubon / joltage do!
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credit to PKGaming and FlareBlitz for the idea; run by the LCPL managers/comanagers and Quote


Welcome to the LC player viability ranking project. In this project, we will "tier" every player based on playing and building ability. An initial tier list has already been made; if you think someone should be moved up or down, post in this thread with your reasoning on why, and the change may be enacted.


Viability Ranking Council
For more controversial cases, the viability ranking council will vote on the player's tiering.
Corporal Levi


Tier List

Without further ado, here is the initial tier list with the rough definitions of each tier (note: players are ordered alphabetically).

Reserved for the very best LC players. These players are usually able to perform in a variety of LC metagames, or can just play one extremely well. Putting them on the starting lineup has low risk involved and high reward exerted. Players in this tier have very few flaws that are patched up by numerous positive traits.

Heysup (ORAS)
Imanalt (DPP)
Zoroarkforever (all)

Reserved for players who are outstanding at LC and can play or build very well. These players require less support than other players and have few flaws that can be overlooked when compared to their outstanding traits.

blarajan (whatever he wants)
Confide (ORAS)
fatty (ORAS, BW)
Madoka (ORAS)
Sken (ORAS)
Starmaster (ORAS)
Tricking (ORAS)
Zorodark (ORAS)


Apt-get (all)
Absdaddy (all)
Alice Kazumi (ORAS)
Fitzy71 (BW, ORAS)
ggggd (ORAS)
idiotfrommars (DPP)
Kumiho (DPP)
Tahu (Tangma)
Thatcrazyrussian (all)
Vubon (ORAS)


atomicllamas (BW)
Calloflochie (all)
Cased (whatever mambo wants)
Cheek Pouch (ORAS, BW)
fapkingg (ORAS)
Fiend (all)
Hantsuki (ORAS, BW)
Joltage (ORAS, BW, DPP)
Kratosmana (ORAS)
Kushalos (ORAS, BW)
Majaspic25 (ORAS, BW)
Shrug (ORAS)
slurmz (ORAS)
Sweep (ORAS)
Teal6 (ORAS)
Vileman (BW)
Void (ORAS, BW)

Reserved for players who are great at the LC metagame. These players have more notable flaws than of those above them that affect how they perform in the LCPL setting. Their positive traits still outshine their negatives, but they require a bit more team support to bring out their full potential. They are more likely to be benched than those who are in A and S rank.

-Tsunami- (all)
Brazilian Army (ORAS)
Bughouse (DPP, ORAS)
Dekzeh (ORAS)
Eniigma (ORAS)
FLCL (all)
innovamania (BW, DPP)
Nineage (Tangma)
Nudisto (ORAS)
Pearl (DPP)
qsns (ORAS)
Raseri (ORAS, BW, DPP)
sparktrain (all)
tazz (ORAS)
Teddeh (ORAS)
thecrystalonix (ORAS, DPP)
Unfixable (Tangma)


49 (Tangma)
Boo850 (ORAS, DPP)
Dundies (ORAS)
fran17k (ORAS)
H&MBerkeley (ORAS)
HealnDeal (ORAS)
Infamy (ORAS)
jeran (all)
Krubby (ORAS)
Merritt (ORAS)
Ninjacalibur (all)
Quaggster (ORAS)
Shaneghoul (im not sure but he has a banner)
Shotslikeswish (ORAS)
Spl4sh (ORAS)
The Avalanches (ORAS)
Thetalkingtree (ORAS)
Traceoflife (ORAS)


Aladyyn (Tangma)
Antemortem (ORAS)
Arifeen (ORAS)
Itzviper592 (ORAS, BW, DPP)
John78 (ORAS)
Lighthouses (ORAS)
Pikasohn (ORAS)
praj.pran (ORAS)
Rumor (ORAS)
snake_rattler (ORAS)
Soldier (ORAS)
Superpowerdude (BW, ORAS)
Tarn6 (BW, DPP)
TheFenderStory (DPP)
Tomohawk (DPP)
Watchog (ORAS, BW)

Reserved for mascots.





Reserved for players who have not made themselves known to the managers.
The other half of the signups

Smog Frog Rank
Reserved for players who should have signed up :(
Vermillion Project
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LC Leader

Here is Coconut's Best Buys, where I'm going to list 5 players that were either fantastic pickups for their teams, or went for way less than they could have went for.

5. idiotfrommars - 11k - Munnas
Leading off my list is the DPP player, idiotfrommars. IFM had a fantastic season last year, scoring a very impressive 5-1 record. Most of the wins last season were also very convincing, and considering how small the DPP playerbase is, I think him going for 11k was an absolute steal by Levi.

4. absdaddy - 15k - Snivys
Absdaddy, love him or hate him, there really is no denying his battling skills if he puts the work into it. While he might be considered rusty or out of touch with the metagame, I don't believe he will have any trouble bouncing back from the rust and working with practically the same team that he had last year. He has an impressive Hyper Offensive style which really makes him stand out as one of the best Tangma players, so I think 15k was an absolute steal for abs.

3. Joltage - 5.5k - Croagunks
Joltage is often perceived as being an underrated battler, or otherwise untapped potential. To a majority of the playerbase, I think it's no surprise that he takes the number 3 spot, as getting him for only 5.5k was severely undermining his worth to a team.

2. sparktrain - 12.5k - Squirtles
sparktrain is one of the most avid DPP players that plays the metagame. Speaking from experience, he is an absolutely fantastic teammate, provides lots of team synergy, and is willing to help out with the team when things are needed. In addition to that, spark is no slouch on the battlefield, as he also is one of the better battlers in the pool of DPP players. I think he potentially can prove to be one of the best DPP players in this draft.

1. Cheek Pouch - 5k - Squirtles
Rounding up the list is another squirtle in Cheek Pouch. A fantastic teammate who is willing to work through and learn new metas for the sake of helping the teammates. I am unsure of how his skills lie in BW personally, but I believe that his ORAS potential sets him way over the bar than what he was originally bought for. I think that Cheek going for 5k was an absolute steal and will prove to be just that for OP's team.


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5. idiotfrommars - 11k - Munnas
Leading off my list is the DPP player, idiotfrommars. IFM had a fantastic season last year, scoring a very impressive 5-1 record. Most of the wins last season were also very convincing, and considering how small the DPP playerbase is, I think him going for 11k was an absolute steal by Levi.
[21:24] @WaterlessMelon: .nom idiotfrommars
[21:24] Obvious Botter: idiotfrommars is up for bidding!
[21:24] Obvious Botter: Tiers: DPP
[21:24] %Nineage: mine is correct
[21:24] Obvious Botter: >Naughty Noibats: **3000**
[21:24] Levi: .11
[21:24] Obvious Botter: >Massive Stat-Boost Munnas: **11000**
[21:24] %blarajan: LOL
[21:24] Obvious Botter: __5 seconds remaining!__
[21:24] %blarajan: WHAT
[21:24] coconut: nice
[21:24] Obvious Botter: Massive Stat-Boost Munnas have won the bid for idiotfrommars!

Great steal lol


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hello everyone, I plan to use BELLYWAG as my primary win condition and as such ask that u do not use the following tactics vs me: pokemon with 19 or more speed, choice scarf, priority moves, pokemon with insomnia, lum/chesto berries


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ThatCrazyRussian = another sleeper veteran steal. Auction was full of those.

its fun to be back for this particular tour, im lookin forward to some good oras or tangma games. i admit i might be a tiny bit rusty but its like riding a bike - one cant just forget how to ride.

ez season for snivies, finals vs levi team Vileman gonna go undefeated
dear readers of smogon forums, compete subforum, competitive discussion subsubforum, little cup subsubsubforum, lcpl 5 discussion thread, page the eleventh,

greetings and salutations!

it is stupid to think that anything but infamy for 4.5 is the marvelousest steal of all time.

thanks for your time,


p.s. welcome back absdaddy i missed u fam.

p.p.s. rip developmentally delayed duskulls, u will live on in our hearts.

p.p.p.s. levi has informed me that every time i shitpost i have to spend another week on the bench.
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